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Delta, American, United to suspend all China mainland flights as coronavirus crisis grows

Delta, American and United will announced they will temporarily cancel all of their mainland China flights in response to the coronavirus outbreak, facing pressure from unions representing airline employees and new warnings from public health officials. ( 기타...

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What about Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan?
n9341c 1
Heard about Houston? Heard about Detroit? Heard about Pittsburgh P Aaaaaaaaaaa....
So what will Delta do with their A350's ? That's at least 4 if not 6 aircraft taken out of their normal routes.
They use them elsewhere. Guess someone one's getting lucky.
n9341c 1
They are leasing them out to Southwest so they can cover the MAX shortage.
I, for one will be watching this. The only non asian route for the A350 that I am aware of is DTW-AMS-DTW
About time they reacted...although it's a tough call to make, like the empty swine flu warnings, but better to be safe than sorry..
They don't want to miss out on the Chinese New Year/Winter break travel season. (Chinese don't care about Thanksgiving-Christmas, their winter break is typically 1-2 weeks before Chinese New Year, and ends with Chinese new year)
This year's Chinese New Year is on January 24th so today is actually when the work supposed to resume (the government issued extra week of mandatory holiday).
The conversations were going on years ago about when it might come down to stopping all air travel to an infected area. What drove the discussion was an Ebola infected man that hopped a short haul domestic air flight, and spread the disease to his destination. He killed many people, needlessly.

No surprise that the airline industry was totally against this idea. THEY wanted to decide when to stop flying into/out of contaminated areas. They can't be trusted to perform adequate maintenance on the planes they fly, and to treat their employees as real human beings.

Yeah, I was surprised that they stopped flying. The government hasn't taken the lead. This government does not care. Hell, this coronavirus situation could feed into their warped religious dogma, and they could nuke the planet because God has to be coming soon. Yeah, there are religious people who believe that a nuclear war will cause God and Jesus to comeback and save the 'faithful'. Yikes...
n9341c 1
Tomorrow....don't break the pill in half, OK? Take all of it.
godutch 1
You are a mind...
ADXbear 0
Was this before or after your pilots were going to sue you airlines?...

I know.. it was After, sadly!

This is also how the 737 Max will die. Ya got to have pilots to fly them..
n9341c 1
Do you have any clue where you are? I'm just asking...
I know that most of our U.S. carriers have suspended or cut their service to mainland China due to this, but WHY are the Chinese carriers still operating flights as normal, from mainland China to the U.S. Even non-stop flights directly from Wuhan to the U.S. are still operating no problem...

Does the U.S. not see this as a concern, given the Virus that has spread to every part of the country.

Am I missing something here? Can the U.S. not stop those flights?
First of all, the virus hasn’t spread to “every part of the country” – yet.

And though admittedly not the same thing, the U.S. is denying entry to foreign nationals who recently visited China:
The Coronavirus has indeed spread to Every Region In China... FYI.

My question is - we're still allowing dozens of flights per week from mainland china to the U.S. (including direct flights from Wuhan to SFO... and many other mainland China flights directly to the U.S.

Again - my question is - with the incredible spread of this virus, why are we (the FAA, whoever else) allowing these flights to continue with such regularity??

A couple of weeks ago, there were less than 100 confirmed cases, now there are over 18,000 in mainland china.... and even more concerning, Medical professionals have confirmed that it can now be spread person to person, from someone who isn't even showing symptoms..

So... person on the Wuhan to SFO non-stop could have it, but not show it, and now they would have the potential to further spread the virus....
Sorry, I thought you meant every part of the US...
Ah, gotcha! No, China is what I intended.

I'm all for inter-country flights and I'm sure they are of great importance for MANY, MANY reasons (government travel, tourism, business, etc..etc...), but Maybe, just maybe, we should be suspending the China to U.S. flights, until this is settled...

ESPECIALLY from Wuhan... non-stop to SFO?! No no .... this shouldn't continue
China southern has flights landing in LAX daily....
Carlos Bea -2
A read a pandemic scenario somewhere: 60 million dead in 18 months.
I hope you are 100% wrong, but that scenario is not entirely implausible.

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If not you, somebody else will !!
Trump killed everything Obama put in place to monitor, and deal with these problems. Trump KILLED THEM!

Put aside your racism and realize that the 'black president' was trying to save your racist ass.
I'm no fan of either. Obama was hailed as a "messiah" and completely fell flat, while now we have a Orangebama who is another equally failed messiah in progress.

But good luck fixing that. Want to get a liberal to accept conservative thought? They would if Obama did a 180. Likewise, Trump could do a 180 and the "gun nuts" among his most ardent supporters would gladly turn in their firearms if he told them it was crucial to MAGA. After all, to half of the population respectively, these men can do no wrong - and thus everything goes wrong!


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