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If Boeing Wants A Better Future, It Needs To Look To Its Past

Boeing has been in trouble before – never more so than it was on September 12, 2001 ( More...

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Robert Hamers 2
A good article on how a company SHOULD be run, as a win-win for all. But it wouldn't be amiss to point out that the threat to the company on September 12th 2001 was not caused by Boeing, and Boeing did not suffer any reputational damage as a result.
The current crisis with the 737 MAX of course was of course very much caused by Boeing, especially by those leaders who wanted profit over safety, with as result Boeing's safety reputation in tatters. Let's see if they have learned their lesson now.
Klaus Frank 2
...and Boeing is just ONE company in the US that faces these challenges described by: Quote: ...scoffed at his Working Together philosophy and went back to battling suppliers for every penny. They dismantled his BPR Process and allowed corporate politics and careerist behaviors to reemerge in troubling ways. And they lost sight ...


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