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SuperShuttle is going out of business

SuperShuttle, the shared van ride that has served passengers heading to and from airports around the world= will cease operations at the end of the year. It had been hard hit by the advent of ride hailing services. ( 기타...

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Super Shuttle allowed their prices and practices to get ahead of reality. The prices escalated beyond reasonable and the practice of crowding up to five parties in one van drove business to other transport. I personally found it faster to rent a car, drive home and drop the car a location near my home. It was about 40% cheaper, and I was home faster. At LAX they engaged in a practice of circling the loop numerous times hunting for additional fares to the destination. This sometimes added a half hour or more to the trip time. Uber has thinned the herd of airport transfer services, but they soon will be forced to radically increase prices as drivers discover they are severely undercompensated for their time, social security taxes, and depreciation on their vehicles. Insurance companies have not been shy to take a share of the Uber booty by charging huge surcharges to drivers automobile policies. I just wish the LAX metro would allow people to take suitcases on the trains. The cops will ticket you if you do, unless you are homeless they will allow you to bring a shopping cart on board and look the other way.
The part about the suitcases on the train is RIDICULOUS. I visited Boston, San Francisco and Philadelphia in recent years. And used the local train service, (T, BART, SEPTA), to & from the airport. No problems, we each had a roller bag suitcase.
I have also experienced no problems with my suitcases aboard trains to/from/at Newark, Washington D.C., Philly, Tampa, Orlando, Detroit, etc.

Surprised that Super Shuttle was even still operating- their service was often terrible, unreliable, and expensive. I just sent a friend to TPA in an Uber- it was here in 6 minutes, brand new vehicle, and the ride cost half that of a smelly cab...
Oh no, they will tell you it to prevent people from bringing bombs on board. With a straight face they also say that messenger services will use the metro to make deliveries. The real reason is the metro is run by local politicians that receive stacks of cash from taxi companies, bus companies and shared van services. There is even a free bus from the closest metro station to the airport loop, but really the only ones using it are airport employees.

All over Western Europe there is train service from the airports. Some are better than others but all allow baggage. Tokyo and Hong Kong make it easy as pie with ice cream. City terminals will check you in for our flight and take your bags. The trains go directly into the terminals.
That's what happens when Airport Security/Police ignore the "Fly-by-nite" illegal (unlicensed) Gipsy Drivers are allowed to operate in the Airports.
Greg S 1
I think I rode in one in maybe 1987. I remember they drove like kamikazes in every airport area where they operated. Then they got in one or two highly publicized fatal accidents and after that they were guys driving 55mph in the left lane.


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