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Boeing 737 Max jet had 'anomalies,' FAA's acting director says

Federal Aviation Administration Acting Director Daniel Elwell, speaking in an exclusive interview with FOX Business’ Liz Claman, said it has informed Boeing to correct the irregularities found in the Boeing 737 Max jet. “As we look very deeply into this, we have discovered some anomalies and then we have directed Boeing to mitigate those anomalies and that’s an ongoing process,” he said on “The Claman Countdown” Wednesday. The Boeing 737 Max planes have remained grounded by aviation officials… ( More...

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Sue Lockwood 1
If anomaly means bad design using engines too big for the aircraft and then trying to compensate their implications with software, yes that is a correct statement. When greed for market share exceeds common sense bad things happen.
Pa Thomas 1
As soon as the bribe check clears, the Max will be flying.


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