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Canada keeps Boeing 737 Max grounded, despite U.S. approval

While the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has allowed the Boeing 737 Max to return to service, the aircraft remains grounded in Canada. Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a statement released Wednesday that the flight restrictions on the Boeing 737 Max aircraft remain in effect, “and will not be lifted until the department is fully satisfied that all its safety concerns have been addressed, and that enhanced flight crew procedures and training are in place." Transport… ( 기타...

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ADXbear 5
Speaks volumes on the worlds faith in the FAA and Boeing.. slot of damage done to rep.
Maybe this is Canada's payback for Boeing having challenged Bombardier's C Series, now he Airbus 220
Good point and I hope that is the case - but political memories are short.
F. M. 2
As someone with half Canadian (mother) and half American blood (father), I applaud this type of "Canada first" attitude towards protecting Canadian citizens.

Transport Canada's independent investigation creates another "data point" to compare with other country's aviation authorities when it comes to reauthorizing 737 Max operation.

I've never been a fan of Canada just mimicking what we do in "the States". Canada is great because it is not the United States. The United States is great because it is not Canada. Win-Win.
such a smooth political statement! Thumbs up!
Boeing’s problems were of their own making! Tried a shortcut, bigger engines on an airframe not able to be “upgraded” so easily. Turned out just like dog poop, makes a real mess (2 crashes) sticks to your shoes ( hard to clean up / fix) and the smell hangs around for a long time. (Reputation hard to salvage). I am not an aviator, just an interested and concerned consumer.
canuck44 -1
Transport Minister Marc Garneau used to be a naval officer before transitioning to to the dark side. Now pure politician posturing for the upcoming election. Guess he is waiting for all the manuals to be translated to French and all the volumes and measurements be metric (think Gimli Glider).
Or perhaps maybe, just maybe, there are more things that should be done and Boeing has strong regulatory capture in the US. All these civil aviation authorities trusted that the FAA was doing all the right things when they weren't, so it's no surprise that they don't just follow them this time around. That's just basic CYA when you're dealing with human lives.

But even if he were playing politics, perhaps the good minister hasn't forgotten about that time in recent memory where Boeing essentially tried to bankrupt Bombardier's C-Series program, necessitating selling it off to Airbus.
Greg S 8
Or much, much, much more likely, they simply haven't finished their review.

The exact wording of the minister's statement, though, was designed to appeal to the inherent anti-Americanism of Canadians to suggest they won't be pushed around by arrogant Americans.
Or, it makes a mockery of Transport Canada, the EU and just about every other country's’ Transportation Safety Regulatory body from not doing their jobs? Rubber stamping leads to larger issues. Like a photo copy of a copy from a copy! Gets a little blurry.
So, in your opinion, the world is wrong and the US/Boeing is right????
Doesn't this hurt Canadian operators more than it hurts Boeing? Their reputation cant get any worse, and they have more than enough work to do just clearing out the employee parking lots in Everett.
In the broader scheme of things, Canada is a drop in Boeing's bucket - although now much smaller than it was pre investigation. Actually with a 3-5 year recovery plan forecasted to return to 2019 volumes, many airlines, including Canadian ones, are rethinking their investment strategies with order cancellations, pushing deliveries later etc._
Garneau is probably the worst ever Minister of Transport. Indeed gone to the far left of the dark side... re-election comes he plays the anti-American card though primarily for his constituents in his quebec riding... Ironic considering he got his flight and astronaut training in the US. indeed though boeing is no angel either...
Your opinion is clearly subjective and that's okay but whether its Garneau or any other politician, the reality is that being a politician in general, calls for the ability to manage the message. Regardless of party or country for that matter. If it was not Garneau it would be someone else.
Dan, Look at his ineptitude in the handling of refund complaints, his ‘world class’ passenger rights, etc. It is taking the american faa and the eu authority to get refunds to some canadian airline passengers while he fiddles. . I have no faith in the man, actually this current govt. . Btw I think Chorus leases some MAX
That is their perogative, but will it hurt the airlines in Canada that fly those aircraft?
There are none that are dependant on the Max alone. With only 3 users (Air Canada, WestJet, and Sunwing (a vacation focused airline with 4 of 12 737s being Max-8) and the fact that the Canadian companies are running at ~10% capacity at this point, by the time the gov't gives the green light to use the Max-8 they will still be surplus. Hard reality.

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Greg S 8
You did not read correctly.
If I read correctly you have to be assuming things, because there was no mention of AOA or any other sensors in the linked article.

As part of the fix, Boeing has reworked MCAS to more closely resemble the first version. It will be less aggressive, and it will rely on two sensors.
I think you pasted the wrong link, that article is a year and a half old.
Try this one...


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