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Op-Ed: Musings on the 737 MAX

Consumer activist and former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader lost a grand niece in the Ethiopian Airlines, so naturally he is close to the issue. ( More...

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Cansojr -5
This is not an area of expertise for Ralph Nader,however, he only got involved because a member of his family, one of nearly 400 perished. I empathize with his grief but I hope he doesn't become a nuisance to the professional accident investigators like Greg Feith. Amatuers can contaminate the recovery and cause of this accident. Accidents as dreadful as they still provide information on how prevent further or similar accidents of this model on the Boeing 737 MAX 8. All of which are parked costing the airlines billions in capital.
Leonardo Goes 2
So the cost of the airlines and Boeing is more important than the "nearly 400 perished"?
Jim Goldfuss 0
I don't think that is what he, or anyone else is saying. The facts need to be ascertained and as much as you may feel 400 people are being disregarded, as many people seem to be dismissing the human factor and blaming the aircraft. I feel badly for the 400 who perished, yet I am not willing to stand here and say it was the fault of the plane, or even Boeing, until the facts are out, and so far, with few exception, most posting just present the facts that support their argument, and leave out the rest.
Leonardo Goes 1
Yes sure, these reportings will end up being "human error" and the planes will be back in the air in no time. And responsible people like you will shrug and say: "Well, at least Boeing and airlines are not losing money anymore".
Cormac Clancy 1
That's a facile response. You are misrepresenting Jim Goldfuss for your own prejudices, just as you did with Cansoir. As of yet, we just do not know the full causes of the incidents, and we need to, to prevent more loss of life. Blaming an aeroplane, when the real cause may be something else will lead to lost lives in the future. So wait for the investigation before you assign blame. And in case you are unaware, the investigation does not assign blame, it tries to find out ALL the causes of each incident, so that others can assign blame in full knowledge of as many facts as possible.


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