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So You Blew Off ADS-B? Now What?

Beginning next week, pilots will need ADS-B if they want to fly in certain U.S. airspace. In case you didn’t get it done, Avweb’s Paul Bertorelli covers the options in this video. For many pilots, not having ADS-B won’t impact their flying much, if at all. ( 기타...

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Well, after watching the rather funny, but DEAD SERIOUS video (good job avweb,) it's not as dire as it once seemed to be. If you are NEVER EVER going to fly:
1) Above "18,000' msl" airspace.
2)"IN","UNDER", "ABOVE" and the "VEIL"
of CLASS B airspace,
3) In CLASS C airspace.
You are just fine without the manditory "ADS-B IN/OUT." You can even fly into CLASS D (control tower) airspace, and stay below 10,000' msl, and you can fly all you want without a, "Stinkin ADS-B IN/OUT." Us "little guys" can sleep easy, but you "big guys," it's finger nails biting, pacing the floor time.
4) Aircraft "NEVER EVER" had an elecrical system (you are exempted.)


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