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Man arrested for refusing to wear mask on Delta flight from Salt Lake City

A man was arrested after refusing to wear a face mask on a Delta Air Lines flight that was heading from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, authorities said. ( 기타...

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no sympathy for the blatently irresponsible folks too self important to consider the rest of us. His name goes on the do-not-fly list at TSA and delta wipes his frequent flier miles, as he will not be flying anywhere else this century on any airline, anytime, anywhere.

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cyberjet 10
If wearing a mask to protect your fellow humans is an affront to your sensibilities, then I really have to question who exactly raised you? Choosing a piece of fabric as the hill you choose to die on is certainly "brave". /S
Ken Lane 2
Just a piece of fabric? What's the standard?
If you have your “mask” you should be protected, right? You worry about you and I’ll worry about me.
cyberjet 5
Wow, you need to read more. Masks protect others as much as yourself. If we both aren’t wearing one, it isn’t the same -at all.
Ken Lane 2
What's the evidence in the real world? Only one study looks at it from that perspective.
Just tell your surgeon not to bother with a mask when u need your gall bladder out.. won’t protect you, right? God America is really paying the price for being the dumbest of western type countries.. Canada is stuck beside a trailer trash nation of idiots. I can’t wait for a day when we don’t have American arrogance and idiocy shoved down our throats every single day.. there is a whole world of decency out there that has had a bad case of America indigestion for years.. time for the us to just shut the hell up.
Ken Lane 0
Rather than repeat myself, try reading other comments by me in other subthreads.

As for your other comment, who caused the greatest problem? Try looking at all the liberal politicians. Where are the greatest effects? Liberal cities and states where they carried out the greatest restrictions.
Wheres the rise in COVID-19? In Republican states.
Ken Lane 2
You mean Texas? Try the cities that are being controlled by Democraps. It's Austin where they want to lock people down again. In Williamson County to the north, that's not the position. And, the effect is far less.

Look at other leftist states like New York and California, particularly LA and NY. They have the spikes.

Go figure.
A TOTALLY invalid, unreasonable argument. The FACTS speak louder than your diatribed OPINION. Factually and truly scientific-medically based evidence says quite the contrary.
Ken Lane 1
Diatribe? Where's your argument? None, I see other than parroting the same BS as liberal media.
Truth hurts I see. America will be the death of all of us.
Wow Ken, you sure are not the brightest bulb out there!
Ken Lane 0
Do you have something to counter other than a personal attack?

If you look at all I've written on this page it's not merely an opinion.
Ken Lane -1
Excellent. If you want to be safe, stay home.

By the way, what cities and states have the highest spikes? Why it's those with the biggest restrictions on liberty and all the stupid lockdowns forced by liberal, HYPOCRITE politicians.

Adler and Newsome are perfect examples.
Yes, those two idiots have no clue. Dem states and Dem cities have the most cases. So much for their mask laws
And the COUNTRIES with the lowest cases are those where the populace actually cares about others. Oh, and who have universal healthcare. The US had no chance. Population too selfish, leader pathologically so.
Ken Lane 1
Tell us... what exactly should Trump have done that he did not do?

Be specific.
Maybe start by telling the truth for once.
Ken Lane 1
What was his lie? Again, be specific.
You’re funny!
Ken Lane 1
Really? The Atlantic? Yeah, they're really objective.

But, let's start and stop with the first claim...

When Trump said that, it was not a lie. A "lie" is a statement known to be false at the time it was made.

So, what did we know long after that? It wasn't until mid to late April we learned how much China and WHO were lying to us. Recall that? Probably not. You liberals were pretty clueless then and still are.

Find honest news sources.
He pulled the statement about it going away in April out of his ass. No expert would have supported such a statement. Which makes what he said a lie.

Furthermore in speaking to Bob Woodward on Feb. 7 he says (on tape): “It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flu... This is deadly stuff”
Ken Lane 2
There was nothing to not give reason to believe it would be rid of in short order. We had no clue how bad it would become.

That interview was in February, as you just said. What had happened at that time? There were only a few people infected in January. They were all isolated in ONE place.

The first death was not until February.

And, as I said... China and WHO were still lying to the rest of the world until WHO finally came clean in mid to late April.

So, you need to pull your own head out of your ass.
So totally agree with you. Without freedom, there is tyranny
Lots of what I have come to term COVIDIOTS out there in the aviation community, running around with half cocked ideas. A MASK only shows that you've fallen into the CONTROL GRID of the frauduent FAUCI narratives on TEL-A-LIE-VISION. I again defer you to the phony PCR test and the non-efficacy of mask wearing by Dr. Tom Cowan, MD. Go for it here: and here
1. NOT an MD, 2. Whatever license he had is suspended. Rel credibility, that one. Americans need to be taught that a google search is not 'research' and fast. 10,000 dead in 4 days. I see you continue to be first in many things.. most not so good. Congrats.
Ken Lane 1
I don't trust Google. Only an idiot does that. I go straight to the CDC and the various studies to look at what they claim.

Then, I apply common sense.
Susan, Unfortunately you're very misinformed. Dr. Cowan is a retired MD from San Francisco now living in the state of Maine. His well reasoned thoughts on MASKS, the PCR test, and CoVid-19, as well as factual evidence directly from JAMA and other medical journals is featured on his YouTube and BitChute channels. His license to practice medicine was never suspended. Before calling the kettle black, please do your due diligence. You're in dire need of a dose of these Dr. Cowan presentations:

1. Studies Show Masks Cause Higher Rates of Infections and Disease

2. The PCR Test is NOT a Valid Diagnostic Tool


Here also is Dr. Cowan's website:

You should get a copy of his book "CONTAGION MYTH" and do some further research:

According to Dr. Lorraine Day, NOT ONE PERSON HAS DIED FROM COVID. Dr. Day is the former Chief Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon at San Francisco General Hospital. Here's a link to her interview with Prof. Emeritus James Fetzer:

Finally, to put the Cherry on top of my response, please check out these Whistleblower Nurses who appeared Sunday, January 17th on Liberty Talk Canada with host Odessa Orlewicz:

Canadian & Global Frontline Nurses Speak Out:

I sincerely hope that YOU and others in this thread wake-up in time to your dire situation because you're being sold TOP DOWN Communist control and a Global Financial Reset under the cover of virus that has NEVER been isolated and a pandemic that does not exist.
Ken Lane 1
Based on the crap being sold today I should have been dead before ten by having been exposed to all the dirt and grime I got into as a child. We actually tasted those mud pies we made!

Lord knows what I was breathing in on a carrier flight deck while launching birds!
I remember those mud pies!

Well said, Ken1
Way to go, Delta! We geezers appreciate efforts like this.
yes, we do...
garritt 1
yes David..
I don't.. it's ridiculous
Haven't you heard? Covaids cures geezers! LOL!

But for the REAL story on MASKS I defer you to a real doctor, Dr. Tom Cowan, MD who tells it like it really is regarding masks that FLIES IN THE FACE of airlines requiring masks:

"Studies Show Masks Cause Higher Rates of Infections and Disease"

See also Dr. Cowan's BitChute website:

And his own webpage:
Yeah, a “doctor” who claims that 5G caused the pandemic. Thanks for the laugh.
Best people read up on 5G.
strickerje 12
Bit of a clickbait headline... The implication is that he was arrested just for refusing to wear a mask, whereas previously passengers have only been kicked off the flight for that. In reality, he was arrested for refusing to leave once ordered off the flight (trespassing).

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No value? Are you one of those who think masks don't help?

This selfish idiot demonstrated that he doesn't care about the health of other people. There is no excuse. He should never be allowed on another airplane for the rest of his miserable life.

You don't even know yet if "nobody was hurt". He could well be an asymptomatic carrier.
Ken Lane -4
It's not about "not caring about others". It's about an idiotic requirement that DOES NOT WORK.
As a surgeon who has worn a mask for 40+ years in the OR, exactly why would I do that if the mask "DOES NOT WORK?" Simple answer. TO. PROTECT. YOU. Setting your political issues aside, what do you have to lose by wearing a mask?
Ken Lane -2
You're practically on top of the patient. The mask is to prevent a direct application of anything spewing from your mouth or your mouth being splattered by any possible release from the patient. Such close proximity at such an angle dictates it.

Now, in the normal scheme of life in public, do you stand anywhere as close to others when talking or otherwise as you do with your patient? I rather doubt it.

As to my opposition to being forced by government to wear a mask, I prefer liberty. Congress has not suspended habeas corpus.

And, in public... unless the private enterprise requires it, I shall not wear one. And, I have the right to not patronize such stupidity. They do not work. I've give more detail in another part of the page.

In the end, if a fifty cent surgical mask blocks a biohazard, why were we wearing a $200 biohazard mask during general quarters on a Navy aircraft carrier?
I guess we should be allowed to light up a cig onboard as well ? Drive 90 to the airport because it’s my civil right?
These selfish folks need to get off their soapbox and consider other humans around them.
If you don’t want to wear a mask while flying on an airline, you’re civil rights alliance you to walk , or charter you’re own aircraft. Or stay home,
So what civil right are you are you so easily willing to give up next ? Are you so masochistic that you will do anything the government tells you to do.... can anyone say Nazi Germany?
Tell me, what civil right are you giving up by complying with a request to wear a mask to protect those around you? Your civil right to act like a two-year old?
Ken Lane -1
Being forced to do something against my will for no other reason than I exist.

Recall that part in the Declaration... "inalienable rights"?
The first of those rights is “Life”. Your threat to the well-being (ie life and limb) of those around you negates your right to act like a cranky two-year old.
Ken Lane 0
If you want to be safe, stay home.

It is not your right to infringe upon my person.
Ken Lane -1
Now, you're being stupid. Smoke travels indiscriminately while more liquid or even aerosol particles tend to be more directed in the direction you're faced.

But, thanks for playing.

How about if you're so afraid, YOU stay at home. Stop forcing your bullshit on everyone else. Don't force your requirements on others attempting to deprive them of their liberty. You can choose to be safe or you can live life and take its usual risks. I choose life.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
— Ben Franklin
Ken, you're about the only one in this thread with ANY common sense. For Mr. Kozlowski, he needs to take another spin for $1,000 and select "C" for COVIDOT! And as to Kozlowski's comment about 5G and those 60GHz millimeter waves, they in fact DO disrupt Oxygen transfer to your Hemoglobin. There were a large number of individuals in Wuhan, the first global 5G roll-out city, who succumbed to what was called "The Wuhan Wiggle" - and it wasn't a virus from a bat or a fish market. You need to spool up on these two websites by Joe Imbriano with two Bachelor of Science Degrees in the subject matter: and I can guarantee YOU'LL be the last one laughing when they activate the 5G-60GHZ grid with AI and your nano-particle vax. See Dr. Carrie Madej for details.
I think the negative echo returns are affecting your thought absorption.
Ken Lane 0
Yet, not one single person has put forth a cogent argument to counter me. They post URLs of claims but no evidence they read more than a headline.
You are sort of right about the proximity to the patient as a surgeon, but why does the entire team wear a mask, even the nurses who are across the room? You go ahead and be maskless and stand shoulder to shoulder as you wish. I challenge you to spend one hour in a Covid unit and watch defensless souls die alone. Just one hour. Do I sense Darwin coming into the picture?
Don’t bother. He won’t change his mind. America the stubborn and dumb. You could show him a thousand studies about sterile technique and benefits and he won’t read them. Mind you, with a literacy level of 34% American adults who can’t read an 8th grade book... might have something to do with it. Or maybe that 70 million admire a man who won’t or maybe can’t read a daily security report and has a hard time finishing a complete sentence? Don’t waste your energy or breath. Let the virus do it’s thing south of our border. Nature has a way of righting wrong, and much is wrong in America.
Ken Lane -1
In normal life, people are not standing "shoulder to shoulder". Do you walk right up on someone you do not know to have a conversation? Normal people do not.

When you go into a restaurant and pick your own seating, do you choose to sit close to another or pick a quieter place more to yourself? I always have.

My wife and I have been going to Longhorn since they reopened the dining rooms in June. The booths keep people quite isolated. Now, they have a plexiglass extension above the seat between the booths. That's a great idea and long been needed. It's not because I fear someone may turn their head up to the ceiling and cough or sneeze but it goes the distance in blocking sound from the person behind me.

Short of the grossly overactive extrovert, people were already largely social distancing themselves. And, with such distance, masks are not required but for those who want to practice for distant spitting contests.

But, as a surgeon who sees the data in the hospital, you should also be well aware of the frequency of only a virus being the killer and in more than 94% of deaths, there are two or more comorbidities. And, more than 97% are over age sixty where underlying health conditions are far more common.

Never mind the virus stats are supposed to be so dang accurate while the CDC has had the Grand Canyon sitting within the ranges of influenza statistics for over a decade. Pardon me if I don't trust those reporting the data, especially "experts" employed by government for over five decades.

But, let's destroy liberty, a $22.5T economy and put forty million people out of work, anyway. Stupidity run amuck by the left and pushed by liberal idiots in government and media.

Sweden did it the right way. And, they're losses are two-thirds of the United States with little effect on the economy short of factors affected by international trade.
I'm just curious. Do wear your seatbelt when you drive your car or in a commercial aircraft?
Typical DIVERSION redirect, ask a question totally UNRELATED to the subject matter. Seatbelts have nothing whatsoever to do with the gigantic FRAUD being perpetrated on the global population via the World Economic Forum - a non-governmental organization, unelected and unaccountable to no one bu themselves and their like0minded cronies, along with operation LOCK-STEP from the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 publication "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development." Look on Page 18 and read the details:
That's the program being perped on the public presently. EVENT 201 in October of 2019 was the planned dry-run that went "CONTAGION LIVE" with scripts prepared in advance so that media could control the narrative with total social domination and saturation 24/7 with nothing but COVID. That's exactly what's been going on. COVID is nothing more than a Pyschological Warfare CONstruct brought to you by the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,the CIA, John Hopkins University, the Center For Health Security, the CDC, the UN World Bank, the United Nations Foundation, China;s Center For Disease Control and Prevention, and corporate leaders from the travel, banking, pharmaceutical, media, and healthcare services industries. Nice cozy bunch who DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND! It's all about CONTROL and MONEY PROFITS and GLOBAL DEPOPULATION. And ANYONE participating with this group is aiding and abetting FELONY FRAUD and TREASON against individual host countries and the people. SAY IS ISN'T SO!
Ken Lane 0
Do you understand the difference between a right and a privilege?
Sweden did it the right way? Let's look at Sweden and the neighboring countries:

Number of cases/1M population ( )

Sweden 27,544
Denmark 15,318
Germany 13,835
Norway 6,979
Finland 4,909

Oh, and the USA 44,957 (so much winning!)

As for economic impacts:

"Contrary to the idea of a trade-off, we see that countries which suffered the most severe economic downturns – like Peru, Spain and the UK – are generally among the countries with the highest COVID-19 death rate.

"And the reverse is also true: countries where the economic impact has been modest – like Taiwan, South Korea, and Lithuania – have also managed to keep the death rate low.

"Notice too that countries with similar falls in GDP have witnessed very different death rates. For instance, compare the US and Sweden with Denmark and Poland. All four countries saw economic contractions of around 8 to 9 percent, but the death rates are markedly different: the US and Sweden have recorded 5 to 10 times more deaths per million.

"Clearly, many factors have affected the COVID-19 death rate and the shock to the economy beyond the policy decisions made by each government about how to control the spread of the virus. And the full impacts of the pandemic are yet to be seen."
All of the information you cited is totally skewed and corrupted - taken from researchers at Oxford who in turn obtain their information from INTERGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS, that is to say NGOS's -NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS - who are DIRECT stakeholders and participants in the ongoing COVID FRAUD! Organizations such as the OECD - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which is a group of 37 member countries that discuss and develop economic and SOCIAL POLICY! What do you think their combined ECONOMIC and SOCIAL POLICY is concerned with presently? A COMPLETE FINANCIAL GLOBAL RESET and complete CONTROL AND SURVEILLANCE grid of the populations in their countries. Wake-up and smell the coffee.
Ken Lane 0
I don't know where that site is getting its data but it's bogus. And, did you happen to look up who funds it? Annenberg and Pew are far more honest.

First, what the hell does cases matter? The estimate in the US is actual cases are between eight and twenty-four times the confirmed number. You know, all those who are asymptomatic and never have a clue they may have been infected at some time? So, the "confirmed" count is a joke to use for any real measure other than to estimate how many are actually infected.

If you can lay the Grand Canyon within the CDC ranges for influenza over the last decade, how can you suddenly be so accurate on this thing within the same year? The answer? It is NOT possible.

Never mind all the misreporting of causes that is financially incentivized by the idiots in Congress with their extra medicare funding.

Our death rate is 0.07%. Sweden's is 0.05%. They're far ahead of us. They did not destroy their economy and did not put a fifth of working people out of a job.

South Korea and others use contact tracing. They do not have a constitution that protects privacy. We do though some liberals in cities and states are working hard to violate it.
According to Dr. Lorraine Day, the former Chief orthopedic trauma surgeon at San Francisco General Hospital for 25+ years, there's NOT ONE PERSON who has died of COVID-19. You can take it all in here:

While we're on the subject of masks, Dr. Tom Cowan, MD directly refutes your claims with cites from major scientific studies and JAMA:
AMEN TO THAT. Maybe others will listen to this well reasoned and sensible person. You've hit the nail Ken. And as to private enterprise concerns, the Constitution and inalienable rights do not cease to exist at their doorway. SEE 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242. Costco is in for some "BIG TIME" (Trumpian words!) LAWSUITS.
Yes Ken !! Nice to see that someone other than me gets that. They DON'T work !!!
It's simple, No Shirts, No Shoes, No Mask, No Service.
No, I'm afraid it's NOT that simple. Do some research.
What is the issue with wearing masks? it is common sense backed by science. Even an idiot knows it provides a protective barrier between you and others. But yet so many people think it is "a Communist plot" or some other devious conspiracy assaulting some "right" to not wear a mask. We don't have this problen in Canada. Yes there are a few, but a really small fraction. I shake my head and wonder what has happened to my neighbours. I hope you all make it through this.

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djsn 6
"Masks do not work". Show me the data.
Ken Lane -2
I've read about a half dozen studies here in the US. None use real world application of how masks are used by the people.

Denmark did a study of six thousand people. Half wore a mask; half did not. They found no statistical difference between the rate of infection between the two groups.

You're welcome to prove me wrong. Be sure to use a credible and objective source.
djsn 3
Please supply references. "I've read.." is not real helpful. I'm not trying to prove you wrong. Just trying to understand.

This references the Danmask-19 trial performed in Denmark. It's been mostly memory-holed by the mainstream media.
1. That’s an opinion written by an osteopath, not an epidemiologist.
2. The study actually shows that masks do lead to fewer infections in those who wear masks.
3. The study does not investigate the more important question of whether wearing a mask by someone who is infected reduces the spread to others. That is exactly why your surgeon wears a mask.
4. For an analysis of the study by an actual epidemiologist see:
Mr. Koz: Did you read that the blog site you list above is OPINION? And did you read one of the responses which blew this bogus claim all to hell? Here it is:
CovidQuestions • 13 days ago
I must confess to being shocked that the BMJ has published this article. I am neither anti-mask nor pro-mask but I am most definitely anti-misinterpretation of data, particularly on such a controversial issue. How on earth can this author interpret and extrapolate the results of the study - which were statistically insignificant - in a way which suggests positive cause & effect for the wearing of masks? Brophy makes two mistakes: firstly, he assumes cause and effect on the results of a field study in which, as he points out, conditions were anything but completely controlled. The results were statistically insignificant. To retrospectively perform Bayesian analysis for the study, which - crucially - was not designed for such analysis, is inappropriate. Furthermore, Brophy assumes that wearing a mask is the reason for the non-significant results obtained. He extrapolates this assumption both spatially (population-wide) and temporally, on the data, in order to make the extraordinary claim that a global policy of mask-wearing worldwide is likely to save millions of lives. There is no mention of the potential harms of innappropriate mask-wearing, for example if the wearer is unable to use the proper hygiene measures (children, people with limited access to soap & water); the duration or different locations in which masks should be worn (long duration could risk bacterial infections, for example); the type of mask; the frequency of changing; and many other considerations. I would urge the BMJ to retract this article on the basis of the above, and to employ a great deal more rigour when deciding what to publish.
Ken Lane -1
Did you read that? It backs up what I've been saying. They make NO difference!

"Among the 4862 participants who completed the trial, infection with SARS-CoV-2 occurred in 42 of 2392 (1.8%) in the intervention arm and 53 of 2470 (2.1%) in the control group. The between-group difference was −0.3% point[.]"

Again, the difference in percentages who became infected is, 0.3%.

The one thing missing is the age and health demographics of the participants in each group as well as those who actually became infected.
Once again: The primary purpose of wearing a mask is to prevent the wearer from spreading the disease to others. That study didn’t examine that. The study was also carried out while Denmark had a low positivity rate (2%). Nevertheless mask wearers had 0.3% fewer infections. Apply that number to the population of the US, and that translates to 900,000 fewer cases.
Mr. Koz: You might as well get busy on you summer projects now while on "lock-down" by constructing a TEN FOOT HIGH CHAIN LINK FENCE around your house to keep the Mosquitoe's out! That's about the same efficacy of wearing a mask to keep a virus out. TOTAL NONSENSE. Besides that, there's NO VIRUS. COVid is a cartoon character that lives on your TEL-A-LIE-VISION set. Turn it off and the virus is cured! A virus does not exist outside the human body and is merely the shedding of toxic material from the body's cell and it does not transfer to another human being or an animal. Again, Dr. Thomas Cowan, and others, have already exposed the non-scientific fraud of the failed Louis Pasteur petrie dish theory. A MASK ONLY HARMS YOUR HEALTH, DOES NOT PROTECT ANYONE, AND CAUSES YOU IRREVERSIBLE LUNG AND BRAIN DAMAGE. Maybe once you experience hypoxia, or develop bacterial pneumonia, THEN you'll have an epiphany. Until then, you're blowing smoke with a non-provable thesis.
Ken Lane -2
If you want to apply the 0.3% to the entire nation then also apply the fact that we'll never know how many actually have the virus since the leftist media and Democraps push only confirmed cases like they're actual deaths.

That changes everything. Yes, actual cases are believed to be an average of twelve times higher than confirmed cases. Now, compare the deaths against that. Even then, the misleading media does not apply the demographics of death given it matches exactly what we were told way back in April.
Ken Lane -3
Oh, by the way... what were the raw numbers from which that 0.3% was taken from? Did you read that?
Ken Lane -7
The same mainstream media that kept pushing Trump is guilty of something in spite of no evidence?

I look at the studies, not someone leftist media outlet's take on it. I don't even take Fox for its word.
I'm done with Fox. They are the same fake media as all the others
this comes under one of the titles you have posted.
it's a new one.
it seems odd to me, who work in an industry where asbestos removal is an every day occurance, and if not, then painting is necessary. respirators and gumby suits are just part of doing business.
butt if we must protect ourselves from the most deadly virus known to man, and prevent ourselves from killing millions per day, we put a little N95 mask on and everyone is safe.
you're and idiot.
got it.
Ken Lane -4
Ever look at the death rate and demographics? The death rate is 0.07%. The demographics show 97% of all deaths are over age sixty.

And, the CDC has said only 6% die from ONLY the virus. The remainder have two or more comorbidities to cause their death. In other words, there are those who are simply throwing the COVID-19 label in there even if they were critically ill from another ailment.

You're being scammed, people!
It is true that most who have succumbed are elderly and/or have medical co-morbidities. But remember one very important thing. They were someone's parent or grandparent who may have enjoyed one or more additional Christmas times with their loved ones. I will say no more to you, because you are ignorant and unteachable. Just please keep your distance from me and those I love.
As Graucho Marx used to claim, "SAY THE MAGIC WORD" and you'd win a few bucks. Your MAGIC word is CO-MORBIDITIES - yet when they bag and tag these individuals - they are CLAIMING they died of COVID. THAT'S A FRAUD! And yes, they may have enjoyed one or more additional Christmas times with their loved ones - HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THE DISEASE THEY ALREADY HAD THAT CLAIMED THEIR LIFE - or the morphine they were being given or some other drug that pushed them over the edge to their death. The use of the word CO-MORBIDITIES in this case is totally misplaced - because as Dr. Lorraine Day has stated - NOT ONE PERSON HAS DIED OF COVID-19! It would appear that you are the one who is ignorant or unteachable. And your comment about keeping your distance - as in SIX FEET - is totally laughable.
The death rate for the infection worldwide is currently 2.3%
The death rate for the infection in the US is currently 1.93%
Worldwide the death rate for infections that have run their course is 3%

So far nearly 5% of the US population has contracted the disease. That is nearly 1/4 of all recorded cases worldwide.
Ken Lane -3
You're looking at confirmed cases. That's a joke in itself. How many have been infected and never felt a thing, let alone never seen a doctor or greater care?

One piece estimates that to be between eight and twenty times the confirmed case count.

And, the death rate is for the entire population. That's the only consistent number because there's no way to know the actual number infected.

How is it they supposedly have such accurate numbers on this when the CDC cannot even produce accurate numbers for influenza twelve years ago? You can lay the Grand Canyon between their ranges.
COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the US.
Ken Lane -2
Really? Because they add the COVID tag to all those who have other comorbidities? That's exactly what is happening.

Ever hear of "heart disease"? Or, "cancer"?

I'm pretty sure they take the virus by quite a fold.

And, their MODEL is as bogus as the crap claimed on global warming.

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Ken Lane -6
I never saved the links and I wish I had. Google has made it so dang hard to find actual studies. Mostly what comes up are the MSM bloviating BS.

I wrote a post in the main thread speaking to there being no standard for masks and the studies did not apply real world use of masks.
Oh, it’s so difficult. Poor snowflake, here:

Recent studies
Mueller AV, Eden MJ, Oakes JM, et al. Quantitative Method for Comparative Assessment of Particle Removal Efficiency of Fabric Masks as Alternatives to Standard Surgical Masks for PPE (July 2020). icon icon
Anindita M, Das K.COVID-19 Pandemic: Is Cloth Mask Really Protect Public From SARS-CoV-2? (The way of handling to get Results) (May 2020). iconexternal icon
Lustig SR, Biswakarma JJH, Rana D, et al. Effectiveness of Common Fabrics to Block Aqueous Aerosols of Virus-like Nanoparticles (May 2020). icon
Sousa‐Pinto B, Fonte AP, Lopes AA, et al.Face masks for community use: An awareness call to the differences in materials (August 2020). icon
Chughtai AA, Seale H, Macintyre CR. Effectiveness of Cloth Masks for Protection Against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (July 2020). icon
Bagheri MH, Khalaj I, Azizi A, et al. Filtration Efficiency, Breathability, and Reusability of Improvised Materials for Face Masks (July 2020) PREPRINT. icon
Gandhi M, Beyrer C, Goosby E. Masks Do More Than Protect Others During COVID-19:
Reducing the Inoculum of SARS-CoV-2 to Protect the Wearer. J Gen Intern Med. DOI: 10.1007/s11606-020-06067-8
Wang H, Wang Q, Lin YL, Kilinc-Balci FS, Price A, Chu L, Chu MC. Household materials selection for homemade cloth face coverings and their filtration efficiency enhancement with triboelectric charging. Nano Letters. 2020 Jun 2.”
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Zou L, Ruan F, Huang M, et al. SARS-CoV-2 Viral Load in Upper Respiratory Specimens of Infected Patients. The New England journal of medicine. 2020;382(12):1177-1179.
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Ken Lane -2
I'm not going to dig through all your references. First, learn how to use paragraphs. Second, apply a summary to each and the general idea claimed.

I'm going to suspect you did nothing more than just go grab a boatload of links from Google and past them in the box.

As I've said, the studies I've read show the result that is purely a bias confirmation. They do not apply real world use of masks nor the huge variation in the type, style, material, construction and cleanliness. Those are a lot of variables which are not considered in any study I've read.

The Denmark study is the only one that simply looks at the overall use of masks.
Learn how to recognize a list (bibliography) from paragraph.
Ken Lane -2
Learn proper use of paragraphs. It's not that difficult.

And, I'm quite confident you did not look at a single one of those.
D Rotten -8
There are MANY. Be an ADULT and go and do your own 'looking' (aka RESEARCH). As an ADULT, myself, at the beginning of this FRAUD, I went and did MY RESEARCH. And EVERY REAL Doctor all said the same thing......'Masks do NOT work! What they DO do, is MAKE YOU SICK!'. (REAL Doctor = NOT BOUGHT & PAID FOR). As did every REAL Scientist, by the way. As an ADULT, I do not let the IDIOT BOX (aka TV) dictate REALITY. I have an actual, working an ADULT should.
djsn 9
Please show me the ones you find most persuasive. The ones I've found are largely unsupported theories from people with dubious and non-verifiable credentials. Thanks.
Actually they do. It is proven science and your "I've read" and "Many say" rhetoric is false.
SO SORRY! But it's NOT backed by science at all. See Dr. Tom Cowan or Dr. Lorraine Day.
C B 3
Delta is not taking any sh*t!!! *cheers & applause*
Do some people just have NO Brains ? or is that they are above the rest of us peasants that fly.
That’s easy; some people simply have no brains, and they are reproducing.
Masks don't work? What about parachutes? I trust science, but not bad science. Beware of what you research on the internet!
People! Just wear the darn’s not that hard. Jeez...
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mdburd 0
Just think of it as your face condom.
It could break or let something through, but dammit, you put it on anyway just in case.
I swear reading through these comments tell me 1. Some people really need to get a life, 2. The definition of ‘research’ in the US has degraded to a google search, and 3. The level of unabashed selfishness in the US has reached an all time high. Time for a reset. Maybe the skyrocketing death rate in America is a message to educate your population better. In the meantime, the US had better not lecture any other sovereign nation on their culture, morality, democracy, foreign policy, or health related anything. Only a fool would listen. Please America just shut the hell up.
Al Babcock -3
Well said!
There is NO "skyrocketing death rate" over ANY OTHER YEAR in the USA. They're FUDGING the numbers to make you BELIEVE there's a crisis and pandemic. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC. It's a well, long planned SCAMDEMIC from our GLOBAL ELITISTS friends at the Rockefeller Organization's 2010 publication (LOCK-STEP), the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and all of their philanthropic "SCAMDEMIC" money being thrown around to various institutions like Washington Global Health Alliance, et al. Better go search out who Anthony Fauci's wife is. Her name is Christine Grady. Look at HER connections in human experimentation and bioethics. Amazing Polly - now on BitChute (99FreeMind) has dissected these evil people and exposed them as the agenda driven shils they are.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

That's typical conspiracy theorizing and a wonderful example of intentional ignorance. I'm calling BS on this one.

I am happy to give you a tour of the COVID-19 lab I work in, and the ICU ward we largely support for COVID testing. You can walk through without your mask, and I'll keep mine on.
WillisRF 9
Why did you refuse to fly before COVID-19? What was your excuse then? I suspect your "stack of proof" is similar to Trump's fraudulent election proof: Non-existent.
So you didn’t fly before and you’re telling us (like we care) that you’re still not going to fly because of baseless conspiracy theories? *dr evil voice* Right
Stupid is as stupid does!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mao would approve.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

So, if "masks do not work", why do you suppose that everyone in a surgical suite wears them? Are you willing to demand that your surgical team not wear masks the next time you or your kids or other loved ones have surgery?
We ware them to prevent infection on open wounds.

The CoVID-19 pandemic is about viral transmission. Surgical and cloth masks do nothing to prevent viral transmission. We should all realize by now that face masks have never been shown to prevent or protect against viral transmission. Which is exactly why they have never been recommended for use during the seasonal flu outbreak, epidemics, or previous pandemics.
garritt -2
our village idiot told me the same thing 4 days ago as he passed from covid....
Ken Lane -1
What was his age? Any underlying health conditions?
mmc7090 -5
On the anniversary of Rosa Parks this day will go down in history.
Thanks for putting all this chatter in perspective.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

BRAVO KEN. That's exactly how I see it too. But having been in aviation since 1968, and seeing the brainwashing these people have been programmed with on their TEL-A-LIE-VISION box, is it any wonder how these otherwise "educated" folks react with their total COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Stupid f#%k-wit.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Ed Glidden 20
Actually there is a law. It is called listen to all crew member instructions. Right in the FARs. Also when you buy the ticket, there is a contract of carriage with it. Which says you must comply with all company policies and federal regulations set forth by the airline and the FAA.
blt56 7
I'm with you Ed. Whether masks work or not isn't the issue. The airlines made the mask rule for their own good reasons and passengers who don't like it should find another way to get to where they are going.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Monty, you need to read real science. There is ample data in this country and many more that masks work. If you don't want to wear as mask like the vast majority of people you are the one who should stay home. There is nothing unnatural about wearing protective equipment in this day and time so not sure what you are getting at.
Monty doesn't read science. He reads "science".
Probably from the same place where the "doctor" last night was talking about "immeasurable" damage from shutdowns. Guess they've even given up on trying to make it LOOK like they've got anything in particular that actually supports their backwards claims.
Yes, comply no matter how ridiculous their demands are, and how little merit they have in real life
mariofer 23
An airline is a private company, not public transportation. If they decide you need to wear a polka dot dress to board, they can enforce that. It is up to you to agree to it or find another airline if you don't agree with it. That is how free market works.
Ken Lane 0
You're saying idiot company executives never react in fear to something?

Amazon destroyed the free market with regard to supplies. They terminated thousands of accounts over hand sanitizer. Of course, the run on hand sanitizer is thanks to the idiots in media who pushed its use.

If only the idiots had said ozone generators were an important item to add to your home's HVAC. I'd make a killing.
You probably look at Fox News all day and love Trump. Masks don't protect everything but they DO help...

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

So you don't wear a mask in ICU ?
I work in an ICU, OR and emergency room. I sincerely doubt you do not because first your employer would not tolerate it and second a bug would have got you by now. It not only protects you but also your patients. I had the misfortune of being a patient in an ER most of yesterday. I wore a mask the entire time except when being examined and staff always had on a shield and mask.
A nurse told me they have not had one case of covid. Know why? They were being careful.
Larry, finally a non-prejudiced and knowledgeable reply. Thank you for your opinion.
Why do medical personnel routinely wear masks?

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

How far away from you is the next guy's face when you're sitting in coach? What's the distance between the face in 22B from you in 22A? It's not six inches, but it isn't much more than six inches. So when that asymptomatic spreader is sitting right next to you with no mask, you are getting hosed with virus particles no matter how good the aircraft's HVAC system is working.

Delta and others are trying to run airlines in a way that might persuade concerned travelers that they've done everything they can to keep their pax from becoming infected while on board. That's how you sell tickets these days. If they were to say "no masks required" what do you think that would do to their business?

I think Delta is right on the science and I think they're right to do what they are doing. I don't like wearing a mask any more than anyone else does, but right now it's the price we pay for trying to function in an advanced, civilized society. Opting out of that should have consequences.
Ken Lane -5
So, you're wearing one of the idiotic surgical masks. You sneeze.

If it's sudden and you cannot react and cover, it goes straight forward. We're talking about without a mask in case you've not caught that.

Ordinarily, you wrap your hand over your mouth and the way most people cover their mouth, it leaves a gap at the bottom of your hand and the pressure is directed down to your lap.

Now, let's say you have a mask on. You sneeze without warning and no time to react. Your mouth is covered blocking it going forward or down since the mask is below your chin. So, where does it go? To the sides... right into those sitting next to you.

Of course, the usual irritants that usually precipitate a sneeze are not likely to be present aboard an airliner. And, if you have an internal issue causing constant coughing beyond clearing your throat, you probably shouldn't be traveling.

As I said, the stupid studies do not apply real world use of masks.

All you idiots, go doing what you do. Vote me down rather than putting forth a cogent argument. Typical sheep.
Im not going to keep arguing with you... But tell that to the other people that work in an ICU.
Guessing "ICU" must mean "internet clown university" to him.
garritt 1 are today's winner
garritt 2
we do not believe you
Nathan Cox -5
Show me the science that masks do anything to prevent the virus from getting through it. Science that shows peer reviewed studies. There is plenty of evidence that says masks don’t work. Not for viruses. If they did we would have normalized their use every flu season.

That said, when you check in with a private airline (Delta), you agree to their rules, as ridiculous as they are. Don’t like it? Write the airline and don’t use them. Sucks, but that’s the only way they will stop forcing people.
Even simpler, refusal to obey a lawful flight crewmember, put them in Jail for endangering remaining passengers. Laws need to be updated. As a 3,000.000, miler I cannot forget the horrible respiratory illnesses I contracted from these type of Criminals. I was successful in having several taken off the aircraft by appealing through the Crew chain-of-command to the Captain. 2 of the 3 admitted to crew that they were determined to get home to their Regular Physician the Crew members are not the guilty party, gutless management is.
Amazing to me how incompetent most people in leadership positions are.
James Luntz, it is amazing also to me that I saw this comment of yours had -6 votes.
Love your leadership and mental fortitude.
Thanks to me, now you only have -5 votes.


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