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Mechanical fault blamed for 2016 Pakistan airline crash

Engineers for Pakistan's scandal-hit state airline failed to repair a technical fault that led to a 2016 plane crash in which all 47 people on board died, a report has found. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) came under heavy scrutiny this year after one its planes came down among houses in Karachi, killing 98 people. A furore later erupted after it emerged dozens of Pakistan pilots may have been holding fake or dubious licences, leading the US and EU to temporarily bar the airline. ( 기타...

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linbb -6
You need your own web site, could call it old news, Steiner crap or something else. Pilot problems over seas in third world countries has been in the news for the last several years. One of the Max problems was two stupid low time pilots which should have been flying a piper cub killed every one.
Greg S 2
What is wrong with you? Do you need a Snickers bar? The accident was in 2016 but the final report was issued a few days ago.
pjshield 1
Wrong? With whom? MR. NEGATIVE? He just does not have a cheerful side.


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