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Finding Amelia Earhart’s Plane Seemed Impossible. Then Came a Startling Clue.

Robert Ballard is the finder of important lost things. In 1985, he discovered the Titanic scattered beneath the Atlantic Ocean. He and his team also located the giant Nazi battleship Bismarck and, more recently, 18 shipwrecks in the Black Sea. Dr. Ballard has always wanted to find the remains of the plane Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared in 1937. But he feared the hunt would be yet another in a long line of futile searches. “You have it in a holding pattern in your head,” said Dr.… ( 기타...

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that would truly be an historical find,on a par with the titanic..with all of the technology there is now, and satellite imageing,it just might has been a mystery for so long and the source of lots of "tall tales" as to what happened to ms earhart and her plane..
Unfortunately all that technology has yet to find Malaysia 370
btweston -8
Not really relevant, but thanks.
There is always a few not relevant comments per post as this comment is but we live and learn lol.

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That was like so NOT funny
btweston -6
Maybe hire a writer next time.
Greg S 4
It would be great to find it, but this is little more than a hunch based on smudge in a photo.
And the picture of the landing gear is ...... where?
Mike G 2
Google is your friend:
lynx318 1

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sstuff -4
I think you'll find the "jail cell" buddy was a former president . . . .
dardav 4
so if this is real why not go there and Oh I don't know --LOOK!
Oh, good grief. This TIGHAR scam just never ends. It's all complete bullshit, but they get people to fund them so they keep going.

There is no way that Amelia and Fred were anywhere near that island. It's the complete opposite direction from where they were really flying.
chalet 3
Oh no. not again. The so called Tighar ourfit is nothing more than a few sharpies that have shaken the wallets of individuals and even DOS (Hillary´s tenure) and made a nice income for years lying that they know where Amelia is. (I guess that altogether they claim knowing of 10 or so sites swearing that she is there). Fools there will always be some unsuspecting johns ready to swallow fiction but having paid in real Dollars.
There's always a few of you.
btweston -1
Wow. That was downright erotic.
Remember that she the reputation of not listening to he navigator and the fact that in the opinion of her peers ,she wasn't a good pilot..Try Baker island instead of Howland island ?
btweston -5
Girls are dumb, right? Especially smart ones. Always mouthing off to men...
I did say that.What is meant is As a pilot you must rely on others to assist you in preforming your mission and as with many professions FAME often crowds the individual's mind into thinking that they are smarter then their staffs or assistance that they should have continued to rely on ( D.Trump).Amelia Earhart was a prime example of that theory.
Did someone hack your account. I have never heard you talk like this before btweston.
I just hope there is enough of the plane To find. The Titanic was large...the Electra not so large. I wish them luck though. Even if they find a piece with a serial number would be better than nothing.
Ken Land 1
Would be a great find, I hope it's "for real"!
igglee 1
lynx318 1
'Measurements' of bones, which have conveniently gone missing is a very unsupportive. Testing for 80 year old DNA in a soil sample, totally compromised.
bbabis 1
I would think that at least the engines would show up on any magnetometer of sufficient sensitivity. Finding anything in that underwater terrain with sonar and visual imaging seems like a crap shoot. What the hell though. They're the experts with the big bucks. Good luck.
lynx318 1
Each of the Titanic's four cylinder steam engines weighs 720 tonnes (less 70 years corrosion) yet they had to be nearly parked right on it before it showed up on sensors. No idea what's left of the centre Parsons turbine.
It will be found soon😊
No mystery here, a wreckage of a Lockheed was found in WW2 by soldiers in New Guinea, serial nos. from components didn't match any from lost military aircraft so authorities weren't interested. There being no other lockheeds lost in the area at the time it could only be one thing. Wreckage remained in the jungle until recently (circa 1970's) when it was bulldozed by locals into roadworks.
btweston 1
Well why didn’t you say so?
lynx318 -1
Remains slid into a crevice of underwater mountain, hmm, plausible. Would be good to clear history up but also want site left alone if found.
If found, I am certain that the skeletal remains of a Sasquatch will be inside
Coming soon a well researched and reasoned explanation of what probably happened to Earhart and Noonan and why. This was written by cold case air crash investigator J.M. Bartelski, author of the book, Disasters in the Air. It is intended to publish it as an e-book in the Amazon environment.
And yes, Bartelski contends that TIGHAR is barking up the wrong tree and Ballard is wasting his time.


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