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Delta Boeing 777 Flight Forced To Divert As Pilot Gets Incapacitated

A Delta Boeing 777 made a rare appearance in Moncton, Canada, after the first officer became incapacitated midflight. ( 기타...

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canuck44 9
Outstanding work with only three onboard and the need to use a defibrulator on one of them. Dropping down from altitude while working on their colleague required amazing teamwork by the Captain and first or second officer. Normally if you are forced to use that device you need to be providing respiratory support. Coming down from FL400 while your mate working on their colleague must have tightened a couple of sphincters A 777 is not an F-16 but whichever one was flying certainly handled the aircraft as such. Note 3 minute taxi time. Probably had the door open before brakes were lost. Bravo Zulu.
Thankfully this happened past the midpoint over the Atlantic, otherwise it would be similar to the incident where they had to decide whether to continue on to Gander, or backtrack about 30 minutes then go straight north to Keflavik.

Either way, nice work by all involved here.
There are times, such as this, that I miss having a flight engineer up front.
If they had to use the defibrillator, the patient most likely was flat on the floor. The person handling the defibrillator had to be at such an angle that the paddles could be applied to the correct chest area without him touching the patient. To say flight decks are cramped is a gross understatement. They likely got him out of his seat, on the floor, applied the defib, administered oxygen if available, and hang on to him as the pilot did a carrier deck landing. Would love to hear the communications between the plane and the tower.
btweston 1
It was an automatic defibrillator. You stick the electrodes on with an adhesive and then stand back and push a button.
By the way, MASSIVE KUDOS the the pilot and additional first officer for a seemingly smooth and quick emergency landing, obviously professionally and empathtically done, through what was probably mayhem.
At times, descending at over 5600 feet per minute. That's some rate of descent. Good job there was no SLC in the back. There'd have been some medical attention needed there too.
Outstanding piece of teamwork and I hope they're all ok,
Incredibly skilled professionals. I hope the Captain is recovering nicely
canuck44 1
Captain probably suffered from writer's cramp as they were on the ground 12 hours likely filling out paperwork.If crew not timed out they could have flown the last leg or DAL could have brought in replacement(s) via YYZ, YHZ or YUL. The latter is most likely with 12 hour lay over.
What happened to the first officer, is he ok?
btweston 0
Laid off, probably.


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