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Both Boeing And Airbus Now Have Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

Aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus now both have confirmed cases of employees who contracted coronavirus. Boeing confirmed that an employee at its Everett facility in Washington, USA, has been tested positive for COVID-19 on the 9th of March. Airbus released a statement just earlier today saying that one of its employees at the Getafe site in Spain had also tested positive. ( 기타...

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This Covid-19 is getting into everything. Today I was using my laptop when I sneezed, and the anti-virus started a scan!
bbabis 7
Boeing, Airbus, and other manufacturers all need to equip their new planes and retrofit the old ones with overhead UVC producing lights. These will kill germs, bacteria, and viruses both airborne and on surfaces. An airplane cabin will become one of the safest places to be instead of one of the worst and World commerce could start getting back to normal and not suffer near as much in the future when this happens again, and it will.
That's a very good idea and suggestion, even for all sort of air, land and sea Vehicles.
Hope all of them take notes.
an wuth 2
Sadly, the UV lamps you need to kill all that stuff, also kills humans (although more slowly with cancer) - and you need them to not be shadowed from the surface you are trying to treat. Perhaps we will end up with some magic 'fog the plane with disinfectant, and then ventilate system..'
bbabis 1
The correct wavelength has no cancer concerns to humans yet still kills the viruses. You are correct that shadowing will diminish the effectiveness of the lighting but, if this were to be implemented, a non shadowing installation would be made. Low light or night flights would also become more interesting as items that fluoresce under UV light will do their thing.
there are home a/c units which have uv lamps installed and the air gets circulated through a chamber where it is irradiated. no contact with any person but getting air sterilization
Do they actually work, or is it just snake oil?
bbabis 3
It works great. My home uses a well that can have all kinds of organisms and all the water passes through a UV light chamber that makes it safe to drink without all the chemicals in city water.
Bill, you seem to be quite knowledgeable about this. Maybe you can tell us what the effect of UV light on plastic surfaces is. As there are quite a few of those inside the cabins, if there is any premature aging this would have to be thought through before implementing, otherwise it could be a great idea.
bbabis 3
This was just an idea that came to me with my basic knowledge of UV-C uses. I'm glad to learn that its use in aircraft has been discussed in the past and has come to the forefront again. Many things must be considered in aircraft and I'll let the real knowledgeable people pursue it from here.
Excellent idea
Boeing has about 70,000 employees in Washington.
In Washington, they have had 20 cases of confirmed infection as of Friday.
both Washington state,and actually the entire country of spain (mostly around madrid) are serious "hotspots" for the covid virus at this time..i wish them well as they may have ignored sypmptoms..
mmc7090 -1
BFD they have the flu.
It is JUST THE FLU People!!! Did you all PANIC like this when 50,000 People DIED in the USA under the H1N1, and 3 MILLION were sick??? The MEDIA are driving this to try and HURT our President and no other reason!
I know this is an aviation forum, but it is dangerous to pretend this is just the flu.

For about 80% of the infected people it is a flu, from mild to uncomfortable. It’s the other 20% we should be concerned about. 10 to 15% will need hospital care, about 5% acute care. At the present rate of new infections hospitals will quickly be overwhelmed. The present curve for the USA is getting steeper, every two days the number of cases doubles.

Present studies suggest a death rate of around 3%, but most specialists think it will go down to about 2%. That means 20 times more people will die from it, regular flu has a death rate of 0.1%.

For flu we have vaccines, nothing yet for covid-19. Most humans have been exposed to a couple of flu viruses, it’s new to all of us who have not caught it yet.

Stop making this political, we need worldwide cooperation to get through this with as little disruption as possible.
BS. It's NO different. The same % you claim have trouble with Covid have trouble with seasonal flu. We are not going to be overwhelmed because the only reason we get higher numbers of new infections is because we are testing more people. It is political hysteria causing a great deal more harm to lives and businesses than the virus ever will.
"daily temperature range will increase, specifically due to the shutdown of the airline industry."
12,469 died in the USA
1.5 Million die every year from TB.

It's media sensationalism - driven by greed. They will do anything to get viewers.
They certainly don't like Trump, and the thought of economic trouble and anything else which will hurt his presidency makes them happy - but that may not be the biggest driver of their hype.

The media probably thinks it is doing everyone a service by giving information about COVID-19 - but they're making the situation worse.


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