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B737 Max Software Done

Plane will be back soon, but more changes are on the way also. ( 기타...

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mbrews 6
- Yeah, it truly was SORTware. As in, Boeing says " let's start flyin' it cause the bean counters demand it. As to MCAS software, pretend its invisible & leave it to pilots to SORT IT OUT. "
Silent Bob 5
For the love of Pete, whoever that is, it's been over a year! They've picked apart this thing with a fine tooth comb. No airplane in history has ever had this kind of scrutiny. Boeing made a mistake, they've identified it, but the regulators are so afraid of their own shadow no one wants to be the first to re-certify it so they keep finding more stuff to fix. This notion that it's a flying death trap and all Boeing cares about is money is getting pretty old. People don't hesitate to get in a car and drive a 3000 pound death mobile in a crowd of other 3000 pound death mobiles driven by people who can barely tie their own shoes, but whine about the minuscule risk of getting on a commercial airliner, particularly when it's operated by first-world airlines. Just makes no sense to me.
That is why we are lucky, you have nothing to do with passanger or aircraft safey
Silent Bob 5
Well, I fly the 737. Have flown the Max, will fly the Max again as soon as it returns. This grounding that should have been a few months at most has dragged out due to political theater and public pressure. I guess it's just more fun to keep playing the evil greedy corporation game.
One reason it may had taken so long is they probably had to rewrite a good percentage of the software, as it may had been so poorly-written before due to outsourcing. I've seen this many a time in the IT industry (where I work for the past 25+ years), one outsources to the cheapest vendor and they get what they pay for; sometimes the software is so bad, when problems arise later on, part (or all of it) has to be rewritten from scratch.
jeff slack 1
Unfortunately, you are 100% correct. We are ruled by the bottom line.
Its software lol
DOH!!! Why'd they put the T so close to the F?
Ahh dont worry about it. I once turned a Cargolux 747-8F into a Catholic 747-8F on here one. It happens to us all once and a while lol
linbb 5
Now thats one for the books a religious 74 flying around.
ADXbear 2
What pilot union has come out for the Max.
Im just waiting for their approval..
That's good...but no chance of me flying it.
I'll search for flights being made with the plane and book a flight on one.
Silent Bob 4
Are you going to stop flying the Airbus 320 too? Because it won't let you lower the gear at too high speed, then lets you belly land with no gear damaging the engines, and then lets you climb out only to have both engines fail from the damage and crashing.

Or you can realize that no airplane is uncrashable, especially when operated by poorly trained crews at poorly run airlines.
But no, I won't stop flying the A320. It's a good aircraft in my personal opinion.


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