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Airlines not happy with Boeing CEO after he said one of them would 'most likely' fold

The Wall Street Journal earlier reported that some airline executives were upset about Calhoun’s comments. ( 기타...

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jmilleratp 3
It often feels that Boeing expects things to just "work out." It doesn't matter if they tried to go cheap with the 737 Max software, it's supposed to just work out. Same goes with the airline industry. No matter what bankruptcies and consolidations might happen, they likely expect the orders to just keep coming.
leenick 2
Such a sensitive world we live in. It appears people just can't accept reality.
Greg S 1
He was probably trying to help them by painting a dire picture to pressure lawmakers to keep bailing them out.
Boeing will file for Chapter 11 in the not so distant future as well
jeff slack 0
You are right. However, with trumps multiple Bankruptcies through the '90s a term was coined too big to allowing Boeing to fall over the effects felt would be will be found and the company will be righted and hopefully not by a dodgy computer program.
bentwing60 0
President Trumps financial issues had absolutely ZERO to do with the coinage of the term "Too Big too Fail" and if you believe the average participant here buys your tripe you might apply at cnn for a bailout job. But, Boeing might file and would richly deserve the stain. Sadly a Boeing 11 filing would decimate smaller vendors and industry nooks that wouldn't even be anticipated and the high end crooks would still get their bonuses!
Boeing really just said "one of yall about to commit MCAS"
So don’t fold, problem solved lol.
djames225 5
Easier said than possibly done with today's outlook. Calhoun should have known better than speak out of context like that, no matter how dire the situation may be.
If you don't have the cash on hand (in a bank account) to pay current bills or interest or repayment on your notes and they're demanding payment now or suppliers (for example) will refuse service, (like no more fuel) and you can't get any more credit from anywhere, how do you keep operating ?


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