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Families Of Boeing 737 Max Crash Victims Say It’s Premature To Let Plane Fly Again

Families who lost loved ones aboard the Max were devastated to learn the plane is now ungrounded. ( 기타...

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I might give them my respect for their opinion when they show me Credentials that shows their Experience and Knowledge of the plane!
linbb 1
I agree but this poster wont let it go even AB had computer problems with there A330. It had qualified pilots when it happened so no crash. Also they took great pains and never found the tru cause but replaced the computers with better ones. Didnt test fly an AC with problems full of pax either.
canuck44 2
This will never end so send them sympathy cards and move on. If they come up with something other than emotion, they are free to submit it to the FAA for evaluation. It should be pointed out that prior to the grounding a number of North American pilots had encountered the same problem and just turned the system off and flew the aircraft through it.
WHy would you submit the same story 3 times?


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