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British Airways tells passengers not to turn up at airports, as airline's biggest ever strike begins

British Airways has told its passengers not to turn up at airports as the biggest strike action in the airline’s 100 year history begins on Monday. More than 1,500 flights have been cancelled as the company was accused of bullying its own staff by union bosses, who warned they could continue the action until the end of the year. Some 280,000 people will be affected by the strike which is set to continue on Tuesday, costing BA £80m in lost revenue. ( 기타...

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canuck44 3
A prolonged strike will engender an alternative business plan as dividing into different smaller airlines. They can divide into long haul and European. The parent company already owns a low cost airline and resources can be shifted to it. They can do this through a bankruptcy filing from which they can extract themselves with the new business plan.
Lol. BA was formed from EXACTLY that concept back in the early 70s - British European Airways (BEA) and BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation).
And in case you hadn’t noticed, this is an EU company. They don’t have Chap. 11 bankruptcy protection. That’s an American get out of jail card. The Brits don’t do things like that.
What, if any, accommodations have been instituted by BA for existing paid reservations under British law?
I’m sure you’ll find something on their website and also various aviation forums.
Remember the purpose of a labor union - to extract the most pay and benefits from the employer in exchange for the least amount of work. That's it, that's what unions do.
Sjg01 2
WOW, are you kidding me, what about keeping them employing children, what about forcing employees to work beyond the scope of federal regulations. What about firing people just because they didn’t work overtime on Christmas Day. I’m starting to think that this is not a program I want to be affiliated with, considering the kind of comments I have heard from this one particular thread.
iflyfsx 2
Why don't you go work for amazon, and then educate us about unions?
Hmm.....I thought it was the other way around! What does willie wonky and Alex Cruz make annually? Care to report that? Oh, and how much profit have BA made the past 5-6 years? Let’s see some other facts, too, not just blanket statements. Remember, this is the FIRST ever pilots strike for this airline in 100 years. Get real.
Ba ought to consider taking a long hard look in the mirror- customer service is poor, cleanliness of aircraft is poor, employee attitudes are poor, then work to remake this airline into something of value and better performance. Of course the pilots, the mechanics, the inflight staff all hold exalted opinions of the value added by their job performance, as unsatisfactory as it happens to be, and think, mistakenly, revenues will always be there to pay, to overpay them regardless of service levels.
You clearly haven’t read the FULL story! The very reason they are striking is they have had enough of the empty promises made and belt tightening the past 5 years. Indeed, as the airline makes record profits and both Cruz and Willy wonka make well over 1.5 million annually, I think your argument about overpay is a little too lame. And directed at the wrong group. But nice try.
The European airlines typically provide good to excellent quality service, but their labor disputes can be the worst for customers. Hopefully they get this issue resolved soon. It's the biggest reason not to fly them.
Biggest reason not to fly them. Actually, it’s not!
Have you seen or better yet flown any of those B744s across the pond recently? You’d be amazed at what you get for your thousand dollar airfare....
More than 1,500 flights have been cancelled as the company was accused of bullying its own staff by union bosses.
Question: Why are the union bosses bullying the staff?
The airline further threatened to withdraw a travel perk, where staff can book tickets for ten per cent of the full fare plus taxes, for three years if they chose to strike.
Question:Why are staff greeting these perks if they chose to strike.
I hope airline manuals are written with more clarity than these jumbled journalistic sentences.
Oops Muphry’s law strikes. “getting” not “greeting”
Exactly. One needs to read the FULL report before commenting. Always two sides to a story.
A union accuses someone of bullying. Oh, the irony!
You obviously missed management’s “threat”, now retaliatory action of taking away non-rev travel benefits for 3 YEARS!
Oh yes, the irony is all yours......😆😂
Encore un fois .. already posted
Haha, imagine this happening in the U.S., Neither can I. If it isn't a European airline going defunct, stranding passengers at destinations with no flight or refund, it's a strike. Get it together guys.
Not a strike, maybe, but cancellations, delays, crappy service, just ask American passengers! Or indeed any American airline passengers!
iflyfsx 2
"Americans" are too scared to step out of line.
They already have far fewer paid vacation time and other draconian rules. I wouldn’t model my company like that. Just ask American Airlines how they’re getting along with their employees and customers! I don’t hear or see anyone stepping up to the plate in that.....
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British Airways cancels nearly all flights today and tomorrow

British Airways was forced to cancel most of its flight today and tomorrow due to a strike by its pilots, represented by BALPA.

The airline issued this update today:

We understand the frustration and disruption BALPA’s strike action has caused you. After many months of trying to resolve the pay dispute, we are extremely sorry that it has come to this.

Unfortunately, with no detail from BALPA on which pilots would strike, we had no way of predicting how many would come to work or which aircraft they are qualified to fly, so we had no option but to cancel nearly 100 per cent our flights.

We remain ready and willing to return to talks with BALPA.
I hate when FA automatically makes you comment like this. I was just posting BA's update and it made me do this and removed my squawk.
Triplicate lol ;)
They need Margaret Thatcher back.
Where's Jimmy Hoffa when you need him? I agree with this strike fully.
Fire all of the Strikers, they do not seem to care for doing their overpaid duties and do not deserve the jobs they have, obviously when you read other comments these crew members have not been overly worried about pleasing the Customers. BA should follow our President Reagan'example when our nationwide staff in Control Towers thought they were more important than their Customers. There are many worldwide pilots who would be glad to take the open and overpaid positions.
This is Britain which is NOT part of the US. Therefore, a lot of what you say does not apply. There are different laws for example and you don’t fire strikers when there a law in place to protect union employees and their rights.
I didn’t see any hedge fund managers go to jail or be prosecute when they almost brought down the worlds economy 10 years ago. What happened there?
Sjg01 5
You might want to look at the pay of the management and realize that £11.5 is an insult more than anything else. Is it only the pilots responsibility to maintain “care for the passengers”? It’s a company wide responsibility! Also please look at industry pay, they are not “overpaid” as you say. As long as your referring to the US policy in the 80s. The presidents hand was forced in that issue. You cannot have any form of the government go on strike. BTW, Firing all the pilots won’t work, outside of the US, they are 5 years ahead of us in a pilot shortage. Might I note the lack of experience in the cockpit of the doomed Ethiopian airliner. Steve, (Captain of a US major airline) 25000 hrs.
Well said and very accurate.
Former British AND American pilot. 11,000 hours - none of it union and that’s why I have not flown in almost 10 years!
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British Airways Pilots Begin Strike Action: Heathrow Becomes Ghost Town

Pilots working for British Airways have this week begun its two-day strike action of pay and working conditions.
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BREAKING British Airways biggest ever strike begins for 2 days

British Airways has told its passengers not to turn up at airports as the biggest strike action in the airline’s 100 year history begins on Monday.


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