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Retired British Airways 747 Catches Fire

British Airways has stored many of its 747s at Castellon Airport in Spain, which has the airport code CDT. Well, unfortunately today one of these parked 747s caught fire, and it caused some significant damage to the plane. ( 기타...

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The engines didn't appear to be sealed up, so the plane hadn't been totally decommissioned. Hope they figure out what started the fire soon.
I don't insurance played a role. According to British Airways, some insulation in the aircraft wall on the upper deck caught fire when sparks from a workers metal cutting tool got into the insulation. The aircraft is one of several that had been sold to a scrapping company in Spain a couple of months prior. The scrapper who is a Vale of Glamorgan, Wales based company with a presence in Spain. The airport authority said the fire was "quickly" extinguished. Today a 747 tomorrow who knows. Anther airplane, a Honda Civic, anything is possible.

More on the scrapping operation in Wales here:


J Buck
They don't make Honda's out of aluminum
ko25701 2
Some Honda motors use cast aluminum parts.
My old Honda hybrid had some aluminum panels, as well as castings.
Maybe the HONDA HA-420 Jet..? It has an aluminium wing.
Not 100%, but there's plenty of aluminum on modern cars. Engine blocks, cylinder heads, control arms, brake calipers, driveshafts, hoods, core supports ... then on Ford trucks you've got most the entire body.
The ENTIRE body, not most.
Makes sense
jeff slack -1
.........a match? You have noticed too? From runway/parked incursions to this? I would say Insurance too. In fact, I did before coming here to comment and saw that you were/are thinking the same way.
There must have been a Robinson R44 nearby. It started the fire!
My first thought was insurance, then I read the article and it was in the process of being scrapped. Not likely anyone would try to insure an airplane they are reducing to scrap. Accidents happen.
themold 1
What is the big deal anyway? It is there to be scrapped. No need to waste money on an investigation. Its going to the scrap pile.
How sad to see that happen after such a long life of moving so many around the planet ? I would love to know just HOW an Aircraft parked like it was there catch fire ? and I see a small "opening" just below the fire zone that looks like some sort of a "door" maybe ? any information would be kindly accepted please.

Maybe mice got in and started chewing wires.
linbb 1
Just an entrance door for some reason no big deal even a DC3 had one for pots to escape from.


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