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Ivanka Trump visit Wichita for Aviation students

On Thursday, Pompeo and Ivanka Trump talked with students at WSU-Tech National Center for Aviation Training. ( 기타...

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A new take on “Rosie the riveter”?

Yeah, if Rosie was born with a silver spoon and had never held a tool in her life before. I guess her trademarks are doing great so she can tour flyover country.
It is about creating, promoting, and expanding apprenticeships growing the skilled workforce. Companies need skilled workers. This is creating a path for high school graduates, etc. to gain those skills and a guaranteed interview and training to fill those positions. Now it’s even expanding to start the classes and training in high school giving students dual credit and a head start for a good job out of school. It’s about learning what is working and how to expand apprenticeships and training for the aircraft industry and other industries throughout the country.
The are just trying to garner Trump supporters. Somewhere in all tbis, the Trump Enterprise is being promoted.
darjr26 1
Why would the Secretary of State be involved in this? I guess the world’s problems have all been resolved.
Pompeo was a Rep from Kansas and is probably running for Senate there next year, unless he gets put in jail first.
OK..flightaware is not supposed to be a political commentary website,but good lord ,really???Ivanka trump and Pompeo visitng an aviation training school??i am dubious as to whether it was to spotlight the profession, the school and Wichita,or more to do a semi-campaign stop for a republican running for office in Kansas...does anyone sincerely think Ivanka is interested in the people at that school, or the jobs they are learning??pompeo only has her with him for the "eye candy" affect in my opinion and the name trump,with possibly an attempt to remind people he has Kansas political roots...


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