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When Will The Production Of The Boeing 747 End?

Once upon a time, the Boeing 747 was the staple of the long haul flight. However, it’s been some years since it was seen in the USA. ( More...

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Brian James 8
I remember in the days of the DC-10 and the L-1011 when wide body planes were used domestically instead of trying to shove 200 people in a 737. It's too bad those days are over - if they used a 747 variant for domestic flight, it might make flying bearable again
Stefan Sobol 2
"... it might make flying bearable again..."

No it wouldn't. They'd just cram more people into it at 30" seat pitch. In Japan where they used to use 747s for short haul between cities, they'd put 500 people in them. The one that crashed in Japan had 524 people on it.

You might be able fly across the country for ~$100 though.
Philip Lanum 1
The version of the B747 built for in-country flights in Japan was the 747-100 SR. The SR stood for short range. It had beefed up landing gear, fuselage and wing stuctures to take the stress of landing with quite a lot of fuel and a large passenger load. It could hold 498-550 passengers.
djames225 1
True..and maximum pax Boeing wanted on the regular 100 was 480..squashing in an extra 45+ seats can make tight quarters
When will 747 production end?


Carl Smeraldi 7
B747 Jumbo the best jet in the world ever. My goal was to be B747 pilot at 8 years old at JFK when I was a kid. I am very thankful for the best job in the world flying this fabulous jet. Thanks to all the fantastic engineers who built this fantastic jet. From, B747/777/757/L1011 Pilot . I remember Pan Am observation deck 1975.....JFK looking at Pan Am. B747 Jumbo. Clipper Ocean Rover smelling jet fuel.
Ken Weitzman 1
My goal also, but inherited parents nearsightedness. My consolation was flying GIB in 105's and 106's while serving in the USAF. You lived my dream and I congratulate you for it.
s2v8377 22
MH370 Boeing is currently far from perfect, but for once try posting something that isn't negative about Boeing. Enough with Airbus being perfect and Boeing doing nothing good.
djames225 7
I have seen MH370's negative Boeing articles, but I do not see anywhere in that article anything negative about Boeing, or the 747 for that matter. It's still referred to being the "queen of the skies", which she is. It is in reference to 2019 numbers, which are not fudged, and perhaps, just perhaps, articles like this that show her true majestics, get more orders...and not just freighters.
"Enough with Airbus being perfect and Boeing doing nothing good." I think this quote from the article says quite the opposite. "For now, at least, the 747 can hold its head high as it has long outlived its Airbus rival."
Don Quixote 1
rapidwolve it's more the negative titles about Boeing, regardless of what the article says
djames225 5
What is so negative about asking a question? I have already stated that yes he places negative articles, and that infers he has a distaste for Boeing, but I am referring to this article, and the comment left by s2v8377. I see not a thing negative about this article.
Peter Fuller 0
“perhaps, just perhaps, articles like this that show her true majestics, get more orders...and not just freighters.” Wishful thinking: sadly, the majestic look of the “queen of the skies” doesn’t make the business case for acquiring/operating new 747s.
LethalThreat 3
Sometimes you could believe he's a member of the Airbus PR department.
James Simms 1
Does make you wonder, doesn’t it.
Edward Bardes 0
I fear the request may invoke the wrath of Vaas.
James Simms 0
Who cares what he/she thinks? My life nor my actions revolve around whether he/she likes it or not nor does it revolve around what Airbus thinks.
godutch -1
Not sure why he/she has that anti-Boeing attitude...their profile shows the American Flag???
Ryan Snell 5
747 commercial will be finished at some point, the program as a freighter will be around for a long time.
saitek290pro 4
Well according to this:
there is a glimpse of hope for the 747 to continue production for a long time.
Richard Haas 2
It looks like the EVP and principle spokesman has expertise as an exit strategist:
Greg Daley 4
I dare say likely the most recognizable aircraft silhouette in the world. Iconic.
James Simms -6
Yea, we’ll; that Russian fighter pilot didn’t recognize it before he shot down KAL 007.
Dave Hahn 2
The SOB knew👎
Chas DeVine 0
Yea, but he had to have clearance from the top;probably way up top.
Dave Hahn 0
Dave Anderson 1
I saw that fighter, which is on display at the Sukhoi Design Bureau in Moscow. It is not advertised as “the one,” but I Was told it is, by someone who knows.
Edward Bardes 6
The 747 was originally conceived as a freighter due to a wide held belief that passenger planes were destined to be supersonic.
SmokedChops 5
correct - 747 was Boeing's tender for the USAF CX-X heavy cargo project ultimately won by Lockheed and the C-5A (I believe the DC-10 was Douglas's submission - just prior to merger with McDonnell) Lot of history with 'The Queen of the Skies' 50 years of production only bested by the 737 is proof of its longevity (current issues not withstanding)
It seems ironically despite Boeing’s supersonic prediction being false, they were right about the 747 being a successful freighter.
Chris B 1
Indeed. However orders for the 747 are continuing to dry up. sniff
James Simms 1
@ one time, the 747 envisioned as a refueling tanker for the USAF.
Dave Anderson 1
Two 747 refueling tankers were built for the Shah of Iran. I think one is still operable.
SkyAware123 1
Are those mpg numbers calculated by seat ??? If so, how could it ever work?
Don't get it.
I flew it for 17 years It has been in service a long time.. Things move on How long was the Wright Flyer in operation.. In H S I had a '40 Ford coupe. Love d 'em all, but things move on..
Mark Weiser -1
I visited Airbus in France, with an eye on a rotary wing position. Thank God they showed they are as Arrogant and nasty as the rumors, I might have made a big mistake.
A fine case of whataboutism.


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