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Thai Airlines A330 chops off tail of Gulfstream

While the A330 wasn't damaged badly, there are plenty of commercial aircraft available to take it's place while it's repaired. Business jets are in critical demand due to the Corona virus, so this plane will be missed. ( 기타...

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"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain. If you look out the left side windows you can see the $40 Million dollar end of my career..."
Ed Boock 10
A sad end to a beautiful aircraft.
Hey Frank, on that Gulfstream we just listed for sale. Do me a favor and delete that "No Damage History" note on the add.
Recent apu and engine overhauls,, all new connecting rod and main bearings, new valve seals and re-surfaced seats/inserts, 6 new sodium-filled intake valves, camshaft bearings, left side muffler bearing replaced, full tank of blinker fluid, oil change reminder light reset, and other upgrades too numerous to mention. Ready to fly the friendly skies again.
change it to "recently overhauled"
"Always hangared"
"Recently painted, cleaned and fully detailed"
Never text and drive. The pilot only looked down for a SECOND, and THIS happens....
Scrap it and part it out.
The Airbus or the Gulfstream? Or both?
Viv Pike 3
Airbus will polish out.
hwh888 4
I would assume the PIC was not on the taxi center line OR the Gulfsstream was not properly parked in a designated spot? Hard to tell from photo.Either was someone will be facing a very big repair bill. Can't really cast blame until all the facts are known.
I thought it *was* the centerline!
Judging by the nose cones, the Gulf seems to be parked where it should be.
A 747 captain friend of mine taught me, "When you're're taxiing"
themold 4
Hello GEICO? I'm at the airport and, ....
Sam, time to ask about that trade-in now with Gulf Stream for the G650. Tell them you have 80% of your existing plane and the other 20% can by picked up on another date !!
Betty O 4
Ouch, that was a bad surprise for the owner of the Gulfstream
No problem. The Gulfstream pilot just needs to use more rudder and elevator on take off.
As wingspans increase (except the new 777j it becomes more important for airports to paint & maintain highly visible taxi lines on all taxi surfaces including ramp areas. It’s not readily apparent that there were taxi lines in good reflective condition or substantially faded out at this location. Parking lines do appear to be present.
Any international and certificates airport already has these. It’s an ICAO mandatory requirement. However, your mileage may vary in countries like Laos.....
Runways & taxiways that meet a certain criteria for sure, ramp areas, now that’s a different ballgame? This airport has a combined ramp and taxi area like many, many other airports in that part of the world.
Then there is your answer! I believe both aircraft were on the non-movement area. It sounds like it may have been during pushback, I don’t know for sure. You need wing walkers anytime an aircraft is being repositioned in a crowded area. It’s called safety.
I’ve not been to that airport but given the region can well believe it could be a mishmash. Also, this doesn’t happen every week or day, so obviously something went very wrong. Be real Interesting reading* the official accident report....
The A330 had 92 pax plus crew and was taxiing. The G4sp was parked. As I said, you can make out the lead-in lines to the ramp parking but not the taxiway lines that the A330 should have been following. It is all maneuvering area and it is possible that the G-4 was incorrectly parked, but you are right, we all wait for the report. My guess is the insurance will write it off since the aircraft is a 2002 G-IVSP and probably only worth 4-6 or more if low time.
Total loss. Hey, can I have the seats?
I thought those tails were built to pivot: left, right, and center! lol
pjdm 2
No need to worry about removing the gust lock now.
One report I read said the A330 was being TOWED. therefore, it would have been on the ramp, not taxiway and under the control of the tug driver, not pilot!
Sometimes ground handlers do some really silly stuff. I’ve seen plenty of “accidents” like this at my airport. If it was# a tow where were the wing walkers?
You can’t use wing walkers if a plane is being towed.
They would have to jog/run to keep up with the speed of the tug!
Um, yes you can! Towed aircraft are very slow, they are not the normal 20knots that a taxiing* aircraft would have on an active taxiway. What about pushbacks and relocations to different ramps and hold pads? All require tug repositioning and wing walkers. Do you know what wing walkers do and why?
The aircraft would not be towed with passengers aboard UNLESS it was an extreme congested condition. Aircraft tugs depending on the type can reach 30 mph. The newer ones all are at least 25 mph. wing walkers are not used when the aircraft is repositioning within the airport, from one terminal to another or ramp area.
The plane had 92 pax and was taxing. No wing walkers when the PIC is taxiing... wing walkers are irrelevant in this scenario.
If you really read what I said, it was that ONE REPORT said the aircraft was being towed! Please try to read the whole comment instead of cherry picking it and getting your knickers in a wad, OK ? Thanks!
Lmao your entire comment was based from that ONE report, so maybe read multiple sources, understand the scenario and then make an educated comment.
I did read three, actually, one of which reported it was under tow. Sorry you didn’t comprehend that. I understood the scenario since I work in aviation and the multiple reports - as you say. You must not have read that one, eh?
Yep! Used to be one!
Wing walkers were only used when a plane was towed into a gate
Maybe so, but I have witnessed no less than two fairly bad aircraft accidents where they were being repositioned without any wing walkers and can guarantee that company not only fired the employee but they are now REQUIRED for all relocations, no matter to where or how slow or fast they travel!
When you damage two Airbuses that require 3-4 million to repair and a month later a B787 is driven in to a light mast and grounds the aircraft for 2 weeks or more, how would YOU handle the complaints and report writing, never mind the insurance?
they are NOT required for all relocations. Spend a few hours at a major airport and you will see Aircraft being tugged from one side of the airport to the other. EWR is a perfect example especially with United.
Do you read articles or just TROLL people on here. “Aircraft was taxiing with 92 passengers on board”. It was not being towed, it did not require wing walkers.. yes we know what they are, but in this situation they’re irrelevant.
Thank you, well stated!
My comment @ Alex not Frank. FYI
Troll? You clearly MISSED my opening remark, so let me help you and repeat: ONE REPORT SAID.....take a breath and reread. It might help you understand the context of my post. Really? Do you do this all of the time?
Dude, read your own comment.. you put Towed in caps and went on at Dale as if you were the authority on wing walkers. That is why I said you were trolling. You also did the same bs down the thread with high flyer so seriously take a walk, under a wing, close to CFM please.
Thanks again!
Some people just like to hear themselves talk!
Read the first two words above in that sentence. Before tow. Again and I repeat, ONE REPORT said that.....clearly you have a problem with English comprehension and are perhaps dyslexic, too. Willfully.
And since I work at a major airport, I know a thing or two about wing walkers, ground handling and how they hire their people! That’s all.
I don’t walk, I drive and it’s prohibited to do what you suggest. Seriously.
Airbus A330-300 registered HS-TEU, was preparing to perform flight TG575 from Vientiane to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, with 92 passengers and crew on board when the incident occurred.

If you are ever at an airfield at which glider/sailplane operations are being conducted, and you are asked to "hold the wing" of a glider for an air tow takeoff or a winch launch, make sure that you are constantly glancing back for an a/c suddenly appearing on short finals and be certain that the tug pilot or winch operator is alert and you have discussed with them that if you see anything of concern you will lower the wing and they must abort the takeoff or launch.

Inform the glider pilot in charge that if you lower the wing they must immediately pull the release. Make sure that the arm signals you are using for "take up slack" and "all out", "clear to take off" (or just "clear") and "Stop" are understood by both glider and tug pilots and regardless of the pattern anti-clockwise or clockwise you must carefully scan both bases as well as the short final zone for any traffic. A glider short on height might neglect the pattern.

Also, especially on a windy day, facing strong headwinds, a glider on finals might dive and/or "cut the corner" in order to make the threshold, or even, with height traded for airspeed, hedgehop below strong wind.

Even though not directly connected to this topic I do not apologise for this post, I will bring it up whenever "wing walking" is mentioned as it is based on observation and a personal experience. Once committed to land a glider cannot "go around" even if a tug and glider are slowly gaining speed on the only landing space available.

An unknowing bystander, casually asked to "hold and run with the wing" or an incompetent, arrogant tug pilot building his hours and not listening to Unicom can potentially kill or maim and it is exacerbated when the tug pilot is abusive and completely unapologetic and the wing holder says "no one told me".
I don’t know what this has to do with the other comments of a a/c being positioned on the ramp with “wing walkers” he is referring to trained ground crew and tugs, not a Cessna tugging a glider.. but good advice none the less.
Hi Airuphere

In the 4th paragraph I acknowledged my post was "not directly connected to this topic".

I also understood the "wing walkers" referred to are (hopefully) trained ground personnel who ensure clearance for (usually larger or more complex) a/c ground movements.

But I took this as an opportunity to educate aviation oriented people who might be otherwise unaware of the extremely important responsibilities (and authority) of the "wing holder" in glider operations.

At an active field, with multiple a/c operating, I believe that before the start of the roll the "wing holder", not the tug pilot, should be the final command authority for initiating the takeoff of a tug-glider combination. The "wing-holder" is usually the person involved best positioned to view any approaching a/c (powered or not). Tug pilots often do not have a clear view of the airspace behind and above the glider. The "wing holder" is able to signal with arm movement and holding the wing horizontal to both the glider pilot and tug pilot that it is safe to start the roll. Unfortunately some glider operations seem to believe that "wing holder" is a casual position with no responsibilities and the tug pilot decides when to go.

While I'm on my soap-box, the glider "wing holder", before connecting the tow, can be used by the glider pilot to confirm empennage positions when the pilot checks full and free movement of stick and rudder and should also ensure the approach airspace is clear before picking the wing up and holding it horizontal.

Thanks for confirming its good advice.
Says the troll! Again, you are doing it. Read and understand the context! I get it, you don’t! Are you an aviation professional? Doubtful.
Yes I’ve been in the right seat longer then you were at National. We’re friends on linked in lol.
Great! Who cares about a defunct airline....I moved on years ago.....
Heads I win Tails you loose
Now that’s funny.
Bottom line, "Just sad"!
Did the Gulfstream pilot fail to file a flight plan?

(Those that have read Richard Bach's stories will get this!)

Yikes. Where's that video of the planes colliding at DTW? NEVER undo your seat belt until the plane is at the gate, and the jet bridge is closing in... Crazy video.
I guess that stung a little,They will have to change with report to damaged
Way to go, Mister Airbus. Next time (if there is one), please stop when you're texting! Thank You!
Interesting nose wheel position on the Gulfstream.
With no hyd press the nose wheel will free caster especially when you whack the tail with that much force. I must admit I never have seen a tail knocked off like that before!
Should also mention that the nose wheels will turn to approx. 85 degrees before before steering link damage unless the torque link is disconnected.
Interesting read, it’ll buff right out. I’m a bit curious at the right angle that the steering gear is facing. Seems turned quite a bit for a chocked plane.
i'm bigger than you.
The G4 will require some extensive hanger time and x-ray inspection to determine the extent of hidden damage, they will need a team from Savannah for sure, it could be a problem with this world wide virus pandemic
doublet 1
That’s a over 20 year old airplane. Salvage it. It’s not financially sound to try to repair it.
cparks 1
The G-IV’s registration number was “My Way” (M-YWAY)? Anyone know the story behind that?
That will probably be changed to OS-HIT.
the aircraft has been repaired.
slight modifications.
new registration.
back in service. if you know what i mean:
Don’t think so! Stuff like this takes weeks if not months on deciding a repair or taking the insurance money. I know first hand......seen it at least twice in the past 5-6 years at my location....
take my upvote
Frank Sinatra tribute band on tour (or was....)?
There are many private registrations globally like this. Most are registered in tax havens such as Bermuda and the Caymans. Here, the M- stands for the Isle of Man. A small island in the Irish Sea between Ireland and the mainland UK. Look it up!
I think he was being sarcastic.
Is that a new model of a G-4?! Do you need another type-rating for that modification?!
Oh snap! That will leave a mark !
Duct tape, perhaps?
You may laugh but I once had to take a trip on an internal Nigerian flight, a BAC 111 if I recall, where a not insubstantial dent in the left wing tip was repaired with Bondo. Refusal to fly was not an option as Lagos in the nineties was not a comfortable place be be on your one. :( and I kid you not, the flight out from London was interesting too on an Airbus with overhead lighting fittings hanging down from their cables, missing diffusers etc. It was a long trip!
e3matsp 1
It'll buff out...
Possible maneuvering whilst Texting?
Incidences like this will continue to happen in areas where a lot of the pilots get their jobs via the way of being from a "known" family.In many of the areas test are taken by others that are paid by the family while the future pilot is "Flying" his PARKER PIN.
Places like: The White House
Bigot much? Also, what on earth makes you think this is the time or place for that kind of idiotic comment?
Sadly the actual statement is true, like it or not.
Exactly! When being married to the daughter of the president makes you the nation's leader's trusted advisor, SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

There is a video of people that were interviewed at the newspaper he was the leader of. People there couldn't believe that he was trusted for doing anything, and hoped he wouldn't last long in the position. And so far, everything he's done has been a disaster. He's a privileged connected idiot. He could actually kill us all! The Idiot Prince...
Jim, Help me out here, are you calling me a bigot or Joel a bigot? I'm simply replying to Joel's comment!
People involved in Aviation should recognise hard facts and not want to disparage myth.

The US is no different from any other country. The children of the elite get special treatment, access and opportunity. The current US "middle east expert" would not have that role if he wasn't someone's son-in-law, and the current occupant's daughter would not be selling "advice" to Chinese seeking to buy Green Cards if she weren't. just as Jimmy Carter took advice from Amy on international affairs and the Kennedy dynasty, having purchased a position in American aristocracy with the proceeds of rum running, ensure that the privilege of the presidency is passed to their progeny, Malia's and Sasha's futures are assured and Chelsea was able to find a million-dollar a year entry level job.

Yes I know, no one wants to see this on an Aviation web-site but we need to deal with facts not mythology and in this recognise that sometimes entities like Boeing and US aircrew are just as incompetent and culpable as some in other countries. Bigotry is not acknowledging these facts, not in pointing them out.
Correction: First sentence should read "People involved in Aviation should recognise hard facts and not disparage those who disparage myth".
Thank you! Now I get it.
Should I consider this a "canned" reprimand?
Not really, just felt like contributing my 5,000 Naira (about 10 cents) to the discussion.
thank God nobody got hurt


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