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Cathay Pacific says it could fire staff who support Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong (CNN Business) - Cathay Pacific on Monday warned its staff that those who "support or participate in illegal protests" in Hong Kong could be fired. ( 기타...

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This is a double edged sword. If you don't comply with China, then you face who knows what kind of consequences from them, but if you do then you look terrible and likely will face some nasty PR that could do major damage to the company.
Ken Lane 7
It's good they're showing they hate liberty. Those informed can elect to never fly their airline again.
The issue is that Cathay Pacific has many flights to mainland China and even if they wanted to protect their staff, China border will block entry for those who participated in the protests in HK and will screen everyone. In order to continue flying, they had no choice but to comply with China rules. It's a really shitty situation and I doubt Cathay can afford to lose the China market for a question of liberty of expression.
With the apparent exceptions of the UK and United States, who are acting horrified, everyone knew this sort of thing would happen after Hong Kong reverted to Chinese possession.
well then the whole world should take note and never fly Cathay Pacific again is you believe in liberty. The only thing that should be illegal is for Cathay Pacific being able to enter US air space
Cathay, I will pay extra to never fly on you. I bet that the 2 million+ Hong Kong protesters feel the same way.
mmc7090 1
The world is watching Cathay. You could have supported the employees by "investigating". Plenty of legal Patriots willing to fly your equipment over this hump. I be glad to help you myself. Paychecks can miss the joy of you've lost your passion. Might be time for NEW management.
we are in the "in your face" phases. the chinese care little for what any of us think or do. now be like good little sheep and cattle and complain about high prices, eliminate all tariffs and continue to off-shore every last manufacturing job to china. and when unempolyment in the US rises to about 65%, it will be the US gov'ts fault and they can drop helicopter money to all.
this used to be an aviation blog. i never knew scale of economics and greed were characteristics of a super critical wing. butt they are.
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China orders Cathay Pacific to suspend staff backing Hong Kong protests

China's aviation regulator on Friday demanded Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific Airways suspend personnel who have engaged in illegal protests in the city from staffing flights into its airspace from August 10.

Hong Kong has been embroiled in increasingly violent anti-government street protests for the past two months, which a top Chinese official described this week as the greatest crisis since its return from British to Chinese rule in 1997.
Last week, a Cathay pilot was among over 40 people charged with rioting for allegedly taking part in violent clashes with the police near Beijing's main representative office in the city.

On Friday night, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said that Cathay crew who have engaged in the protests pose a threat to aviation safety in mainland China, according to a statement on its website.


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