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Cessna Caravan Engine Failure and Ditching in Ocean, Filmed From Inside (HD)

On December 11, 2013, about 1522 Hawaiian standard time, a Cessna 208B, N687MA, was destroyed following a loss of engine power and ditching into the Pacific Ocean near Kalaupapa, Hawaii. One passenger was fatally injured, the airline transport pilot and two passengers were seriously injured, and five passengers received minor injuries. ( 기타...

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I had not seen this before. Even though years old, as a caravan pilot, I think there is always something to learn from such info.
I'm not a pilot. My only problems I have been was in an unexperienced pilot's rental 4 seated Cessna plane. We got lucky.
I hope that whoever is involved in a aircraft problem is checked out as much as was this was.
What is the most common cause of turbine engine failure?
morgan freeman is not james earl jones.
Loretta Fuddy, the only passenger “killed” in this crash, made it free from the aircraft and then suffered a heart attack while swimming. She was the Director Of Health for the State Of Hawaii. She released Barack Obama’s birth certificate and died here shortly after. Several we’ll known analysts have determined there are photoshop layers in the document and other inconsistencies which point to forgery. The NTSB never determined the reason for the engine failure and it never went any further. Things that make you go.... hmmmmm.

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Right there in the report... “The extent of the secondary thermal damage to the CT blades precluded a determination of the cause of the initial fractures.”
Right there in the report, if one continues to read it in its entirety: "Although the MORE STC [Maintenance On Reliable Engines] inspection program required more frequent borescope inspections of the hot section, periodic inspections of the compressor and exhaust duct areas, and periodic power plant adjustment/tests, it did not require a compressor blade metallurgical evaluation of two compressor turbine blades; however, this evaluation was contained in the engine maintenance manual and an engine manufacturer service bulletin (SB). The review of the airframe and engine maintenance logbooks revealed no evidence that a compressor turbine metallurgical evaluation of two blades had been conducted. The operator reported that the combined guidance documentation was confusing, and, as a result, the operator did not think that the compressor turbine blade evaluation was necessary. It is likely that, if the SB had been complied with or specifically required as part of the MORE STC inspection program, possible metal creep or abnormalities in the turbine compressor blades might have been discovered and the accident prevented."
“It is likely that...” is a postulation or a deduction. Not a valid factual reason. The fact is that the reason for the blade failure was not determined.
A well-reasoned deduction is far better than merely shrugging ones shoulders and saying that we'll never know.
She died years later.

She had two copies made, not scans. The WH posted a pdf version to the web--a file format that is not compatible with photoshop layers.

The only thing that makes me go hmmmm is the fact that I just wasted a couple minutes of my life on this reply.
She died about two years later as the controversy pushed by trump was heating up.
srobak -1
Just another in the long list of O & H associates that have met unfortunate ends. The H list alone has topped 130 people.
Make infant vests pink to differentiate them. That'll also keep most adults from wearing 'em.
When the water's coming in, nobody's searching for the word INFANT or ADULT printed--anywhere. "Holy crap! Pink life vest! Where's a pink life vest? Help! I need a pink life vest for my baby!"
I wonder if that's the first time Hawaii's Director of Health visited Kalaupapa. Kalaupapa is the old leprosy colony. Till not too distant anyone man woman or child with leprosy was taken to Kalaupapa by boat and thrown overboard offshore. This is regardless of age or ability to swim. That's what Hawaii's Director of Health or whatever they cared to call themselves policy was.

Concerning the engine failure. It didn't help extending the inspection time requirements. Would seem reasonable in regions with sand or lava ash that degrades compoents like the turbine blades it might help to increase inspections.

Actually reviewing runway construction specs in Hawaii for if lava rock has been used as aggregate would be reasonable. With UV degradation of tar the result would be to always have lava rock debris on seldom used runways like Kalaupapa or even major runways. Not a good thing is so. Sure would make Grace Pacific the main asphalt company happy resurfacing runways :)

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No kidding. Apparently YouTube isn't familiar to the "older" folks on here. I've spent entire weekends binge watching Air Crash Investigation and anything aircraft accident related. Never mind researching accidents on Wikipedia. That being said, I spent over 20 years loading, offloading and marshaling the 208B. She has a special place in my heart and I hate hearing about one crashing. Such a work horse. One of our pilots lost engine power on descent into GRR and had to put her in a cornfield. Sheared off the wings between trees but he walked away and flew soon after.
It sure beats the posts about A versus B. And it's about GA, which got my approval.
Lol good one


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