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TSA bans Star Wars Coke bottles from flights because they look like bombs

It’s common sense that you shouldn’t bring replicas of firearms or explosives onto a flight, but now, that rule also applies to fictional weapons. The Transportation Security Administration confirmed to a Twitter user earlier this month that souvenir Coke bottles shaped like thermal detonators from Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park would not be allowed in carry-on or checked bags. ( 기타...

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LOL.... That is funny, but understandable.... Once I was traveling with my Video camera attached to my Steady Stick.... BIG MISTAKE.... On an X-Ray, it looks like a gun ready to go with clip loaded... Never thought of it... I saw it on the X-Ray machine and thought crap. glad I had my ID and they let me explain. When they opened it up, they realized what it was.. I carried it all the time, but that was the first time I did not break it down... I explained that would not happen again... So some friendly advice... Never carry a camera steady stick attached to the camera... It will slow you down at the check point! Guaranteed.... Glad I was early, did not miss my flight.
Would be hilarious if airlines serving Disneyworld/KMCO would serve these on board!
dmanuel 1
Kind of looks like Christmas ornaments
that's why they have fluoroscopes.


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