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Southwest Will Now Match Your Elite Status From Any Other Airline

You must have elite status on any other American-based airline. You need to register with the proper information on Southwest Airlines. Southwest will review and upon approval, you can get elite status. ( 기타...

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Relics 2
So roughly less than two months of Elite status?
Don’t complain if you haven’t flown SW. they’re done a fine job for me over the last 18 years.
(until the end of the calendar year)
That's nice of them offer that. Beside the priority check-in and boarding, Southwest has nothing offer for Elite status compare to other airlines. No airport lounge, no flat bed in business class, and even no hot meal for their business-select passengers. Since they're LCC so I don't blame and I don't think this is worth the hassle of sign up for Elite status. Just IMO.
Lack of lounges I get, but lay-flat bed?? The longest legs in Southwest's route system are ~4 hour (their handful of west coast - HI routes are ~5). They don't have any long haul service. AFAIK no domestic carrier provides lay-flat configurations for these types of routes, save the couple LAX-Metro NY runs with Delta One or Polaris.
American flies 30 lay flat seats per aircraft multiple times daily JFK/SFO and JFK/LAX. Same for the 77W on MIA/LAX.
the offer is good until the end of the year, then 90 days elite until you fly 6 segments
.... MAYBE :) , but thats how i read it.
In 25 years of flying for my company-domestic and int'l I flew Southwest once! I was a horrible and depressing experience. When the bosses and bean counters pushed back I told them I would stay home, as a result I was able to stay with some real professionals over the entire time, Delta first, and American second, good times with British Airways and Air France as well. There is something to be said for union employees!
Nultech 2
I admire Southwest's business model, have great respect for Herb Kelleher also. But the Bennie's of elite status with them don't turn my head at all. Give me upgrades. SW has none.
I’ve flown all the domestic carriers, a lot. Southwest is among the best, especially given their price point.
Mark, I suspect your ONE experience on Southwest was more than about six years. Today Southwest constantly has far higher customer satisfaction ratings than other US airlines. In 2018 Southwest carried more domestic pasangers than ANY other airline. (163,605,692) I also suspect if you had to always pay for airline tickets out of your own funds, you would have flown Southwest a lot more than once. ;)
How on earth do BA and AF enter into this discussion, given that they serve (virtually) none of the city pairs that WN flies? From personal experience as a multi-year 1K on UA, having relocated to a non-UA hub, I can say that WN handles mechanical delays far better than UA ever did, including unprompted compensation, regardless of ticket price.


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