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New video shows that not one but two Iranian missiles has hit the Ukrainian Boeing 737

Security camera video shows for the first time that Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 was struck by two missiles fired from an Iranian military site about eight miles away, according to a report. The New York Times reported that it has verified the footage, which helps explain why the Boeing 737-800’s transponder stopped working seconds before it was struck by a second missile. ( 기타...

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Not surprising having fought in that region of the world for 4 years.
Kobe Hunte 13
Lock em up. Totally barbarous and sad. RIP
Greg S 5
Amazing, Iran admits to lieing. If only our MSM were as ethical.
AWAAlum 2
Well, I guess if you try very hard, you could conclude it was ethical to admit. But then again, when 176 people are shot out of the sky by your own missiles, and in clear view of, I don't know, millions?, it's a tad difficult to deny.
Someone there has more integrity than our own media. I think that is enlightening to know.
AWAAlum 0
You are a more generous person than I.
bdarnell 4
Most security cameras are fixed in place. Why does this one keep moving around ? Or, is it a video of a video ?
It's cell phone video of video from a security camera being played back on a computer monitor. You can see the frame of the screen as the person filming moves the cell phone around. You can even see their reflection in the monitor screen.
bdarnell 0
That's kind of what I thought.
I don't think it was a security camera at all, but after the first person was arrested, this person wants to remain a "secret", it seems.
bdarnell 0
Makes sense.
Does this tragedy qualify as an assassination, or merely murder of innocent lives? It's interesting the NYT chose to "verify the footage" in lieu of the usual knee-jerk posting of opinions, feelings and hearsay by so-called journalist and unnamed confidential sources.

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Your rebuttal reinforces the maxim; it's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

"When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers." Socrates
He Charlie Browned his attempt at an insult.
WTF is going on with the world these days. We are all so troubled. Iran didn't lie. The plane had severe mechanical issues just after the fing SAM hit it!
RECOR10 12
Well, "some people did something", that is all.
Ilhan Omar is a joke.
Does anyone know what the Wx was doing at the time of the aircraft crashing? I wonder if clouds are a factor here in not being able to see any explosions when the missiles hit the aircraft.
Looking at this video, I am willing to bet more than 2 were fired at it. The first 2 missing and finally a 3rd one hitting it (the big fireball around 1:20). The first video (that was shot in portrait) was the result of seeing at least one, if not the first 2 missiles shot at it. When one thinks about it, how would anyone know where to point their camera without something attracting the camera person's interest?

As far as the date on the monitor in which the second phone camera footage is caught, how many of you set the date on your VCR or your TV, DVD player or own security cameras or dash cams? I had a dash cam that lost time every day and could be hours off from the actual time.
Except whatever the first 2 were shot at was moving in a left to right direction. A missile hits a fuel laden passenger jet and it's an instant fireball dropping. And at the 1:20 mark, just before the fireball, appears 2 hits BUT no missile plume from a fired missile, as seen from first 2. PLUS it is heading in a right to left posture.

As for the date time stamp, this was not a VCR, and security and dash cams better have correct date/time. (of course this is in Iran so who knows)
And explains why there clould be more than 2 missiles. In the first video, the plane is moving right to left and the missle going left to right. In the above video, the missiles come from the right and traverse left. Then the fireball around 1:20 we see is what appears to be a third small fireball coming from the left then at 1:36 (the plane exploding) is going from right to left, just like in the first video.
The first video shows something on a right to left trajectory yes..but again if it was this heavy fuel laden airliner, that 1 missile would have fireballed it.
I understand what you may be getting at with the above video, the first 2 missile shots were on target of something on a trajectory of left to right from this angle not from opposite, again if it was the airliner, and it was 2 more missiles from this angle, it would have been a fireball on a left to right trajectory. At the 1:20 mark where you see the "bursts" you still would have seen a missile's plume coming from the opposite direction. And no way that craft could have made a 180 degree turn suffering missile damage.
And whats even more odd is getting down voted for looking at something and wondering..smh
A plane missing a wing could very well make a 180. Even in the 2nd video, the big fireball is traversing right to left.
There is NO way a 737 can fly with only 1 wing. There is not enough lift and not enough thrust to maintain speed.
In the video above, the first missiles hit an object on a left to right trajectory, BUT no fireball (this 737 just left Tehran so it is heavily fuel laden) At the 1:20 mark, no missile plumes are seen to indicate a missile BUT there are 2 "bursts" followed by the fireball on a right to left trajectory, NOT a left to right trajectory.
Why could not a 737 fly on one wing, it has been done with an F-15. That is not really the point. We know that the plane did not fall out of the sky right away based on the track of where it lost power and where it hit the ground (to the right of its last reported ADBS position). Also, a blown off right wing would cause the plane to bank right due to asymetrical lift.

Now explain this: (pink arrow) and why the plane blew up about 8 seconds later. Remember, that one of the earlier missiles most likely knocked out the instruments and/or killed the pilots as well (and the reason behind no call back to ATC). That 3rd missile was launched from behind a hill, hence no plume.
It was barely done with an F-15 where the engine is to the rear of the aircraft, not on the wing and the power to weight ratio was name a few things..and yes that is exactly the point. We know where the craft came down, which was not 180 degrees from where it took off, more like 79 degrees. It also did not "drop out of the sky" much like MH-17 almost did, which was hit by a missile. And does not matter where a ground to air missile is launched from, you will see it's plume as it goes skyward.
BTW, your link is broken.
The link is working properly now. Here is one showing where the plane stopped transmitting and where the crash is. That appears to be more than 100 degrees from the intended flight path. Did one missile knock out the avionics? Probably. Did the pilot try to circle back? It does look that way before being hit from behind in the second video. The first video, is thought to have been taken from south of the missile sites (see pic). Without knowing where the above video was taken, it is hard to guess which way they were flying, but it looks to be north of the area.
I am paying heed to this video...2 missile launches at beginning, both striking an object on a direct left > right vector. I've seen small arm launched, ground to air missiles take out a drone in 1 shot. If these were TOR-1's, as indicated, and that was the aircraft on a left > right vector at the beginning of the above video, it would have dropped out of the sky with second impact. BUT the fireball of it coming down does not occur until later past the 1:20 mark, with no missile plume whatsoever heading towards it, and it is now heading on a right > left vector.
As for your pink arrow in the repaired link...there was NO missile plumes coming from the left of it towards it, the right of it as witnessed at the beginning of the video,or from behind. Just a burst, then another burst, then a fireball. Also notice during playback, it's almost as thou a poor editing job was done.
Something fishy and rotten smells of this whole thing, and they best come up with truthful answers fast.
True or false, the very first video shows a missile creating a fireball. True or false, the second video shows 2 missiles that apparently miss. What creates the fireball in the second video?

The first video (and the one I linked to at YouTube) shows a missile tracking from left to right, which would be correct with regards to where the man was standing in a housing project south of the planes track as shown in the NPR image I posted here. Which of the first 2 missiles circled back around to hit the plane? The range of those missiles are not that great.
Sorry, he was west of the flight path. Again, something got his interest up? What was it? He would not have a video of the shoot down if something hadn't grabbed his attention.
The first video does not show a missile creating a shows a single missile impacting something, but no fireball and it was on a right to left course. Was it even the 737? If it was, an impact like that should have dropped it from the sky right there.
The 2nd video, the 1 above, 2 missiles launched at an object on a left to right trajectory, and they impact something, they did not miss. Then later, what is now deemed the 737 because of the fireball, but it is on a right to left trajectory, almost 180 degrees opposite of whatever the first 2 missiles went after. AGAIN, there is NO missile plume(s) before the "bursts" and then subsequent fireball. Even if a missile(s) was fired on the opposite side of where the 2 missiles in this video came from, or behind it, you would still see missile plume(s) in the night sky.
Anyhow, this could go back and forth for eons, and I still am wondering why it appears this video was edited.
This is the first video, though it was edited to show the missle and the fireball. This is from left to right. This is the video placed at number 3 on the NPR picture and if you look at Google Earth and pics from that area, the buildings match. It would be a west to east trajectory from the video taker's point of view.

I commented on this previously that it looks just like the Patriot shootdowns of Scuds during Desert Storm although a plane would have more fuel than a missle would before it was hit.
A fireball is what was in the video above after the 1:20 mark...that first video is not a fireball but is a hit and it looks very much like whatever was hit, it continued along the same path..if it was changing direction, I would expect a veering off to the right, not a continious straight line.

When the Patriot's shot down Scuds, the Scuds were obliterated, almost immediately. A missile hitting a fuel laden airliner, would have dropped it like a stone. Also, the above video, the airliner is heading a complete opposite direction to whatever was in the first 2 hits.
So you think both videos were shot in the same area? And no, Scuds were not all obliterated. ( ) Do you know what a proximaty fuse is? You do not have to actually hit something to disable it or shoot it down.
si no saben usar la tecnologia que no disparen misiles, es una cobardia asesinar gente inocente, y Dios guarde a las victimas y a sus familiares
I would think the first one missed. Because you see a missile explode in the middle of the night and no secondary explosion probably means it missed. Thus, the second launch. It probably missed a little closer, that's why it took longer for the shrapnel to take effect. And, it doesn't appear that the aircraft broke up. Been awhile since I've been there, but "that's my story...."
Normally I'd give the NYT's verification of anything short schrift, but in this case they seem credible.

Wonder if they caught the crew at the SAM site yelling "Allahu Akbar!!"with their perfecta?
Greg S 1
It's important to be at least a little skeptical of the claims by the NYT that they authenticated this. All we know for certain from this video is that two missiles are launched and two detonated. We can't see what they were fired at, or what they hit, and we can't know when the video was taken.

I'm not saying to doubt the NYT claims. Just be a little bit skeptical. I remember when Dan Rather and CBS News said they authenticated the obvious fake letters from the Memogate scandal at that network.
I have seen missiles attack unmanned "drone aircraft" and they usually cause it to become a fireball after the second hit. That plus the 2 missiles, that detonate, did so to the left, then a bit further right, which indicates whatever was hit was traveling left to right. Why is the aircraft fireball moving right to left? Be interesting to see an actual time stamp.
What I do know is we lost people we know on that flight, so they best come up with answers why, real fast, not this "oh we are sorry it was an accident" crap!
Why is the date in the video October 17 *2019*???
Something is fishy about the whole it carefully at the beginning with the 2 missiles, supposedly fired at the jet, yet object being fired at, moving left to fireball and drop from sky 1 would expect after getting nailed by 2 SAM's.
Then about the 1:20 mark watch just to the left of the 1/2 way point on the screen..2 what look like explosions, but not from missiles, followed by a fireball...and where did the 2019 date stamp display go?
I saw in one report that they were using the Persian calendar.
In Persian calendar 2020 = 1398, so it's definitely not related to calendars...
Here, check for yourself:

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djames225 13
Maybe you should fact check yourself before yakking. It was an international, not just the US, agreement that would limit Iran and their nuclear capability. NOW, however, they can build nuclear and no one is the wiser!
@rapidwolve - Well said. Ignore the negative comments from people that are making stuff up as they type.
I tend to ignore stuff some folks type that someone else fabricated, so there is that.

You guys Ever look at right field from a batters box?

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bentwing60 -1
So, why do the Iranians now openly flaunt no limits when, by your own admission, it was an "international agreement" and one arranged for the U.S. by oblunder without any sort of congressional approval? The rest of the signatories did not withdraw from the bogus agreement and yet the Mullahs declared it null and void as soon as the key community organizer was neutered by sanity vis. a vis. the current administration.

History, not a mystery, but certainly something to be reinvented by the soggy brained left!
Swamped1 0
You bunch of digitally demented dummies. Look at the date in the upper right hand corner of the video. It's from 2019 !!!!!
Serg Bl 0
What a stupid video. 2 rockets hit the plane at about the same altitude no explosion of the airplane full of fuel. So the airplane kept its altitude after being hit by a rocket and actually the second rocket hits it higher.
that video didn't act like a security camera...looks like it was being shot thru a window and the sound was someone breathing...the camera was not stable...just sayin'...
The irony is that if it was an American military plane their radar probably would not have seen it.
It could probably see a B52 real well. We still use those.
A very interesting article explaining how the Iranian Tor-M1 system could have been hacked into >> Since there is no way that Iran shot down the jet on purpose this article provides the only reasonable explanations for the "mistake". It is interesting to note that in 2012 Wikileaks revealed that Russia gave Israel the codes for the Tor-M1 missile system so Israel had the technical ability to "spoof" the system and bring down the jet and of course they had the motive . As always the first question should be cui bono? Who benefited from the shoot down of the jet? It sure wasn't Iran!
You are CLEARLY mentally deficient. Please check yourself into the nearest mental ward and PLAN ON A VERY VERY VERY LONG STAY!
AWAAlum 3
Exactly who is your rude message meant for?
Zionist Israel hacked into the electronics on Ukraine FLT 752 turning off its transponder, communications and all lights making it appear as a cruise missile - knowing that Iran's mobile Russian made TOR missile system would see it as FOE and not Friendly. MOSSAD: "By deception thou shall do war." After the fact, Iran realized it was a case of mistaken identity. 176 people dead because of the initiation of an ACT OF WAR by Trump in murdering/assassinating Iranian General Soleimani and the resultant fog of war and the complicit electronic-hacking-sabotage of FLT PS752 by Zionist Israel and Likud Party Terrorist Benjamin Netahyahu. Both Trump and Netanyahu should be charged with and convicted of WAR CRIMES at the International Court in the Hague. NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!

Watch Amazing Polly on YouTube: “The Iran Swamp Creatures of the USA“ and her follow-on videos.

Also, Prof. E. Michael Jones of Culture has insight into this entire debacle.
AWAAlum 2
Signed: Carnac the Magnificent
I always knew they made it come down, but seeing it just brings it to a whole new level. R.I.P.


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