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I remember flying MD DC-9's with SAS back in the '80s....SAS divided the plane down the aisle for smoking, so the 2 seat side was smoking and 3 seat side non-smoking.
Right after the industry got back in the air, post-9/11, on final, jinking along the Potomac, (practically at treetop level) into DCA - ZOW!!! That MD was FLOWN - right down to the asphalt! And, no complaints from the bleachers.
Depending on the runway in use, that visual approach into DCA is the most fun you can have in an airliner with your clothes on (from a passenger point of view anyway). I enjoyed that many times. As a pilot I wouldn't want to have to deal with all the red tape.
alan75035 3
The Mad Dog is dead. Long live the Mad Dog!
Think this Bird also was the leading factor in having a system to automatically extend the leading edge flaps! Can't remember all the details, however, it was the cause of a major crash somewhere up North!
Although it was pilot error I believe but take off with have load, hot and short runway, not good!
But again, thats true with any air machine! Just saying..
Probably 85% of the business flights I took were on Mad Dogs. Flying out of SJC as often as I could (and that was often) the MDs were the most used aircraft at SJC. Followed by 737's, usually Southwest. Many business travelers disliked the MDs. I rather enjoyed the aircraft. Okay, I flew 1st most of the time. The warm nuts and drink upon boarding was a favorite. Followed by a Hot Fudge Sundae after the meal. And the meals were good too. as time went on the selection narrowed, but the quality did not. The MDs were reliable, and yes... i was troubled by the single-point-of-failure the Jack screw. I will; miss these long lean ladies of the sky's.
themold 1
Those pair of JT-8D's really pushed you back in your seat on take-off.
Beautiful plane!
I know I've flown on a Mad Dog as a passenger a few times, but all I remember is being in those back seats (I was a smoker) between the engines and if they weren't synced up, man was it noisy back there. I also remember a jump seat ride on an original DC-9 with American, and those pilots loved that airplane and they FLEW it. Autopilot off as soon as we were below 10,000. I also remember a ride on an Air Force C-9 (medevac) from Korea back to the Philippines and they had nice comfy business class type seats on that thing up front and it was so quiet and peaceful, I slept like a baby. I don't know why anyone, even an enthusiast, would want to sit in the back...
RKHarm24 0
RED EYE CHEAP SEATS! Only way I could stand the back row on my 1 and only flight was the guy setting next to me was buying drinks the entire trip. He also entertained conversation with the Stewardess in the rear galley. He tipped her well as we made the walk of fame up the long isle. I was wearing dark sunglasses in flight. I lost my clear glasses on a dive trip. All I gad was my prescription sunglasses. My roommate met me at the gate with my extra pair I had left at home. Yes it was loud, we were louder as the drinks flowed. This was mid 70's time frame.
A very big pain to work on. very noisy up front and in back. Sometimes necessary to deice during summer. but, i would rather fly one one over a modern commuter jet any day.
It wasn't a great airplane. Jackscrew problems in the tail and a tendency for the fuselage to break open on hard landings. But it is sleek looking
Flying the MDs was fine if you got a seat up front...away from the engines. The worst seats were next to this engines in back. As the original DC-9 was very short it seemed stable. But as they stretched it through many versions and into a series of MDs, the length increased by almost 45%. Trivia question: What was another derivative model designation of the original DC-9 that didn't start with D or M? Find it in this word search (4 characters): E42Y81CC47FA227B717AA388MDC8BL1012WA302NAP51DC6B Find it? HINT: it's the 16-19th characters.
Yup...B717. After Boeing bought out McDonnell Douglas it renamed the MD-95 as B717. The B717 was also a Boeing model number for the military KC-135, which was also called the B720 for a while, a shrunken version of the B707.


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