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Boeing MAX: If the planes are grounded for a year, aerospace analysts believe customers can cancel contracts

Despite threats and fears of cancellations for the Boeing 737 MAX following two fatal accidents of virtually brand new -8 MAXes, few order cancellations directly attributable to the crashes have occurred. ( 기타...

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I guess the confidence in Boeing by airlines and pilots is so strong that nobody believes that Boeing is not going to fix the problem on the Max in a matter of months. We’ll see.I don’t think the passengers will be very relaxed on that aircraft.I wouldn’t be, for sure
siriusloon -1
And it will spill over into other models of the 737 family, too. Joe and Jane Public won't know or care about the difference between a 737-100 and a 737 MAX 10.
Cansojr 2
You are not giving the public much credit for knowing types and brands. Look at your boarding pass it has the A/C and model on AIR CANADA tickets. After the crashes you can bet people are asking good questions about the aircraft model that they are flying on. You can be sure that most people will still avoid this model when Boeing cleanses all of the bugs in the system.
Exactly. In fact, there are very few airlines that don't do this, because they went the commonality route for their fleet. Those that would be in trouble for that are SWA, RYA. WJA diversified, VOZ diversified, and LIO just placed an order for the A320 series after their fallout from LIO610.

But regardless of that, there's a huge difference between a B732 and a B739 that even the common passenger can tell the difference.
Cansojr 6
If Boeing engineers have stated privately that their families will not fly on the 737MAX8. Some industry analysts say that this aircraft will not be ready till next June. Many carriers are looking at the viability of this aircraft. I believe more dark clouds the horizon for Boeing.
siriusloon -5
It's easy to say unnamed Boeing engineers have said something privately, it's quite another to prove it, but please do go ahead and try.
Cansojr 4
Do you think that they should publish their names on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. What about job security and supporting your family. But there are leaks in the industry. I like Aerospace as the best magazine in the lot of them. You have to search a lot of material. I'm retired and have the time.
boeing, staring at the abyss, has the imperative now to fix now and the the future: new board, new top leadership, and a new, clean-sheet NMA, deliverable and flyable and safe. The Max and the orders are shaky, and the company seems to lack the capability to fix itself and its products . Reset, revise, and begin again, for airbus can not fill the order void with the present number of assembly lines.

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Boeing has crashed into a millions little pieces and no amount of crazy glue will fix it !

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Cansojr 4
linbb what on earth are you talking about?


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