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Rolls Royce Begins Building Its Biggest Engine Yet

Rolls Royce has begun construction of its largest engine yet. The UltraFan engine should allow Rolls Royce to define new standards for engine sustainability in addition to efficiency. ( 기타...

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I Was reading the comments in the article, all pointing to commercial aircraft. One even mentioned the engine is so large it might require an over the wing design. That got me thinking: Possible military aircraft applications? Seeing these on a possible Globemaster type aircraft? Just thinking out loud.
Viv Pike 3
The radius of the fan is "only" (I use the term loosely) 3 inches more than that of the GE9x. Just putting it out there.
GE9x Diameter = 134 in
RR UltraFan = 140 in
Totally! Not dramatically bigger then what’s out there, but is for RR.
wknicely 2
The new 737, MEGA MAX.
Two of of those babies on a 747-400 Air frame.
what scale airframe would accomodate this new engine? Who would build it and who would buy it and where would they fly it to and fro.?As for military needs, c-17's, c-5's and the like are adequate now and in the forseeable future, so what is overlooked for demand? whose demand?
Adequate perhaps but remember new engine can mean more fuel economy and more thrust. How many times has the B-52 been re-engined now?
From the SimpleFlying article: “Rolls Royce has the ability to scale the thrust of the engine from 25,000 100,000 pounds.” If accurate that may lead to a family of engines suitable for various yet-to-be developed future derivative or new airplanes, and for re-engining existing frames. Sounds to me like an R-R initiative to get into geared turbofans, rather than leave P&W alone in that space. Maybe, rather than responding to existing demand, R-R seeks to have something for future demand.
I think it’s interesting they’re using a Composite Fan & Composite Case..


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