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Delta takes delivery of first A220-300

Today, Thursday October 22nd 2020, Delta Air Lines has taken delivery of its first Airbus A220-300 aircraft. After about an hour and a half flight from Mobile, Alabama KBFM, N302DU Delta Ship number 8302 landed at the airlines headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia ( 기타...

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You’re welcome America. Regards, Canada
dav555 2
Uh, OK. Yes, the Airbus A220 is certainly a cool, high quality, efficient airliner from what I've read about it. And, yes, it was actually developed by Bombardier, a Canadian aircraft manufacturer. Kudos to Bombardier. But why should "America" in particular say "thank you"? If a company develops a good product and sells it for an agreed upon price, then that is the free market at work. Other countries whose airline companies purchase the plane will also benefit from it. Why single out the USA?
I'm sure the "USA is being signaled out" comment is because this A220 is the first A220 to roll off of the assembly line in Mobile Alabama. Bombardier/Airbus were forced to build a final assembly in Mobile after Trump threatened 300% tariffs on the jet (never mind it already had over 50% U.S. content). The other countries to buy the A220 (CSeries) have not demanded it be built in their countries. AROGANT American's see trade as a one-way street. The rest of the world should buy American products but Americans should buy from American's and Americans only with an exception of course of America's "greatest ally" Israel - everyone must buy from Israel or face punishment for "boycotting" America's "most cherished ally" .
dav555 2
I see, another America hater. That's fine, you're entitled to your opinion. The fact is that the USA has been getting treated very unfairly on trade by several nations, including Europe and Canada, our supposed allies, for decades. Our dumb politicians tolerated the unfair trade policies, but now that is changing. The US has a 600 billion dollar trade deficit with the rest of the world, and 27 billion alone with Canada. It's not really about the deficits themselves, but the unfair tariffs and barriers that other countries use to hurt U.S. exports and protect their own industries. The USA is now just doing on trade what every other country has been doing for decades, but for some reason we're the bad guys. Whatever.
My comment was made simply about a great new aircraft. The article was specific to Delta, an American-based airline. Bombardier mismanaged an outstanding opportunity but we’re still very proud of the 220’s roots.
dav555 1
You should be proud, Sue. I wish that Bombardier had maintained ownership and control of that aircraft. Delta will benefit from having such a good aircraft.
Bombardier waited to long, the 175 is flying the majority of routes and flown full when the majors are not


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