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This is a nightmare’: A woman fell asleep mid-flight and woke up trapped in a dark plane alone

When Tiffani O’Brien opened her eyes, she was still in the same place she fell asleep — strapped into her seat aboard an Air Canada flight bound for Toronto. Only, something wasn’t right. The entire plane was empty, O’Brien wrote in a Facebook post shared last week by her friend on her behalf. She was “freezing cold” and sitting in “complete darkness.” It was around midnight and her flight, which left Quebec City that evening, had landed hours earlier. ( 기타...

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canuck44 16
Cue the lawyers. Sound asleep on a 90 minute flight early in the day with half the flight on take off and approach with the usual announcements and low level approach noise. Sound like a Jussie Smollett to me.
There once was a passenger named Goldilocks. Miss Goldilocks fell asleep on a United Jet. It was way too hard. Then she fell asleep on a Delta jet. It was way too soft. Finally Miss Goldilocks fell asleep on an Air Canada jet. It was just right.
royalbfh 5
the pilot must be really proud of him self in that his landing was SOOOOO smooth that she didn't wake up. And she didn't have a flashlight on her phone? and she could not call the local authorities or maybe even the airline? What a crock...
Her phone's battery didn't have enough juice to make a call, let alone use the flashlight function.
John D 1
… and how did she know how to send flash and SOS??
very low on the believability index: so maybe this is a fishing expedition to gather a payout from tAir Canada, and i believe even less about the degree of anxiety that remains afterwards. Air Canada at most should offer free drinks coupons and send her off....
I'm not buying it. Or maybe I just wish I could sleep that soundly...zzzzz
I can buy it... Working maintenance years ago back in the 80's we picked up a plane at the terminal to bring to the hangar for a 1/4 C Check... (A 737-200) We pushed it in to the hangar, and into the Tail Dock.... the cleaners started to clean the interior when one of them stuck his head out the front service door and hollered to the supervisor... "Hey Man... We have an old lady up here sleeping"... the plane sat on the gate 2 hours waiting on us shut down.... We started it up and taxied it to the hangar.. parked it in the hangar, and she was still sleeping... The supervisor woke her up after contact ops to get someone in to take care of this situation....

One thing for sure.... She did not suffer from "Insomnia"!
Or she doubled down on her Xanax before the flight. A long haul flight I could see but only 90 minutes?
This was before the days of Xanax... But that does not mean she did not take any thing to help her relax.. LOL
Her fable has more holes than Zurich's annual production of cheese. Found a flashlight in the cockpit in total darkness? How damn stupid does this cow think people are?
ed lang 9
Shameless attempt to sue and get rich. I think it would be cool - head into the cockpit, turn on the lights, get on the radio, call ground and explain your situation. Or youtube "how to start a 737" and really have some fun...
Grab some mini liquor bottles from the galley. Turn on the transponder and squawk 7500.
not sure how this is possible
Note my comment above... This kind of thing has happened before.... I witnessed 1 first hand!
Not a full flight, goes to the rear and finds a row all to herself and lies down and goes to sleep...not uncommon. What is rare is the back end crew did a poor job of clearing the aircraft prior to disembarking? AC should buy her a one way train ticket to Quebec City. Adults need to take responsibility and not rely on others for babysitting duty!
It is possible that Ms O'Brien is not fishing for funds but rather seeking entrance to a school of drama.
linbb -1
Oh wow so now she cannot sleep and...………..what the hell else. Oh I know money you bet money wow soon to be rich.
Cansojr 0
Sir you are barking mad!
And that's the worst kind of mad...


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