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Southwest Drops 20 Nonstop Routes To Accommodate For 737 MAX Absence

Southwest Airlines will be axing 20 nonstop routes from its network to re-shuffle its fleet and accommodate it on higher-demand destinations. Starting January 2020, Southwest Airlines will exclude from its schedule what they call "weaker-than-expected" nonstop services. The airline notes that the aircraft that were stationed to operate these nonstop services will be placed elsewhere, including its new flights from California to Hawaii. ( 기타...

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Is Boeing going to compensate them for this. I say this only half jokingly.
Possibly linked to the weaker financials reasoning for canceling this one.

Southwest Airlines to cease flight operations at Newark Airport
Discontinuing flights to Newark on Southwest will unfortunately change my usage of my favorite airline!
Anybody have insight as to which 20 routes are getting axed?
From the story linked to this post..

Likely because of this, the airline has had to remove from its schedules the following nonstop services:

Los Angeles-Cancun
Los Angeles-Puerto Vallarta
Los Angeles-Omaha
Los Angeles-Pittsburgh
Boston-Kansas City
Dallas Love Field-Oklahoma City
Dallas Love Field-Jacksonville
Dallas Love Field-San Francisco
Orlando, Florida-Oakland
Orlando-San Jose
Fort Lauderdale, Florida-Jacksonville
New York (LGA)-Orlando
Austin-San Francisco
If it has any meaning as an avionics aircraft engineer I will not fly in the B737 max.
I only see 17 in the article. In addition to the 17 routes getting dropped, think Newark to FLL is one of the routes. I used to fly this route non-stop and don't see anymore non-stop flights for this route.
Should there be one more set back with the Max, SW will be on the horn to buy AB's newest addition.
Maybe should have gone with A320s?
I would puke if I saw Southwest colors on anything but a 737!
Me too, Jesse, but I sure do prefer the tried and true. I loved the 737-200 as a pilot. The next generations have been good airplanes, but the -200 was FUN to fly. Too bad SWA phased out so many of it's older fleet, so soon, but I do understand their logistics, and hindsight is 20/20.


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