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Virgin Atlantic defers the retirement of its remaining Airbus A340s

British long-haul and leisure operator Virgin Atlantic considers delaying the retirement of its remaining three Airbus A340-600 due to the ongoing Rolls Royce Trent 1000 problems powering the airline's Dreamliners. ( 기타...

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I wonder if Airbus will allow engineers from the airlines to view the assembly process.
What are you referring to?? I see nothing on that squawk about an Airbus assembly process.
Is it secret?
Cameras have been denied access at certain parts of the assembly process of certain planes so yes it is.
Of course they are denied. Same with my work place. "Proprietary software, hardware, and engineering processes". Nothing unusual there.

chalet 1
Have you ever visited any of Boeing's main manufacturing plants of civilian airliners in Everett, Renton, WA and Charleston, SC. They would not let anybody in withour a very stict patting and screening. OK?.


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