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Delta All Female Crew

n the United States, a mere five percent of commercial pilots are women. However, Delta is hoping to change that by not only hiring more women, but by also encouraging young girls to join the aviation industry in the future. ( 기타...

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Kobe Hunte 15
Here they go again with - WoW all female crew flies a plane!!! Amazing... So what, it doesn't matter who they are, and what gender. They all are trained the same way and qualify the same way.
Who cares. Hire the most qualified people.
737man 15
Hopefully they mean they will hire more QUALIFIED women, not just take women that have 1500 hours... sigh
@737man - Exactly, don't hire them just because they are women. Make sure they have the experience etc first.
I have worked in multinational companies that did employ woman by virtue of there own gender. Bit tough on men who were just as equally qualified. Speaking from experience of course. Always happens and will continue to happen.

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canuck44 28
So what? What will be the next great "break through" all transgender crew. All cross dressing crew? All gay crew? Get over it and hire people that can fly the plane safely without counting their chromosomes, sexual preferences, perversions, etc.
I agree, so what? Gender,race, sexual orientation none of it matters except to those who want to impose social reforms. The only thing that matters is that the crew member is qualified and can do their job.
The more you sensationalize the all-female this, or the all black that; the more you propagate the false stereotype and patronizing subtext, suggesting that this gender, or that race is generally regarded as inferior in these (fill in the blank) areas, SUCH THAT it's truly remarkable that "X-gender" or "X-race" can even do this, or that at all!! That simply isn't true, so c'mon, get over it! Women CAN fly airplanes folks - and do it quite well! And surprise, surprise, they can do other things well too! We need to stop the ridiculous ticker tape parade every time a woman, a black,(or Eskimo for crissakes!) does something that is hardly beyond their talent or abilities! In this age, women crewing aircraft should seem ordinary, not extraordinary. Save the giddy, overly exuberant praise for the 2 year old who poops in the toilet for the 1st time.
jetserf 2
There’s a video by Wendover Productions on Youtube. In the video they postulate that the push for female pilots is to cover the shortage of pilots rather than to increase compensation to attract pilots.
Sounds like classic supply and demand. Could you post a link?
I understand that there was such a flight not long ago, and the captain raised a few eyebrows when she welcomed the passengers on the airline's "unmanned" flight. After the announcement sunk in, there were many smiles all around on a very pleasant flight.
The headline is misleading. The article's topic is advancing STEM education for young women. The all-female crew was to demonstrate that aviation is already a legitimate career path for young women.

The USAF is using a television commercial highlighting the same aviation career path for young women as part of their recruiting efforts.
dee9bee 5
So what? American did this twenty years ago, though it didn't include the ramp crew etc, I don't think.

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if you read the article,it does mention that delta already has 7.5% of it cockpit crews that are women..the article is not so much about delta,per se,as it is about a program dl has called WINGS,to encourage young ladies,middle school and high school age,to think about the aviation industry as a career-specifically pilot appears as though this posting has hit some kind of "sore spot",and I will bet the somewhat snarky remarks are from men..the article is not saying having an all female crew,ground or cockpit is something really new and is noting a great program for girls interested in aviation..why is this a problem? the article...
I read the article
If species from outer space came down from the heavens they would think women are somehow mentally retarded or something
linbb 6
So what? Its up to females to step up and present themselves for hiring. Just hiring because they are the right gender or race does nothing but decrease safety of the flying public. Its a proven problem ever since hiring quotas were put into place.
As a female, I don’t give a shit. I’d rather them hire people qualified for the job rather than pander to a group of people that don’t exist.

There’s a reason as to why there aren’t as many females on the flight deck in comparison to men and it’s all to do with appeal. Some women just aren’t as interested in more physically demanding jobs, like being a pilot and that’s just how it is.

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Did we hurt somebody’s feelings you’re not a very confident woman are you
To all the "so what-ers", this was done to publicise aviation careers for women. The USAF did the same thing with a C-5 and a B-52 recently. It's a way to show girls and women that such careers are open to them, despite all the naysaying dinosaurs.
Chill. There’s no need to leave snarky replies under every commenter you disagree with.
From the back of the plane - don't care what they are as long as they are trained, experienced and QUALIFIED. When WHAT is more important than QUALIFIED (AA heading down this road) I ride on the ground.
I didn't know women and minorities had to be coddled
I guess they are less than!
Did you read the piece? My personal guess is that my accomplished daughter is at least thrice as able as you.
trentenjet -8
It takes five women to fly one airplane and it’s an Airbus that fly’s itself
an airbus that "fly's itself"? Wow. No more flight crews needed. must have missed that. Wait until the airlines find out about this!
That will be the 'next big event' - all electronic crew

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