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Awesome video of Shuttle Discovery launch from airborne airliner

Captured on video from a commercial flight out of Orlando. The historic last flight of the shuttle program. This one's a keeper! ( 기타...

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Very cool!
Talk about being in the right place at exactly the right time! That's greater than a once in a lifetime experience!
matt leo 0
Yeah I was in Jacksonville in November 2009 and just happened to see a shuttle launch from there - over 120 miles north of the cape - still an awesome site. One "bucket list" item for sure!
....amazing! you cannot watch that without a smerk of admiration on your face
What a great way to see the launch!
Simply amazing.
I saw one from 10000 feet across the peninsula near McDill AFB in an F16 but i did not obviously have a movie camera on board. it was a lot further away but spectacular nevertheless.
chalet 0
This proves once more, for the 10,000th time that cameras, tape recorders, laptops and cell phones DO NOTHING to the avionics of a commercial aircraft. Cell phones are not to be used aloft though for each one of them would "soak up" the capacity of say 100 or 200 repeating towers on the ground causing the system to congest; when on the ground a cell phone shall be in visual contact with no more than 4 repeaters. There!
[ Shuttle Cockpit View of Launch]
chalet, what are you talking about? I use my cell phone and 3g ipad all the time "aloft" and lose coverage around 5k feet and its spotty at best below.
chalet 0
Matt I should have stated that the "soaking up" of signals of repeating antennaes on the ground happens when aloft in a small plane, single or twin whereas in jets the fuselage being all metal "soaks up" the signal going out and of course acts like a barrier of what might come from the gound. Hsving said that in case you are interested, I was flying a few weeks ago from Miami to Philladelphia and when I estimated to be overhead Jacksonville I sent a text message to my daughter who was in that city and you know what, she received it OK. She tried to answer right away but I got the message only the moment I was deplaning at destination.
I wish I could watch the video but it's blocked at work. Just to clarify the caption, this was not the last flight of the shuttle program, only the last flight of Discovery. Atlantis and Endeavour are still scheduled to launch in 2011.
That was simply incredible
Chalet, I've heard interference on my radio when flying a single engine piston, and left my cell phone on in my pocket. It wasn't bad enough to interfere, but I could definitely hear it. I don't know if or how it interferes with the avionics, but I've definitely heard some weird noises in my headset.
Really cool shot.
Reminds me of the times when we could see the launches of the Space Shuttle from the driveway in front of the house, when living in Coral Springs, FL
Now that's what I call an "in flight amenity". WOW.
kip foss 0
thanks for that, that was wicked good, 23 skidoo!
Do we know for certain that this was taken with a cell phone? Since fairly clear background audio is heard, it could have been shot with a camera with video capability.
chalet 0
Dan the interference noise that you heard on your radio when flying a single engine plane should have been more or less the same as that coming from your computer's speakers when you make or receive a call, correct?.
That's probably costing just about a million dollars a minute. Why? No, really. Why? (A million dollars a minute is probably a very conservative estimate). It truly does makes cute videos. Maybe we should ask for donations from interested parties, in order to fund this huge computer game.
Sounds like a Southwest flight crew from the statements that I heard. Truly, a lucky shot!
Went back and looked at the link mattdavis posted of the crew view of takeoff...of note...the STS-121 crew had both Mark Kelley and Lisa Nowak and they are both in the crew view clip. Talk about interesting historical, notorious perspective...
According to the Facebook update of Air Canada, the flight was theirs.
"JD Howell, a passenger on one of our flights last Thursday, captured this terrific footage of Space Shuttle Discovery lifting off for the last time from the Kennedy Space Center>"
We had the privilege to see a Shuttle launch from our Cardinal 177RG at 6K ft between Orlando and Daytona. The controller actually let us all of us on the freq know it was a go. 3-2-1 liftoff. It was very exciting and impressive to see. Pictures do not do it justice, we took some stills. I agree an awesome Bucket list item. Just have to be lucky to be at the right place at the right time.
darseyfa 0
Was that the last Shuttle flight as stated, or the last for Discovery? I thought it was the later!
I am surprised no one caught this if its true.
You gotta respect that rate of climb!
Last for Discovery. Upon landing, Discovery will eventually make its way to the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.
darseyfa 0
So it is NOT the last of the Fleet. Thanks I was hoping the media would have spaz'd over the very last flight which is coming enough.
what an incredible sight. i was on the base in the early 70's for a shot. we were as close as anyone could be in the press section. the ground shook violently and the sound was incredible. what an experience those passengers had.
Love to be able to see that,must have been the best view in the world .
a very big chance
Fantasic video one to keep for ever,welldoe to the person or persons who
recorded it. brilliant.
@Jim Overbeck "You gotta respect that rate of climb!"



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