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United To Ban Passengers Who Don’t Wear Masks In The Airport

From 24 July, United customers must wear a face-covering in more than 360 airports where the airline operates around the world. If they fail to comply, “they may be refused travel and banned from flying United,” said the company. ( 기타...

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Tom Pera 3
this one will be fun to watch.... riots? fights? oh my!
That being assumed, this will be the new normal for a while now. A necessity in these troubled times.
DOOFUS America; you can not travel outside your own country anyway.....some HOAX virus huh? Do you recall the same protest over NO Shoes, NO Shirt, No service?
Yeah, neither do I and yet a mask to prevent the spread of germs?

The USA is done.........cooked by nasty politicians and a dreadfully stupid 40%.
cbuckley -6
Much happier to be american than a sheep shaggin penal colony freak. But now, did some dufus in Oz create a sheep shaggin vaccine! LOL.
Looks like you’re about to be shorn, mate!
-3 and counting.....see ya!
Everyone being so smart and smug and being rude to one anothers countries that really suprised that no picked up on those poor United employees being bound and no doubt gagged and only those who escaped that punishment being able follow through on the policy. Of course I refer to the article and quote, "But before that happens, Untied employees will first give a verbal reminder". Am I the only person left on this forum that has any sense of humour left.
Come on guys let's stop making all the useless comments that seem to be growing as isolation drags on and try to keep our comments more as a comment on the subject, PLEASE, as I'm sure I am not alone with these thoughts.
Fuhndhu 3
There would be no problem with convincing people to wear masks… but at the outset, governments worldwide, following the lead of the WHO, said that wearing a mask was a waste of time. It is a long haul back to convincing the public that this was bad advice. I have a screen capture of the WHO site as late as 30 April stating "If you are in good health, you should not use a mask unless you are dealing with someone infected by Covid 19."

So, Alan, (I'm afraid your first sentence is a bit confused) but your conclusion is right. To convince people to wear masks, governments the world over have to be up front and say "We were wrong to follow WHO recommendations. We admit it, and now call on everyone to wear masks, which should have been advice from the outset."

And, Don, you, too, are right. I would be far happier sitting next to someone on a plane with a mask, than sitting one seat away from someone without a mask. And I will have far more respect for an airline that recognises this than one that gives in to "personal freedoms". Anyone ready to accept that people can drive as fast as they like in the name of "personal freedoms" ?
Completely second you on the final paragraph of your comment. Its more about mitigation at this point. I guess personal freedom needs to take a back seat in such situations.
Or a middle seat!
Good idea! In Canada, masks had significantly helped to flatten the curve. Why is it that we are doing so much better than everyone else?
And my question is at say Ohare or SFO how will you know they are United Passangers?? I mean American used Ohare as a hub and Alaska uses SFO as a Hub!!
Masks are not the complete answer but they help and the best we have until a vaccine comes available. But the whiners say I don't want to wear a mask. Thousands upon thousands of people are dying and you want to be part of the problem? Help to kill your fellow citizens? Personal freedom TRUMPS common sense.
Canada's developing one. The good news is the first phase of human testing went well, so I can assure you that a vaccine will be available in the coming months.
So has Oxford University in England. And a few others.its a race to the finish line....
And this is one of those races where participating and finishing counts. Winning only gives smug satisfaction for a bit... I just hope patent lawyers don't make a fortune out of this.


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