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Airlines Return To Europe Skies For Summer, 400% More Flights: What To Expect

As travel bans unwind worldwide, airlines will return to the skies in time for Europe’s summer with up to 400% more international flights in June compared to May. European airlines in particular are gearing up for a full return to travel freedom on the continent, and rise in demand, as Europe’s borders come back down. Germany’s Lufthansa is the first major European carrier to announce a feisty debut of post-Corona flight plans in June with 3,600 flights (1,800 roundtrips) weekly. That compares… ( More...

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Greg S 4
This is good news, things are looking up lately. I hope the virus cooperates.

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mbrews 2
Mot capitalism. Globalism enabled the rapid spread of this new coronavirus
CCP Capitalist? The whole world economy is suffering because of them and the guess who is working at 150% capacity now? Yes, China :) And where does the rest of the world order their stuff from? Yes, China :) Did you even look at ASian continent on recently? Almost nog flights except in... right China :)
If you think skies should be open now, why don't you think it is natural, that a country like China should begin first? After all they have more control of Covid 19 than lets say USA. Yes it was discovered in China first. The Spanish disease was first noticed in Ksnsas, the HIV in New York, the MRSA in Boston. Do you blame USA for that?We will have many more pandemics, most likely influenza type. The W.H.O. made a strategy for that in 2019, but no countries obviously followed this. Global influenza strategy 2019-2030. But no country paid attention to this. It would have made us all more prepared for Covid-19. The many types of Flu-virus spreads the same way as the Corona, aerosol. I fly a lot, but the risk of spreading diseases worldwide off course rises with quick transport
Discovered ? You are a very nice person :) Yes, some people (left) in Europe blame the US for the Spanish flu in 1919. The WHO and all the boys in bleu are not well liked in some parts of the world and by many military men and women who served under their (soft) ROE (Rules Of Engagements). Like the EU (and many other) parlement they are mostly well paid self serving diplomats and politicians who don't give a f... about the people they are supposed to serve. Same thing goes for the CCP but they, on top of that, are also dangerous bullies as well. (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Uyghur minority etc. Yes it makes sense that their skies open first. But like inside trading, they knew more than the rest of the world even before it became a global problem. Is that fair to the the millions who lost, or will lose their business, income, jobs or risk their life ? So please don't blame capitalism comrad. Have a nice day and enjoy.
Did I blame capitalism? I don't think I did, even though I do not think everything should be valued in money only. Don't call me comrade, I do not think you are my comrade. I think you are your best comrade, and it seems to me, you live in a simple world, the good and the bad. I live in social democratic country, I really appreciate my kind of society, the Scandinavian model - free hospitals and education system. Yes we pay for this with high tax, but still we have a great rich life. We dont need many insurances, and can study for free, students even gets money when they study.
And yes discovered, like the Spanish flu in Kansas. I feel sure, that many countries with lower health system would think the Covid 19 was a Flu, because it would never be examined. Could be it originated in China - could be in a different country - but first diagnosed in China is a fact.
My original reply was to Mbrews. Your name told me already you are Scandinavian. And yes you are lucky to live there. You are spoiled even when you lose your job or income, your country will pay. Your country is the exception and not the standard. But nothing for me, I would not like to live there, to cold :) My live simple? Did you walk in my shoes? Did you carry my backpack with my personal history? You really don't have a clue Sir.
you are right, I don't know about your personal history. That also goes for you by saying Covid 19 is a Chinese disease, and blame China for everything you can. The World is not not only for Americans.
You are right about that, it does not belong to one country. And FYI , I'm not an American :)
Okay. First I thought you were French Canadian, because of your first name, but when I clicked on your name, it said USA. Then I thought Louisiana. But I wondered, why you are awake at the same time as I. Are you Belgian? Sorry about judging you, we are all brainwashed. But when people call me Comrade, they usually mean I sympathize with communism. I don't, the idea is good, but I don't think humans generally wants to be equal, except when they all are poor.In many ways we are still animals.
But I do sometimes think China has many qualities, despite what mass media tells. Its good people have cheap medicine, good schools. I don't like the American system - and the way they - since 2. World-War, have bullied the rest of World. Sorry for my mistake.
No offence taken. Moved from Europe to Asia almost 28 years ago. The comrade remark was more like joke. Socialists in the States call each other comrade probably not realizing what it means. The Chinese people have many qualities but I don't like their government, nor plenty of others around the world. Funny thing is, most of them are the permanent members of the UN security council :) You are lucky to live in a Scandinavian country, many countries can learn from that, it is not perfect but close to.
Ok, so you are ahead in time of me. I do feel lucky, lucky because the society was made ahead of me, did not need to fight for freedom equality or anything, and from travelling I know, how lucky I am, wish more Danes knew! Are you in Chiang Mai then? Take care.
You are correct, yes in CNX. Enjoy and take care.
You too!
Rico van Dijk 5
Good. The lockdowns have already done more damage than that virus.
Mark Weiser 1
As the name implies, cowling is a large ope ing that just sucks in air
Tom Bruce 1
how many are going to fly??
Robert Cowling -7
I personally have cancelled ALL of the plane travel I have planed for the next 4 months. I have a trip planned in November that I really have little hope will come off.

Already, every convention, and nationwide conclave I had planned, and had tickets for sadly, has been cancelled. Friends (I do have some) and family are shattered. It's a disruption of so much, but we have been so spoiled.

I remember watching a video of planes strafing villages in the West bank, and thinking that we have NO CLUE how hard life can get. Troops don't invade America like in the Ukraine. We have been VERY spoiled. This is like having the flu in high school. If you are feeling better, that is NOT the time to go running around the neighborhood.

And, in retrospect, the aviation industry FAILED at trying to keep us safe and secure from a pandemic. To restart the industry, there HAS to be a 'BIG RED BUTTON' that someone pushes, and ALL planes are immediately grounded. NO travel into or out of an area, and any airport within 200 miles of that area (let's say for naming a number). Allowing people to still fly in the time of the beginning and mid epidemic was RIDICULOUS! You can't fly people home if you aren't prepared to ACT on the infection, and provide lockdowns, PPE, and appropriate governmental support. Cruise ship traffic should have stopped completely at that time too. ALL forms of mass transit should have stopped. GRRRR...

There WILL be a second wave, and a third, and a fourth. Viruses mutate. It's a fact. Biology favors the creative. Viruses are mutating nearly constantly. If the coronavirus mutates in the wrong direction, it's a new infection. If it turns more deadly, we're done for...
Mark Weiser 1
So glad to hear you are staying home, your logic and preaching are so stipid, its funny
This could mean 400% more likelihood of COVID:19 increased infections. I am a keen and regular traveler with international flights, however, I desire to live longer and therefore NO further flights for me.
Rob Carlassara -5
HELLO 2nd wave?

Sure , you cannot get together for a DATE or a FEW friends and have a drink! Or dance!.
But getting on a plane with poor air circulation ( perhaps a few APU's that are INOP and no A/C) with people who are potentially infected ( where I live there are less than 20 ( yes you read that correct) daily cases and less than 50 people hospitalized ) and barely anything is open!.

I guess big business and out of control capitalism can defeat COVID-19.

News flash: IT AINT GOING TO .

Wait until at least late fall or better early 2021


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