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‘Someone In A Jet Pack’ Spotted By Pilots Above LAX; Second Such Incident In Two Months

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – For the second time in two months, a person flying in a jet pack was reportedly spotted Wednesday above Los Angeles International Airport. Around 1:45 p.m., a China Airlines crew reported seeing “what appeared to be someone in a jet pack” at an altitude of roughly 6,000 feet about seven miles northwest of the airport, according to FAA spokesman Ian Gregor. Local law enforcement was notified and is investigating the report. Air traffic radio chatter described someone… ( 기타...

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jptq63 7
As depressing as this may sound, it seems "somewhat" like somebody or bodies WANTS an accident, given the location (alt, etc...) and may be trying to figure an undesired event for most folks. I personally find it hard to accept a person(s) doing this does NOT know the danger involved given area and 2nd event.... :-(
Yes LOL ? Your right, that's just plain being stupid and putting many others at risk too !!!!
There's an old saying that, "Once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action."

I suspect we may want to skip to conclusion number three.
belzybob 2
So far all that I've read says that this is merely a sighting incident, so its a long stretch to say its somebody looking for an 'accident'. It's not a drone and probably not a kamikaze pilot.....
Greg S 3
Is there a jetpack that can take you to 6,000 feet?
bbabis 4
No, they are good for flying around coliseums and possibly building tops but one cannot carry enough fuel to go to 6000' and back down again. The Jet-man jumps out of an airplane already at altitude, flies around awhile, and then parachutes down. As far as I know, there are no other outfits like that.
You're assuming it's either the hydrogen peroxide-powered jetpack from 60 years ago, or Yves Rossy's jet pack (which is actually available for purchase). There are other companies and individuals working on jetpacks.

And Rossy's jetpack is certainly capable of significant performance -- while he does have to launch by jumping from a helicopter and lands by parachute, the horizontal flight speeds allows him to keep up with passenger jets (he has flown with an Emirates A380 for a commercial).
Update: Rossy's jetpack is now capable of vertical takeoff and landing, and it also has impressive climb. It certainly seems capable of reaching 6000 feet.
Yes, and several as of recent have developed a parachute system that takes the "pilot" to around 10,000msl.
Jim Ward 1
Must be the Rocketeer.


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