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Global 7500 Sets Bizjet Range Record

Bombardier’s new Global 7500 this week achieved what the manufacturer is billing as the world’s longest flight by a purpose-built business jet. The aircraft logged 8,152 nm after taking off from Singapore at 7:12 a.m. local time on March 4 and landing in Tucson, Arizona, at 8:19 a.m.—setting a speed record for this sector in the process. ( 기타...

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Sorry,Guys ! Sounds like "Nit-picking" to me.The point is; they did it ! Do you think" they " could guarantee all conditions would be ideal for this flight ?The "Squak" states they had more than the IFR required reserves ! Good Job Bombardier (Period) .
mandjeby 2
Easy to exceed range expectations and, set time record for class with a significant tailwind... how would a reverse route fair?
Except for the date (one day off) most of the details match
they crossed the dateline in the Pacific at some point, not sure if report date matched Zulu when filed. I am not sure how that is all reconciled.
The Claim was ".....The longest flight by......"which ".....In the process set the speed record..." Not nit-picking,here,merely stating the article .
642 gallons left, I've seen regional jets land with less than that, kinda push'n it in that aircraft
J Tate 2
How do you figure 90 minutes of fuel remaining is "push'n it?"
From experience, fueling planes for 12 yrs I know enough to know that's a bare minimum
I'd say that would be 30 min time before someone would be get'n fired
m f 1
Maybe you're thinking pounds not gallons. 642 gallons is roughly 4300 lbs of fuel. That's a very typical landing fuel for this size aircraft. Not pushing it at all.
mandjeby 0
Sorry, E V E, if you're going to claim records, you should be able to answer the mail on if it's the same results going east to west....


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