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Air traffic controllers, working without pay, ramp up shutdown pressure

Air traffic controllers, who are working through the government shutdown, won't be getting a paycheck for their last two weeks of work, their union confirmed Thursday morning. Pay stubs reading a net pay of zero dollars were distributed Thursday morning. (www.politico.com) 기타...

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The job of the President and Congress is to keep the government running like it's supposed to not shut it down. Good luck with no government.
Shut the whole system down, ATC, Pilot’s ,CSR’s & Mechanics........send a clear message to that infantile maniac in the WH and if he doen’t start doing his job, replace him. American’s don’t hold Americans hostage over a dumb wall. This President has turned the USA into a laughing stock institution.
Political rants do not belong here!
Not a political rant. It’s about the subject of ATC working without a paycheque, 800,000 workers unemployed and unfortunately no end in sight. Little drabs here and there affecting air safety and I’m suggesting in order to get someones’ attention, you might need a stronger msg from the people.
Tom Pera 2
yep...stronger message that we need the same border security the democrats wanted before Trump elected.. pox on them all... too bad for gov employees..they're "pawns in the game" for both sides..sorry for politics
It's not a political rant when presentented by the left as they have no historical perspective. I get political when warranted and it is clear that many of the down votes are from non commenters (trolls) these days.
dc3orbust -3
I hope you had the same outrage when Democrats shut down government. So far the top 5 shut downs (in length) were when Democrats were sitting in the White House.
You see, you want to make about red/blue, left/right. Ok, if you love stats......the red/right have owned both houses for two years and still can’t get this idiots’ agenda passed. So use your college smarts if you were paying attention and come up with a plan that everybody agrees on? I’m all ears!
Tom Pera 1
the blue/left had supermajorities first 2 years of Obama and didn't fix anything.. sadly they have us divided while BOTH parties go merrily on their way to destroying this country
No. They didn't.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Umm.. no they didn't. Kennedy was out for until he came back for one day to vote on the ACA, then went out until he died in August 2009. Franken was kept out of the Senate for 7 months after winning the election due to lawsuits. And even with that, there were 2 independents. At the most with Franken and Kennedy there, they had 58, and 56 without.

So no, they didn't have a supermajority. Please get your facts straight, because you're flat wrong.
Regardless, the result was "if you want to see what is in it, you gotta pass it" nancy and the complete disruption of the medical state of affairs today. I'm on my third insurance company for medicare and who knows who your doctor is anymore, but he or she does not have an English surname. thanx.
You're still wrong, and your point is irrelevant. But let's not let facts get in the way of a circle jerk.

How about getting over it and focusing on the problem here, which is that the AOPA, TSA and NATCA have not only not been getting paid, but filed suit against your lot in the White House over some idiotic wall.

Oh, and BTW: Someone holding something for hostage like this in exchange for money? That's EXTORTION.
Is it still idiotic? The wall I mean!
Where's your plan, cause nancy, chucky and crew have no interest in what is right for the country, only the dim party. Suffice to say that means anti The (elected)
President of of the sorta United States of America and middle AMERICA that elected him. If your version of sanity is occasional cortex or r tlaib you shoulda flown with Ray Stern, he made a conservative out of every copilot he ever flew with. It was called self preservation! See, it can be about the airplanes, but you started it 2 days ago. cheers.
bentwing60 -8
Kinda difficult to keep it about the airplanes sometimes, huh. At any rate, I'm an American and I disagree with you! Don't recall the conservative side constantly callin for the the impeachment of the previous "American born citizen?" occupant of the WH, let alone referring to our "sitting president" as an "infantile maniac" in print here. So, if you want to see what is really goin on, come on down to Dallas where the dim controlled city and county government has underfunded law enforcement to the tune of over 1000 officers short of a full compliment, and the current response time for anything other than a shots fired call is over an hour. And many of those shots fired calls are fueled by illegals that swam or walked across our porous southern border in crisis. I see them every day walking down my alley or the sidewalk on Preston road. In his eight America bashing years, your guy , with a little help from his friends, destroyed any sort of civility and decorum in this country from D.C. to this site. To wit, my comment will probably be down voted into purgatory, or "show anyway" status in short order and I don't have a "dumb wall" around my house like nancy, chucky or barry! Just several loaded guns, while the 2nd amendment remains. cheers.
It would be helpful if you would quote a few verifyable, legitimate sources of information about the Dallas police force and claimed funding shortfall resulting in "illegals" roaming the streets. Otherwise, your comment risks being interpreted as a huge, steaming pile of propaganda.
o.k. https://www.texastribune.org/2017/08/24/texas-houston-dallas-police-staffing-shortage/

From the article!

"But the city still says the department is about 1,000 officers short based on the city's population, meaning the staffing problem didn't arise from pension instability alone"
bentwing60 -2
and you live where?
You are a spoof. 8 comments in 12 years, yeah, right!
So you make an untrue comment on the previous president as not being American born but take issue with the current president acting like a spoiled brat? I wouldn’t down vote you because you have an opinion and that’s what makes all forums including this one, interesting to read. I just suggested if everyone really wanted this to end and get these people back to work......don't piss around, cripple all transportation and it will get resolved in a day! Ps. been to Texas, flew your President many times...we all put our pants on one leg at time!
bentwing60 -4
I think the question was originally raised by his competitor for the nomination. hillary.
Actually, you did hear them. Perhaps you weren't looking in the right places to hear them. There was talk of impeachment, there was talk of lynching, and there was talk of outright disobeying orders as CiC because some thought he wasn't a Natural Born citizen.

But as I mentioned earlier, let's not let facts get in the way of a political circle jerk.

Now, want to get back to why this is ramping up pressure on Trump and his lot, let alone the various lawsuits piling up on his door? Or do you still want to keep deflecting to something irrelevant?
You can't even make a valid argument without being juvenile.
and in your second juvenile post on this site ever you make a snark comment as opposed to a cogent and valid response to my comments. FO.
Politics do not belong here.
You do realize that that would destroy all commerce that we have, right? No goods could come in by air, in addition to those stopped by sea (Customs is part of DHS, and subject to the same shutdown)? Anything IT hardware related that comes from China would be stopped. Tourism stopped. Financials stopped to a degree. Travel for all businesses stopped, whether commercial, private, or otherwise.

That would basically cripple our economy even more than this idiotic shutdown from this idiotic POTUS has already done.

But to cripple the rest of our security for the sake of a wall for one border while jeopardizing every other single international port of entry (they are borders as well) is asinine.
I would consider a hit to the economy a minor victim compared to the unbridled invasion the koch brothers envision for their enrichment. How is your 401k doin, as well as hf's under the current administration! That's not really a question, honesty has been the first victim.
I agree with you, but what better way to get you know who’s attention and get these people back to work now?
Fair enough. However, the way things are going, it's going to basically run severely crippled if not paralyzed...

..but to add insult to injury, those furloughed employees could file for unemployment until the government reopens. That way they get something coming in at the expense of Trump's unemployment/job market numbers. If he wants to take the credit for the successes, he also has to take the blame for the losses.
Shutdown effect on lines for security
as a point of interest,the air traffic controllers union has filed a lawsuit against the government for having people work to keep the skies and airports open with no pay no pay...i agree that this is not a site for political rants,but the representative from the atc union stated a fact,that not just the government employees,but the airports and airlines will suffer if these men and women decide they cannot continue to "volunteer" for free...


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