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Twilight Landing at LAX (Cockpit View) - 4:05

"Landing at LAX International Airport via the SADDE Six Arrival." ( 기타...

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mattdavis 0
Great video!
For those not in the know, SADDE6 comes from the Northwest, over Avenal, down through the San Fernando area, to just east of Oxnard, Camarillo, and Pt. Mugu, then turns towards Santa Monica. Downwind leg is there, with a base turn near or just over the LA Coliseum. So you get a great view of the VNY area to the north, and LAX arrivals and departures to the south. Looks pretty sweet during the evening.
very cool video. thanks for posting!
Todd Marks 0
Great vid, great music, not much else to say. Thanks for sharing!
I've flown this route probably hundred of times. The only thing missing was ZLA center (on 132.6) issuing the standard "cross SYMON at one-two thousand and 250 knots - LAX altimeter is XXXXX. Always a fun approach - except when you have to taxi to the south complex after landing 24R.
Erika Amir 0
Awesome video, very beautiful to see all the city lights! Looks it was a lovely calm night.
skylloyd 0
Okay, I'm beating my head with my hand, help me out here, what is the A/C type in this shoot? I am retired from Boeing Flight test, but, the camera placement is outstanding....
Just a guess here, but I would say a Bombardier CRJ or variant. Tough to see from this angle - only a pitot tube.
motox210 0
I don't think CRJs go to the end of T6 @ LAX. My guess is its an MD-80 or something similar from either Allegiant or Delta.
Nice video. Very cool. Thanks
Would have liked it better without the music, but that is just me....
Very nice clip and nice landing to- notice how quick he got to the gate? never happen n real time
Mike, the entire video was time elapsed. Thanks for posting--enjoyed it.
WillisRF 0
Neat video - thanks for posting.
Ken Martin 0
Very good video well shot and realy dig the music thanks for posting it.
jayhawke 0
nice video.....One question for everyone here,with all the professional athletes going in and out of airports, and the average person stranded for hours or even days because of the weather, then, how come they can get in and out and the american public can't ???....I would like some answers on this.....
alfadog 0
Steve, normally I would agree with you on the addition of music to cockpit videos. I usually hate it and turn down the sound. But in this case, I loved it. The choice of music was great and the few random sound effects were inspired. The entire video was sped up so the actual cockpit sound would have sounded silly, anyway (think The Chipmunks). This was not just another cockpit video, this is a work of art.
jeff1951 0
One of the best landing videos I've seen and great choice of background music. Thanks for posting.
*VERY* cool. Thx for sharing.
Great video, thank for sharing. Any chance of seeing this at normal speed? I lived in LA and worked at LAX (a long time ago) and it would be fun to have more time to look for the landmarks I remember.
Very professional. Music was more than appropriate, it added to the scene. I don't ever remember any of my hundreds of journeys to and through LA in that time frame. But I do remember those awesome sunsets from my place in Redondo Beach. With apologies to Bob Hope, Thanks for the memories.
Great. Will be landing @ LAX end of June. Love it
thanks for sharing
alfadog 0
For those that want the original video, it has been posted at The pilot/poster has stripped out the ATC/cockpit sound, a personal decision that he asks be respected. He suggests just listening to the feed of LAX while watching the video. Not a bad idea.
Great stuff....would have made great bombing runs on some LA neighborhoods :o)
James Self 0
Great video...thanks for sharing!
scholztec 0
That video was amazing, cool, beautiful, and a bunch other adjectives that escape me at the moment. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the work that went into producing this piece of artwork.
Excellent video indeed BUT, sorry guys I have to disagree with my fellow posters on the music which was absolutely dreadful! Worse than dreadful in fact! Video is a hundred times better with sound turned off.
Very nice video, although they could have slowed the video speed at touchdown ...Very nice overall!
Same here about the music, Also the time lapse makes it look like
a slewed flightsim. Slow it down.
Just fantastic, lets see more posts like this. I'm going to watch it again.
Great video. My daughter just moved to LA and goes to school in Santa Monica. It's nice to have a perspective
thor nibus 0
Super video - esp the sound of police sirens over Watts. Wait a sec, is that PC?
Very Nice! Thanks for the great video.
gorlininc 0
thanks for the great vidio
He also has a clip of flying the RIIVR2 arrival into LAX as well as another on the SADDE6 during the day.
Steve Shaw 0
Great approach over LA, good video and camera shots. Lose the music though. Would rather hear the engine spool up/down on final, or tower chatter.
Fun to watch! I did get a little dizzy on the tarmac. I too would rather hear the actual noise, but great video nonetheless.
Great video! thanks for sharing!
Great video and music. Thanks.
Very cool video!!! Thank you very much for sharing. Being a driver, I recognized I-405. Wasn't backed up as usual. Thanks again!!
Nice video, having been to LA this past May and took off 24R on our way back to Boston was neat. I also would like to hear the airplane noise but now my wife wants to hear the music..Oh well this was a nice ride to watch..Thanks
Ted Birks 0
I guess I never really new how many flights arrive at ORD daily until I heard the number on the news. It was over one thousand. Hard to believe.
I don't think I have ever seen an airplane taxi at 80 MPH. The PIC must have been late for a very important appointment.....
wow..just fantastic!
Susalini 0
I think you flew right over my sister's house in Cheviot Hills!
So much for sterile cockpit.
I loved it when the plane flew over Watts, the music played a police siren in the background...Pretty ironic, was it planned that way?
I've been on UA flights at LAX gate 68A ... but I think this is a shared use gate with Alligent and others there as well - video was better with audio muted
Bill Lowry 0
This was real? Figured it was flight simulator. I'll just have to watch it again.
i totally loved it and i have never been to Los Angeles, nor have i flown at night yet... i was dreading it, but wow, now i'm anxiously awaiting that lesson! Dont think i can taxi that fast tho!
Ken Martin 0
Very popular video it was very good ,pity we do not do somthing like that
here in the UK it would be great treat.
Sam Graham 0
Thanks Tom, loved it.
Great Stuff . I have seen my friends Mansion in Sanat Monica distinctly the Tear drop shaped pool.
I know this pilot had done this landing many times, but I would be surprised if he did not get gooseflesh every time he did it.
Pam Midbon 0
Loved it. My daughter lives in Santa Monica and much of that terrain was very familiar to me. The music fits perfectly.
Len Seidel 0
Talked to my neighbor Don, retired 777 pilot w/United. Thought video really neat, said he always flew straight in from the East with the 777 so never had the opportunity of flying this approach. Thanks for sharing.
Interesting. First time for me on this site. Thanks
What a video. Thank you so much. WOW"

I'm new to the FA site and was just poking around when I found this. I've seen the video before and it is indeed cool.

The Segment of SADDE Six shown starts at just before The Fillmore VOR (FIM). It's about 18 miles east of my home in Ventura. From FIM you go across Thousand Oaks on FIM R-148 to SADDE (intersection FIM R-148 at 20DME, Santa Monica (SMO) R-261, and Ventura (VTU ) R-093) hence eastbound along the Malibu coastline, etc., until you get to the IAF at Santa Monica.

Anyway, seeing it again made me think of the old names for Intersections. SADDE is basically over the old Saddle Ranch in Malibu, place where you once could go to get drunk, rent a horse, and fall off it. The intersection used to be called SADDLE until intersection names were standardized to five letters.

A couple of others which come to mind are LOBSTER (now LOBER) and HALIBUT (now HABUT). I'm sure you can imagine what you'll find in the ocean below them.

So my question is, does anyone remember the origins of other interesting intersection names, or is there a place where you can find their history?


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