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Could Delta Trade In Older Boeing 717s For 100 New 737 MAX Aircraft?

A report published today indicates that Delta may be working with Boeing on a deal to swap Boeing 717s for 737 MAX aircraft. First reported in The Air Current by Jon Ostrower, the deal would have Delta swap out its leased 717s and take on an order for 100 of the beleaguered Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. If this deal goes through, the ramifications are enormous. ( 기타...

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I certainly hope this is a story from someone’s imagination. Flew a trip back in October. First leg in a 737-900. The second leg in a 717. The 717 was far superior in every possible way that you can measure passenger comfort. I even told the FO as I exiting, “this is a great airplane. It’s a damn shame they quit making it”.
Glad to hear that atricle is mostly not true. Delta, being the only major US airline without any MAX order, dodged a bullet during the groundings and capitalized on the failure of the max and its effect on carriers. Backpedaling to the MAX just to get rid of the 717 in a time where the smaller capacity of the 717 is welcome would be a costly and stupid move on Delta's part.
yes i spelled article wrong its 1 in the morning fight me
if you had waited until 2 am, would it have been any diferant?
yes. There might've been more spelling errors.
That sucks. I don't want to fly one of those committee decision death traps. Nope... They keep finding things wrong with them. It's a disaster.
Tom Pera 7
think I'd buy anything but the MAX...and I'm a Boeing guy
FAKE NEWS and CLICKBAIT by Simple Flying. Delta has denied this concept. Some simple reporting would be easy if they got simple facts and simple comments.
I love the 717's didn't think Delta would get rid of them so soon after getting them so cheap
717 are Douglas built in Long Beach next to the C-17 and MD-11. To choose the max over 717 would be foolish. 717 have proven themselves to be excellent air craft, the MAX has not done this yet. Can’t be trusted
SWA did exactly that. They sold DAL the 717 when they bought AirTran.
I think that was more because Southwest's business model says to only operate 737 airframes, in order to cut costs on maintenance, training, etc. Ended up being a real good deal for Delta though
Nothing in this article is persuasive. Wishful thinking, at best. If Delta is looking for a "perfect" 757 replacement, the MAX is not that aircraft. The A321XLR comes much, much closer.
The article is about a completely different aircraft. I would argue the A220 is a better replacement for the 717 than the 737 MAX or the A321.
The article does talk about a "perfect" 757 replacement. You are right it is mostly about the 717, but it does wander a bit to the 757.
Not the 757! I love those planes. Damn...
Chris B 2
agreed. Article seems more of a product placement that a viable proposition.
love the 717.
high climb rate.
boeing showed real dumb mass deleting it.
yeah, i know it competed with the 737-600. better to compete with yourself, than someone else.
boeing showed real dumb mass deleting it.
This SimpleFlying article appears to be idle speculation based on, well, nothing. The comment by Frank below the article is the only part worth reading.
Firstly. there is no viable replacement for the 717, and don't say any model from Scarebus! If that were true then why did several of the majors as well as lower cost carriers try to convince Boeing to restart the 717 line several years ago? The 717 was just a few years out of place, and should have continued in production a while longer. A fine airliner that deserves a better treatment than it gets.
The A220 in both 100 and 300 series is a viable replacement .
Propwash122 are the E190-E2 and E195-E2, if the greater range of the A220 is not needed.
Can't understand why someone can be interested by that crap !!!!


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