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Turkish Airlines 787 Window Melts During Photoshoot

Turkish Airlines have broken a window of their brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner during a photo shoot to promote the new fleet addition. This might have thrown the airlines scheduling off, as the aircraft was due to start service domestically in Turkey within the next two weeks, as reported by PaxEx Aero. What are the details? Turkish Airways recently took ownership of their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Istanbul International Airport. The Boeing 787-9 will feature Turkish Airlines’ new business… ( 기타...

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That turkey was in the oven too long.
Max Perry 19
The title should read "Stupid photographer damages expensive new Boeing 787"
Roy Hunte 10
Studio lights give off a lot of heat, and the inner window pane on most aircraft is plastic, someone just put the light too close.
Yes, it was just one window. The rest were unaffected by the thermal problem that one had. No need to be concerned. Until, sometime in it's life, prior to a D check, something happens with some other window. Then 20/20 hindsight will kick in "We should've done this...or that". "It was an oversight." "We could have never foreseen this happening>" Yadda yadda yadda.
MSU Sparty 10 please report the details instead of your negative spin on Boeing. It was an interior window in one row of seats due to high heat from spotlights. It wont delay the aircraft going into service.
Come on its simple flying. When is there information fully to the truth lol.
That is an optical illusion
Agree...absolutely not the exterior window.

And with all due respect, regarding Toyota comment...what was meant by that?!? Have you owned a toyota..? My 2001 land cruiser has 362k miles and would guess it might have another 362K in not sure that was the insulting metaphor you had hoped it would be.
jacburn -2
Looks like an exterior window to me. You might want to look at the pics again. The outside upper part of the window is no longer flush with the body. Please get the facts straight better than the media.
That is an optical illusion. The window is flush with the outside body.
imorenas -5
Cheaply made with plastic. I doubt that's an optical illusion since the angle of the picture is side-on. Boeing is quickly looking like the Toyota of aircraft manufacturing.
Where was the carriers safety department/team to perform a risk analysis and PREVENT this from happening?

No excuse here; poor prep, planning, and execution to get the media stuff done versus protecting our people and equipment.
You're exactly right, no excuse for yet another melted airplane window caused by studio lighting. How many times does this have to happen before people learn?

I'm curious, what other obvious and predictable hazards do you feel these idiots missed?
I wished we had, had more technical data/article on what occurred instead of a historical article on the 787. How close were the lights, what kind of illumina did they give off etc.....Our professional photographer now uses LEDs to give us photo's of the finished product.
Cancel the fancy windows and order RayBans.
There was no trained staff for filming and lightning, says the papers. This plane is planned to fly to Trabzon at 8th of July, and probably technicians would come to solve the problem from the USA.
I want to know where they found the 19th century photographer/ LED's and strobes have made "hot lights" a thing of the past in image capture. I am also curious what airport has a "soundstage?" I have seen many soundstages, but never one that would hold a 78.
Actually, Ric, many excellent pro shooters still use older lighting systems because, well, they work. This team may well have gone LED for interior lighting.
I want to know where they found the 19th century photographer...

My money is on Turkey.
lynx318 1
So how much damage is done to planes in a photo shoot and the damage not spotted?
They do not have LED photography lights in Turkey? Maybe they can buy some from the Russians.
This might have thrown the airlines scheduling off, as the aircraft was due to start service domestically in Turkey within the next two weeks, as reported by PaxEx Aero.

Uh no Boeing is already there
a1brainiac -9
Boeing is singlehandedly making me realize how flying on their planes is a bit of a crapshoot...
a rock cracked my windshield and made me realize the same thing about Nissan.
lynx318 2
OMG, that happened to my Ford too, or was it the fault of the Toyota that flicked it up off the road at me, or is it the fault of the local council for not sealing the road, or etc......

(good comment, applause JMarti)
First of all, it's single handedly*, second...why? The 787 is a masterpiece, very efficient and great aircraft(which is why so many airlines are buying it up). Not some noisy crapbus that sounds like a dog barking before and after takeoff. Huehuehue.


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