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Gatwick Airport drone: Couple break silence after wrongful arrest

THE couple who were released without charge after they were arrested for the chaos caused by the drone sightings at Gatwick Airport have given an emotional statement outside their home where they said they feel "violated". ( 기타...

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racerxx 14
An absolute failure on the part of the UK government and security services. An entire airport held up by two drones, and they've still to identify the real suspects. Shameful.
MrTommy 6
There seems to be NO more news. Only stories aimed at the agenda of the 'reporting' agency. I'm not sure who to believe anymore, or where to go for REAL unbiased news. Is there such a source? Sad, sad situation.
john doe 2
Who would benefit from providing us, the hoi polloi, with unbiased news? Nobody I can think of.
Feel sorry for the couple to happen such an incident right at the time of christmas. May God grant courage and patience to bear with it. Thanks to community for helping them out.
Bill Fox 2
there are radars capable of seeing most drones (such as avion radars) , hard to understand why they are not in use at this airport
The same as everything. Money.
Typical actions by the crown's gestapo. British subjects, citizens have firearms, are vulnerable to the whims of "constables" more concerned with harassing law abiding subjects who may have uttered anti-muzlum remarks about rampant crime in londonistan. Would that subjects were able to revolt and restore sanity to Britain.... That said, I'm wondering if these drone "attacks" are merely a rehearsal for a larger attack to come.
Bingo! You win the prize.... I was wondering how long it would take for these terrorist scum to start using drones.
It would be irresponsible to report that Theresa May flew the drones in order to divert attention from the Brexit I won't😜
Recommendation for the suspects arrested incorrectly for the Gatwick debacle. Find a good lawyer and sue the crap out of them.
john doe 0
Unsure of Brit law, but in the States, if an officer has probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that certain person(s) committed it, he can legally make an arrest. Assuming the same goes in England, and the constable in question can articulate sufficient reasoning to support his arrest, neither he nor his agency can successfully be sued for "wrongful arrest".
Ya just had to go to the news?! At least they are looking. Most would just give up.

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Foolish to say they over reacted. You made a grossly immature and childish comment Sad your maturity is lacking.
john doe 1
Not sure I agree with all that, but regarding the overacting, I'd say "Yes, in accordance with the instructions of their attorney." Prepping ground for the lawsuit which may, or may not, be justfied.
Mike Rance -1
How can anyone say that the authorities overreacted to this event. Unfortunately no one has yet been bought to book for causing the 3 days of mayhem however it does go to show airport and policing authorities around the world that location of a drone operator intent on mischief is not the simple task that people imagine. Thankfully common sense and friends support saved those wrongfully arrested.
Saved them from what? No amount of friends or common sense can unring a bell.


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