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Stay off the weed, Canada tells flight controllers and crews

Canadian airlines and flight crews are forbidden to consume cannabis for at least 28 days before going on duty, the country’s transportation regulator said on Thursday. ( 기타...

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Cannabis can be found up to 30 days from ingestion. It's pretty easy to find at 21 days or less from ingestion. Simple urine testing supplies the results. The question is, is smoking a joint 3 weeks ago going to effect someone's work skills? The airlines have provided a standard they expect their employee's to follow, and that's the end of it.
Cansojr 1
This must be one of the dumbest laws passed in Canada. How do you enforce this law. This is a typical law. We pass a law and we haven't got any means to enforce this joke perpetrated on the Canadian citizen. Pass a dumb law with no teeth. Welcome to Canada, will that be hash or Pannama Red?
Cansojr 1
We pass laws and never enforce them...we are an international joke.
"Canada’s military prohibits members of the armed forces from consuming cannabis eight hours before any duty"

That grinding noise was from the gears in my head clashing. The Canadian Forces can get off duty, after a rough day of paperwork, or getting yelled at by your SGT., and go home, kick back and enjoy a smoke? I'm not arguing the right or wrong of it, it's just such a culture shock between the Canadian Forces, and US Military attitude that makes my gears grind.


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