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Global 7500 Sets Bizjet Range Record

Bombardier’s new Global 7500 this week achieved what the manufacturer is billing as the world’s longest flight by a purpose-built business jet. The aircraft logged 8,152 nm after taking off from Singapore at 7:12 a.m. local time on March 4 and landing in Tucson, Arizona, at 8:19 a.m.—setting a speed record for this sector in the process. ( More...

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Sorry,Guys ! Sounds like "Nit-picking" to me.The point is; they did it ! Do you think" they " could guarantee all conditions would be ideal for this flight ?The "Squak" states they had more than the IFR required reserves ! Good Job Bombardier (Period) .
mandjeby 2
Easy to exceed range expectations and, set time record for class with a significant tailwind... how would a reverse route fair?
Bob Hallissy 2
Except for the date (one day off) most of the details match
SmokedChops 1
they crossed the dateline in the Pacific at some point, not sure if report date matched Zulu when filed. I am not sure how that is all reconciled.
The Claim was ".....The longest flight by......"which ".....In the process set the speed record..." Not nit-picking,here,merely stating the article .
billy pell 0
642 gallons left, I've seen regional jets land with less than that, kinda push'n it in that aircraft
J Tate 2
How do you figure 90 minutes of fuel remaining is "push'n it?"
billy pell 1
From experience, fueling planes for 12 yrs I know enough to know that's a bare minimum
I'd say that would be 30 min time before someone would be get'n fired
m f 1
Maybe you're thinking pounds not gallons. 642 gallons is roughly 4300 lbs of fuel. That's a very typical landing fuel for this size aircraft. Not pushing it at all.
mandjeby 0
Sorry, E V E, if you're going to claim records, you should be able to answer the mail on if it's the same results going east to west....


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