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NYT: 1 Broken Drone, No Video, 2 Suspects Released: Gatwick Episode Doesn’t Add Up

Britain’s second-busiest airport stalled for 36 hours. About 1,000 flights diverted or canceled. Around 140,000 passengers inconvenienced at the height of holiday travels. One broken drone recovered, and a British couple detained and then released over the weekend without being charged. ( 기타...

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we did all see drones buzzing gatwick, didn't we? we all noticed flight cancellations for one full day, didn't we? so , where is the problem? Perhaps a solution for the next attack of the illegal drones could be foiled by having deployed in advance counter-drones with net-carrying capacity to snag the illigimate drones- a sort of battle of the drones in the skies over souther england? or is that solution too simple? Or killer attack drones to smash the illegal ones. game, set, match to the good guys.....
Much more difficult than you think. I fly combat with radio controlled aircraft. We often fly a complete round without even a single "cut" and we are each towing 30ft streamers. And, that's with 10 aircraft per round.
I think the Russians (and probably others too) are following this with great interest. They're amazed how much chaos they'll be able to create with 100 euros/dollars/pounds.....
It was all just swamp gas and the reflection of the planet Venus off a weather balloon.
jet4ang 4
Maybe someone had pigeons, strapped some x-mas mini lights on them and set them loose.
Or balloons with LEDs?
As investigators searched the debris and the bodies were loaded into the bags Airport officials said: "there is no reason to suspect terrorism." Ahhhh that infamous word that NO Gvt or Airport official want's to utter. A word that has been so much abused over the years when a stupid kid with a BB Rifle fires at a school bus then charged with "Terrorism Acts."

And now we have this....."Last week, officials insisted that the drones had appeared to be a “deliberate act to endanger the airfield and aircraft,” though they did not appear to be linked to terrorism."

Funny how the Gvt can take weeks, months even years to determine the cause of a crash yet less than a week later they can rule out Terrorism.

This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast the event of a real Terrorist attack, or terrorist testing the system, your Gvt would down-play it.
oncde again, chuck chall, i stand corrected.
It was just an exercise. You have to have them to be ready for the real thing.
Where are the Spitfires when we need them???
One phantom drone sighting and a major airport shuts down and thousands of people are inconvenienced...a flock of geese or pelicans are sighted and pilots get a casual bird hazard warning. If I had to choose between hitting a flimsy drone and a flock of very solid birds I think I would choose the drone ... go figure!
So much is wrong with your post. 1. There was not just one sighting (I think there were about 60 sightings over short periods of time). 2. Birds have a self-preservation instinct that causes them to try to get out of the way of an airplane, so strike risks are lowered. 3. Birds are not make of metals and hard plastics. They are made of meat and very thin, hollow and light bones, much less hazardous than a 'flimsy' drone. I don't think a bird would do what this 'flimsy' drone did:
We all know there are just a few Muslims in the UK. The ones that are there are "good Muslims" who study the Koran. You know this book. It is the one that says if you are not Muslim, you are an infidel and must be killed. This is my best attempt at sarcasm. I hope it gets through to those who have the power to get something done about it.
London IS Muslim. Try getting to THEIR territory. No DON’T!
bbabis -1
Easy to explain. Mass hysteria. Police and Government officials are not immune to it and quite often propagate it.
Cansojr -4
The propaganda departments in the major carriers always make the picture better than "real thing". It is shocking to find out your 4 star lounges are essentially serving what amounts to no more than fancy bean dip with your flat ale or wines aged beyond their time and taste like the "bung" the wine was bottled from.
Cansojr 12
This was meant for the next squawk not this one. I apologize to all members for the error was entirely my fault.
Bill Fox -1
harde to believe no radar signatures
Any radar that detects a drone is also going to detect single large birds. Radar in the U.S., (assumed similar to the U.K.) are tuned to detect only manned aircraft, and routinely pick up flocks of birds, which is considered a nuisance. If a normal aircraft control radar was picking up single large birds, it would become practically useless for detecting potentially hazardous 'primary' targets. That is why normal air traffic control radars don't detect drones.
MrTommy -1
Except that birds have no metal in them. Drones do, and depending on the size, a goodly amount of metal.
Metal is heavy, which is why drones don't have a lot of metal in them.
bbabis 4
Size matters.
Why not just shoot them down with a rifle? They are trespassing.
It's the UK. They took everyone's rifles.
A) It's an incredibly difficult shot to make with a rifle, B) bullets shot in the air have a nasty habit of coming back down and killing or injuring people.


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