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Trooper Thompson just happened to be in the right place at the right time and witnessed the plane make an emergency landing.

A single prop KR2 plane is safely on the ground after having to make an emergency landing on SR7/138th at 8:15a this morning due to a fuel system malfunction. No injuries to anyone involved. Troopers helped push the plane clear the roadway. #WhenYouThinkYouveSeenItAll ( 기타...

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bbabis 7
In my one and only engine failure (oil line broke) in a single engine airplane I was fortunate enough to have 9000' of altitude and a seized prop (better glide). As I headed toward CVG, the closest airport, Cincinnati approach said that the highway patrol was closing off a section of I-275 North of the airport in case I needed it. I said don't do it, I will either make the airport or put it in a field. Fortune had me come over the numbers on 18R with enough speed to hold it off, lower the gear, touch down, and roll to a turnoff. The poor Mooney needed a new engine but everything else including me was good to go.
Good airmanship, Bill! Well done.
Chris B 10
Notice the trooper's hand on his gun as he approaches the plane. Standard operating procedure kick sin.

He was speeding as soon as he touched down, in a vehicle that lacked an inspection sticker, violated emissions, not legal on the road, violated emissions and numerous MV laws. But at least he stopped for the red light.

Should be interesting in court....
Nultech 5
Also, in left turn lane with no signal.
That is exactly what I initially thought. Gotta book mark this.
You know your day will be good when the road you HAVE to land on has underground power lines! I hate power lines!
pjshield 4
Pilot: But officer, I stopped at the red light!
Officer: You're in the left turn lane and you don't have your blinker on!
that model is not equipped with blinkers.
blinkers were not available until two models later.
jptq63 1
Saying he used his hand signals out the window?
Trooper Thompson: "Good morning, Do you know why I pulled you over?"
wow-hahahaha glad there ws a safe outcome
bbabis 3
Glad it all worked out. In reality, roads are very poor choices for emergency landings unless there are absolutely no other options. Plenty of signs, posts, wires, etc. that cannot be seen while focused on the task at hand and, as pilots, we have no right endangering so many others with our problem. As one says though, he walked away.
Sometimes you don't have a choice!
bbabis 2
Exactly Sparkie. If there is no other choice.
Southern Airways Flight 242 comes to mind
bbabis 0
They could barely see due to hail damage. A lot of other poor choices led up to that one.
Same situation. Still hit a bunch of obstacles.
Well done on all accounts. Any Landing that you can walk away from in an EMERGENCY is a GOOD LANDING!
Trooper is pushing on the elevator........
LOL... I noticed that...
The pilot looked a lot like the guy on a Discovery show that repo'd airpalnes and boats and such!
Also notice the pool of liquid on the street beneath the right wing tip. It appears to get larger with the passage of time.
garritt 1
what a treet....NO body injured...
Do you call AAA for a tow?
Trooper Thompson: "May I see license and registration please"
This happened in the county I live in, and I know he landed near McChord, could be not have mad it there?
Obviously not, or he would have done!
themold 1
Should be properly described as a "single engine" airplane.
May I see your license and MEDICAL please......
Happened 4 blocks from my house... Didn't hear a thing until I saw it on the news!!!
Of course... His Engine wasn't running! :)


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