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Why Delta Air Lines didn't buy Boeing's 737 Max

Delta Air Lines Inc. nearly joined its rivals in purchasing the ill-fated Boeing 737 Max jet, an aircraft model grounded worldwide in March after two deadly crashes that killed nearly 350 people. Delta CEO Ed Bastian explained the 737 Max is a "good product" and "very competitive" during the airline's second-quarter earnings call on July 11. But the company ultimately opted for the Airbus A321neo after conducting a "comprehensive review" that looked at the… ( 기타...

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Tom Pera 2
MAX an updated 737 from the 1960s... never could fit modern turbo-fan engines well... Boeing should have made a "clean-sheet narrow body and they would have cleaned our Airbus
Headline: Why Delta Air Lines didn't buy Boeing's 737 Max

Article body: "We spent quite a few months analyzing and going back and forth," but no actual explanation of why they didn't buy it.


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