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First commercial passenger flight from UAE lands in Israel

The first commercial passenger flight to Israel by a carrier from the United Arab Emirates landed near Tel Aviv on Monday, further cementing a normalization deal between the two countries. Etihad Airways Flight No. 9607 landed at Israel's Ben-Gurion international airport just after 7 a.m. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner departed for Abu Dhabi later Monday with an Israeli travel and tourism delegation on board, according to an Etihad statement. Etihad said it plans regular passenger flights… ( 기타...

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Peace is possible !
I certainly hope peace is possible. Being a realist though, I fear they just opened up a new conduit to attack Israel. And please, don’t try to sell me any theory that the orange twit had anything to do with this.

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Hey that’s fantastic and a great example set for Middle East peace and prosperity. I commend you both.
Maybe the Middle East will be a little more normal place to live, opening a flight route through the UAE shortens the way to the East by about 3 hours which will lower the ticket prices, if and when we all return to a normal life.

Politically, the success in normalizing relations between countries that have no common border, no direct conflict between them, is because of the Trump administration that worked on it, and let market forces and current politics manifest, directly it will serve US interests, do good to the region and maybe There will also be a barrier for the insane from Iran to take over the area.
Unlike the Obama administration, there is more oversight of Middle Eastern politics that is different from Western politics.
The Trump administration, unlike Europeans for all its peculiarities, is more supervised and capable of dealing with other politics, which a democratic administration has failed to do if out of the naivety of its leaders (Obama + Biden + Clinton)
It is in the interests of America, and of the Western world, to create a union of sane forces, to neutralize as much as possible the leaders of Islamic terrorism.
In the Middle East there are quite a few lunatics, who because of an Islamic agenda are harming the fabric of life of the Western world, using overt terrorism or supporting terrorism.
There is an insane megalomaniac in the area - the Turkish Sultan - who is bullying against Greece, against Cyprus, and against Israel, until they put him in his place - all because of an Islamic agenda.

From the perspective of the Middle East people - Trump is a lifesaver for the region, in his support of the Alliance against Islamic Terrorism, and probably also good for America, those who due to narrow political circumstances the American left is unwilling to admit is better for America than the lax administration of Obama and his associates.
If El Al hasn't already, might be time to update their on-board ECM package.
Good work Trump administration, Israel and UAE !
olsende 12
Agreed! And today, include Sudan on the list.


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