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Airbus draws a blank in February after Boeing's order-free January

European planemaker Airbus failed to win any new aircraft orders in February, it said on Thursday, providing further evidence of disruption across aviation industries from the global coronavirus outbreak. ( 기타...

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Ssshhh don't tell MH370 about this, he might have a breakdown.
Tom Pera 5
this was starting before corona-virus... downturn in orders
Chris B 4
Agreed. The world's economy has caught the flu, in part from Tariff induced uncertainties.
Are the friendly" skies getting saturated with a/c just like the whole world is getting over-populated?? FYI.,,overcast, drizzling & 65F,, petrol is $1.97 regular, $2.32 gal. diesel @ KDFW 0955 Monday 3-9-20
Chris B -2
Where are the Boeing numbers? Its too cold for the crickets to come out!


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