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Spirit Airlines reiterates mask policy, CDC standards after passenger refuses to swap gaiter

Spirit Airlines reiterated its policy for wearing only masks approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after video posted Friday of a guest refusing to wear anything other than his own neck gaiter, which does not meet CDC standards. The video, recorded by the passenger in question and shared to social media last week, shows a flight attendant asking a man wearing an American flag-themed neck gaiter if he was wearing a mask underneath, given that the gaiter on its own does not… ( 기타...

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oh for gosh sakes people..just get and wear a face mask! thre are many different ones you can purchase that have apppropriate nose and mouth covering,fasten securely behind the ears with elastic or by just dont make a big deal of are protecting not only yourself,but others by wearing one, and you should respect others as you want the same for you!the airlines have the right to request specifics,just as a restaurant can say you must have on a shirt or shoes to dine in their establishment..please be mature and dont act as if your rights are being "infringed upon"!
Oh Geez ! buckle up snowflakes I'm in the air every week, you have to wear a mask, stop complaining for the LOVE OF GOD !! I'm traveling with two pre-conditions, bunch a babies, how hard can it be the gate will give you one, and BTW the way no one has ever been on 20 Spirit Flights... EVER !
N5827P 2
As in any private business, the business makes the rules. If you don't agree, don't fly.
this character is from the group of americans who like to obey only the laws they like or understand, very familiar through american history, but this case needs special attention, for these folks who disdain masks or proper masks or designated masks, put others in jeopardy, thus putting themselves on the do-not-fly-like -that list. Don't even try to justify that action as being against personal rights, for nobody has the right to place others at risk out of their own bullheadedness or ignorance or stupidity. Just do as the airline demands or get your ass off the plane and start walking, or biking, or bussing.
I'll just take my Cessna
I'll just take my Jeep.
“Why Iim Doing more flying as a corporate pilot than ever”
dee9bee 1
All this stuff changes every day and varies by state in some situations. The CDC goes back and forth, even in the last week. I'm staying home.
I think,, because I haven't checked it yet, that the neck gaiter is accepted by the CDC. It is used by Federal Air Marshals while flying, because there was a major run-in in Atlanta about just that. Seems that the rules are not set in stone yet.
What happened to just wearing a "face covering"?
Just like OSHA the CDC only provides guidance. There is NO MASK MANDATE. Spirit is a private business and can ask you wear a mask while they provide service. That is all they can do, they have no legal right to determine what the face covering is. Consumers can then decide if they want to use that business or not. So when Spirit goes bankrupt for treating paying customers like criminals, all you social warriors who think that magical mask force field will save you from the virus can spend your money keeping them in business. I would not accept a mask from the airlines either, it could be second hand as there are NO REGULATIONS OR PERFORMANCE STANDARDS on the masks everyone is shouting will save their lives!
If private businesses have a right to require a mask, they have a right to determine the type of mask that is acceptable.
brock55 3
But before the flight did Spirit define what mask was acceptable? If their policy stated face coverings then he was complaint. I know Delta has said which actual mask you cannot wear.
From their COVID-19 Information Center (

Face Covering Policy

Spirit requires appropriate face coverings during your entire journey with us. The only exception to this policy is children under age 2. Any other Guest who is unable to wear an appropriate face covering for any reason, including medical, will not be permitted to travel with us at this time. We will continue to evaluate this policy as the situation evolves.
Face coverings must be worn while at the airport, on the jet bridge, and onboard the aircraft. Face coverings may be removed only while eating, drinking, or taking medication—when done eating, drinking, or taking medication, face coverings must be repositioned immediately.

All face coverings must fit snugly cover the nose and mouth and be secure under the chin and have at least two layers of fabric (e.g. disposable non-medical face mask, multi-layered cloth face covering).

The following items are not considered appropriate face coverings: open-chin triangle bandanas, face coverings containing valves or mesh material, and face shields. Face shields may be worn in addition to a face covering but are not approved as a face covering replacement.
Guests who choose not to comply with our face covering requirement will lose future flight privileges with Spirit.

The policy does not specifically state that neck gaiters are not allowed, but most don't meet the requirements.
The Air Carrier Access Act disagrees with everything you just said. I suggest you read it, as well as the FARs for what the airline can tell you to do.


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